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"We've been talking behind your back about how the Russians can't seem to handle one man running around in a mask. I mean, maybe if he had an iron suit or a magic hammer that would explain why you keep getting your asses handed to you."
―James Wesley to Vladimir Ranskahov[src]

James Wesley was the right-hand man and confidant of Wilson Fisk who oversaw the day-by-day activities of his criminal empire. He was tasked with controlling all interests in Fisk's empire, and crossing off anyone who posed a risk, a job he took great pleasure in. Wesley remained loyal to Fisk when his criminal circle was threatened by the emergence of the Masked Man, after which Fisk's business partners began turning on one another. Discovering that Marlene Vistain revealed incriminating information about Fisk to Ben Urich and his confidant Karen Page, Wesley secretly kidnapped Page to make her confess. However, Wesley's overconfidence contributed to his downfall, as Page was able to disarm Wesley and shoot him to death in order to escape.


Right-Hand Man

Assisting Wilson Fisk

"I don't let people know me. Very few have. There was one person, an employee that I let become my friend. Eventually, he was like a son to me."
"James Wesley. I've read his file."
"You're like him in many ways. He, too, was always prepared. Aware of every detail. He anticipated my every need."
Wilson Fisk and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Wesley was hired as the personal assistant of Wilson Fisk, dealing with many of his criminal plans. Over the years of working together, the two developed a strong friendship, with Fisk eventually treated him like his own son. Fisk often calling on Wesley for personal advice and guidance and Wesley was always prepared to serve his friend.[5]

The Karen Page Situation

"Now you see this man here? If we are being honest with each other, Mr. Farnum, I find his methods... unpleasant. But such are the times we live in. Give us a wave, Mr. Rance."
"I told you, I will get you the money."
"Such a small sum is of little interest to my employer. Your position however, that's something we can work with."
―James Wesley and Clyde Farnum[src]

Wesley calmly threatening Clyde Farnum

When Karen Page discovered the money laundering schemes at Union Allied Construction, Wesley was sent by Wilson Fisk to inform Clyde Farnum that his daughter was being observed by Rance and could be killed at anytime if he refused to cooperate with the orders given. Wesley told Farnum that his debt to the retired Don Rigoletto was small and forgivable compared to his position as a member of the New York City Police Department, which was usable; Farnum was tasked with killing Page in her cell, but making it appear as a suicide.[6]

Learning of the Masked Man

Wesley has a meeting with Fisk's subordinates

"My employer will be... displeased we're being inconvenienced by a lone vigilante."
"Then he should tell me to my face!"
"This is on you. Deal with it, quietly."
―James Wesley and Vladimir Ranskahov[src]

Wesley went to a meeting with the members of Confederated Global Investments. He was not received well since they were expecting Wilson Fisk, but Wesley told them that Fisk was currently too busy to attend. Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov from the Russian Mafia rudely called Wesley a "lapdog" and decided to leave until he asked them to explain why their payment was short on their shipment of prostitutes while Nobu Yoshioka listened silently.

Wesley learning of the Masked Man's attack

They explained that the Masked Man had beat up Turk Barrett and their subordinates and then freed the girls they had captured. Taking a lighter tone, Leland Owlsley claimed to be glad of another vigilante as the Avengers were responsible for their current opportunities. Wesley was the only one who understood Madame Gao's question when she jokingly asked in Chinese if this man took the girls for himself. The brothers expressed displeasure in being questioned, instead asking about the Union Allied Construction case; Wesley assured them that it was currently being taken care of.

Wesley updates Wilson Fisk about Karen Page

The next morning, Wesley rode with his employer in their limousine as he read in the New York Bulletin about the money laundering scandal of Union Allied. Wesley assured Fisk that all loose ends would be tied and no one would associate him with anything. He was told to start a file on Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock, two lawyers who Wesley called "ambulance chasers", for future reference. Wesley remained true to his word and ensured that all those involved with the scandal, Clyde Farnum, Rance, and McClintock, were killed before the end of the day.[6]

Hiring Nelson and Murdock

Wesley first meeting with Nelson and Murdock

"Your partner doesn't seem convinced."
"Like Foggy said, we're particular about our clientele."
"I'm curious about your clientele. Do they all work for you when you get them off for murder or just the pretty ones?"
―James Wesley and Matt Murdock[src]

Wesley went to the law office of Nelson and Murdock and thanked Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson for starting a law practice in New York City. Though he was asked his name by the lawyers, he never revealed it to them; he said instead that the only information that was important for them to know right now was that he worked for a large conglomerate which wanted them to now work for them as lawyers.

Wesley getting new lawyers for John Healy

Wesley revealed he had researched them as he knew that they had graduated numbers one and two in their class and had been interns at Landman and Zack where they turned down job offers. Murdock remained skeptical and questioned who Wesley's employer was, but Wesley continued to not name Wilson Fisk, insisting that his employer wanted them to continue their work honestly, offering them a check for their hard work which Nelson agreed although Murdock remained unsure. When Wesley asked if they hired all their former clients who had been accused of murder, Karen Page felt embarrassed.

Wesley greets and then updates Wilson Fisk

To calm the tense situation Page was politely asked to step outside, at which point Murdock asked Wesley how he knew something that was not in the New York Bulletin. Once again, Wesley revealed that the only thing that was important was the check he offered, which was substantially large. He told them to go to the New York City Police Department precinct to meet their client, John Healy. Once he had left the Nelson and Murdock Law Office, Wesley walked down the street and met with Wilson Fisk inside his limo to update him on the situation, assuring him that the situation was taken care of.

Wesley quietly retrieves John Healy's gun

To ensure that John Healy could not be directly linked to the crime of murdering the crime boss Prohaszka in cold blood, Wesley traveled to Whitestone Lanes bowling alley where the murder had taken place. With his knowledge of where Healy had planted his gun, Wesley went to the pinball machine where the gun was hidden, only to find two young men playing on the game already, Wesley placed a coin on the pinball machine and claimed to be waiting to play the next game. Once the two young men had gone Wesley took the gun and casually walked out of the alley with the gun, without being stopped.

Wesley closely watching John Healy's trial

After he left the Nelson and Murdock offices, Wesley got into the car of Wilson Fisk, told him that the lawyers were hired, and left. A few days later Wesley entered the courtroom during Healy's trial and observed. When the woman in the jury Wesley's men had bribed left the courtroom, Wesley threatened a second juryman to ensure the trial went exactly the way he wanted. When the jury returned to give their verdict, Wesley returned again to the courtroom to observe. The jury announced that the decision was a hung jury, meaning Healy was able to go free without any charges against him.

Wesley has his meeting with Leland Owlsley

After the trial, Wesley met with Leland Owlsley; he wanted to know why Wilson Fisk was bothering with the lawyers when Owlsley could have gotten others. Wesley explained that Murdock and Nelson had an outstanding reputation, something his lawyers obviously did not have. Owlsley asked why Fisk did not just have Healy killed; Wesley explained that a trail of bodies has already begun which is not wise. Owlsley asked what was keeping Fisk so preoccupied that he would not meet with him in person, Wesley retorted that Fisk finishing his penthouse and collecting some art to decorate.[7]

Dealing with the Russians

Wesley mocks the Ranskahov's failures

"Madame Gao and Mr. Nobu have expressed their disappointments."
"We have not heard of this."
"Hm, that's because we've been talking behind your back."
―James Wesley and Vladimir Ranskahov[src]

When Russian Mafia warehouse was attacked by the Masked Man; Wesley was sent to find out what happened from them, and to give them the assets of Prohaszka which had just been finalized by Leland Owlsley. He began to mock the Ranskahov brothers for their failures to stop the Masked Man, claiming that Anatoly should try ducking from the Masked Man and insultingly claiming that maybe if the man had an Iron Suit or a magic hammer then their failures could be explained.

Wesley is threatened by Vladimir Ranskahov

Wesley told the brothers that the man had managed to weaken their organization, causing issues for Madame Gao's distribution of heroin, and instead offered them a chance to allow Wilson Fisk to buy out their interest in the organization; although Anatoly showed interest in the idea, Vladimir considered it to be an insult and furiously refused. Wesley made it clear to the pair that this was merely an offer and not an order, but that they should be concerned of the repercussions of refusing it would be, recommending that the brothers discuss it in length before Wesley left the warehouse.

Welsey and Wilson Fisk discuss the Russians

As the situation was still tense, Wesley met with Fisk in his car. They discussed how to approach taking over the Russian's territory peacefully, with Wesley noting that Anatoly would likely be the best way as he seemed much less insulted compared to Vladimir. Fisk wanted to handle the situation quietly. When Wesley asked what was to be done about the Masked Man, Fisk promised that if the Russians proved they could not handle him he would find another solution. Their car pulled up outside the Scene Contempo Gallery and Fisk ordered Wesley to stay behind so he could speak with Vanessa Marianna on his own.[1]

Assassination of Anatoly Ranskahov

Wesley is given his orders from Wilson Fisk

"They say the past is etched in stone, but it isn't... It's smoke trapped in a closed room, swirling, changing, buffeted by the passing of years and wishful thinking. Even though our perception of it changes, one thing remains constant: the past can never be completely erased, it lingers like the scent of burning wood."
―James Wesley to Anatoly Ranskahov[src]

That night, while Wilson Fisk was having a quiet romantic dinner with his date, Vanessa Marianna, Wesley was caught off guard and unable to stop the furious Anatoly Ranskahov from charging in. Anatoly yelled across the restaurant to Fisk that he and his brother had now changed their minds and accepted his offer to buy out their organization. Fisk stormed out from the restaurant with a confused Marianna and angrily ordered Wesley to put Ranskahov in the car for him to personally deal with later.

Wesley speaks with Anatoly Ranskahov

Wesley and Ranskahov were then driven to a secluded area on the outskirts of New York City; as they traveled, Ranskahov tried to explain that he did not mean to cause Fisk embarrassment, he had only wanted to make peace, although Wesley recommended that a phone call would have been better before discussing the concepts of the past and how it could never be forgotten. Eventually, Fisk phoned Wesley, asking which side of the car Ranskahov was sitting, to which Wesley answered the passenger side, although he refused to tell Ranskahov the true meaning of the phone call.

Wesley warns Fisk of the upcoming war

Fisk proceeded to pull Ranskahov from the car and brutally beat him, with Wesley calmly ignoring Ranskahov's pleads for help. Eventually, Fisk crushed his skull with the car's door, leaving Ranskahov as nothing more than a bloody headless corpse lying in the dirt, with his brains splattered across the car. Wesley watched and offered Fisk a handkerchief to clean Ranskahov's blood from his face. Wesley told Fisk that this action would result in a war with the Russians, to which Fisk calmly replied that he was counting on it.[1]

Starting a War

Wesley lies to Vladimir Ranskahov's face

"He practically kissed me when we agreed to terms, he have a girl or a boy he might be celebrating with, you try his cell?"
"He does not answer."
"Try again, we need to lock this down and get distribution back to acceptable levels."
―James Wesley and Vladimir Ranskahov[src]

The next day Wesley visited the office of Vladimir Ranskahov, who was still trying to get ahold of his brother, unaware of his violent death the night before. Wesley arrived and pretended to know nothing about the whereabouts of Anatoly, claiming that he had spoken to him and Wilson Fisk, accepted their offer and left in high spirits. Wesley asked Vladimir would his brother likely be celebrating with a young girl or boy but Vladimir claimed to not know this.

Wesley sees Anatoly Ranskahov's corpse

Before their conversation could continue, they were interrupted by the arrival of Vladimir's soldier, Sergei who brought in Anatoly's headless corpse. Wesley stood beside Dmitry while Ranskahov searched his beloved brother's mutilated corpse until he found the Masked Man's mask in the jacket pocket, which Wesley had planted there the night before. Wesley was then able to convince Ranskahov that the Masked Man was the one to blame for his brother's brutal murder, taking all the blame away from himself and Fisk.

Wesley attends a meeting about the Russians

Wesley then joined Wilson Fisk to a meeting with the Confederated Global Investments members where they announced the Russians were no longer a part of their organization since Anatoly's murder. Wesley worked as translator as he assured the group that Ranskahov was convinced the Masked Man was responsible. Fisk outlined his plans for their organization where they would allow Vladimir to move Madame Gao's heroin until Fisk could take over. All parties accepted the proposal. Wesley translated for Gao as Fisk walked her to her car, where she asked if Fisk wanted something from her.

Wesley and Wilson Fisk discuss their plan

With the rest of the organization seemingly on their side, Wesley and Fisk had a private meeting to discuss their next move in this war. Wesley assured Fisk that Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman were giving statements over the shooting of Piotr, who had threatened to expose Fisk's empire. Although Fisk was shaken by this close call, Wesley assured him that soon Vladimir would have no more allies to help him to expose Fisk. As they arrived outside the Press Lounge Restaurant, Wesley recommended a wine for Fisk to choose during his date with Vanessa Marianna, who was meeting him there.[3]

Finishing off the Ranskahovs

Wesley meets with Turk Barrett

"Why all that with planting the mask, why not blow him up from the start if that's what you were gonna do?"
"It takes time to arrange something like this and help from friends. We needed to keep Vladimir off balance until everything was in place."
Turk Barrett and James Wesley[src]

In an attempt to throw the Russian Mafia off balance emotionally, Wesley hired Turk Barrett to speak to him and claim that Wilson Fisk was working with the Masked Man. This action made Ranskahov furious and he organized for his entire army to gather in his warehouses ready to attack Fisk's organization, allowing Fisk to arrange for bombs to be sent to the warehouses and kill them all. Barrett met with Wesley in the limo to be paid for his part in the plan and the two discussed how predictable Ranskahov could be.[3]

Wesley learns Vladimir Ranskahov is alive

Once his date with Vanessa Marianna was completed, Fisk joined Wesley in their limo to continue their work. Wesley received a phone call from one of the police officers under their pay who informed him that although the Russian's bases had been successfully destroyed in the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen, Vladimir Ranskahov had escaped with the help of the Masked Man. Wesley was later called by Christian Blake who informed him that the Masked Man had seemingly taken a young police officer hostage and taken refuge in an abandoned building now surrounded by the police.

Wesley orders Christian Blake to be shot

Wesley listened closely as Fisk spoke to the man in the mask over a police radio; Fisk offered the man a chance to escape in exchange for the death of Ranskahov while also comparing their ideologies about protecting New York City. The man refused and Wesley sent an order for Ben Urich to be shot and footage of the Masked Man attacking police officers, however, the bullet instead hit Christian Blake who was badly wounded. Despite their best efforts, the man escaped out of the building, while Ranskahov was shot and killed when he refused to surrender to the SWAT teams sent by Fisk and Wesley.[8]

Keeping the Business Running

Dealing with Nobu Yoshioka

Wesley and Fisk meet with Nobu Yoshioka

"What do Nobu and his men bring to the table, what are they in all of this?"
"Necessary evil."
"I just, I don't like the way he speaks to you, that's all. Especially now when everything's going our way."
―James Wesley and Wilson Fisk[src]

Wesley joined Wilson Fisk for a meeting with Nobu Yoshioka, who was furious as his shipment of a weapon called Black Sky had been ruined by the Masked Man and another man. Wesley worked as the translator as Yoshioka insulted Fisk's organization as he believed that Fisk had failed with his promises to him. Although Fisk defended his actions, Yoshioka reminded him of his organization's reputation and Fisk quickly apologized to him in fear.

Wesley questions the need of the Hand

Yoshioka left after threatening Fisk in Japanese, Wesley suggested that Fisk should teach Yoshioka a lesson in respect as he felt Yoshioka did not show him enough respect while also questioning that Yoshioka's organization did not contribute anything to their organization, while Leland Owlsley and Madame Gao's contributions were clear as well as the Russian Mafia before they were absorbed in the wake of the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen. Fisk, however, told Wesley they should leave it alone as he claimed that the Yoshioka was a necessary evil for their organization to continue to be moving forward.[9]

Assassination of Christian Blake

Wesley tells Fisk that Christian Blake is alive

"Right after Hoffman injected Blake he was incapacitated by our masked friend."
"While Blake was still alive?"
"And talking, according to Hoffman."
―James Wesley and Wilson Fisk[src]

Wesley learned through his contacts inside the police department that Christian Blake had just woken up in the hospital after being shot by Wilson Fisk's men, Wesley phoned Fisk immediately to discuss what should be done. As Blake's hospital room was being guarded by many police officers who were not under Fisk's pay, Fisk suggested that they hire Blake's partner Carl Hoffman to assassinate Blake, although Wesley noted that the two were old friends and he doubted Hoffman would be willing to murder his friend.

Wesley explains to Carl Hoffman the situation

Wesley was later present when Fisk had a meeting with Carl Hoffman where they discussed the shooting of Detective Christian Blake, when Hoffman insisted that Blake had every right to be angry because they had shot him, Wesley argued that technically they had just paid someone else to shoot him. Hoffman continued to try and get out of killing his friend and partner, explaining that he and Blake had been friends for over thirty-five years. Although he was initially reluctant, they eventually managed to convince Hoffman to murder his former partner after offering him a substantial amount of money.

Wesley explains how Christian Blake died

Wesley met with Wilson Fisk and Leland Owlsley at Melvin Potter's Workshop, where Owlsley was being fitted with a new armored suit, to inform them that although Christian Blake had been successfully assassinated by Carl Hoffman, the Masked Man had been able to question him beforehand and had likely gained valuable information about their operation. Owlsley mocked the pair for their continued failures; Wesley explained that Hoffman was able to spin the story and had told the police that he had been assaulted by the Masked Man who had come to finish what he had started.[9]

Madame Gao's Meeting

Wesley updates Wilson Fisk on Madame Gao

"She's coming to you, now."
"Can you be here before she arrives?"
"I'm already on my way."
"Thank you, Wesley."
―James Wesley and Wilson Fisk[src]

The next morning, Wesley was contacted by Madame Gao who had requested a meeting with Wilson Fisk regarding the recent chaotic events involving Russian Mafia and how this would affect their organization. Fisk ordered Wesley to bring the car to him so he could meet her, Wesley let him know that Gao was instead coming to him and would be there shortly. Unsure about how to deal with Gao, Fisk asked Wesley to be with him before she arrived and Wesley reassured him that he was already on his way.

Wesley translates Madame Gao's meeting

Gao soon arrived at Wilson Fisk's Penthouse to discuss the recent events and Fisk provided her with the tea he had collected from his last visit to Asia as a sign of respect to her and Wesley confirmed that she did approve of the choice. Although Wesley translated Gao and Fisk's conversation for a short while before long Gao revealed that Fisk was able to speak Chinese and Japanese and therefore did not need a translator, much to Wesley's great irritation at having been deceived by his own boss for so long. Gao then questioned if Nobu Yoshioka knew that Fisk spoke Japanese as well but Fisk had told her that he did not believe Yoshioka had figured it out yet.

Wesley witnesses Wilson Fisk's breakdown

Without any need for him, Fisk ordered Wesley to wait outside while he continued his meeting with Gao in private. After a few minutes, Gao left having noted how under happy she was and threatened to continue working with Yoshioka and Leland Owlsley without Fisk if he proved that he could not control their organization. Once Gao had gone, Wesley heard Fisk roar and a loud crash, when he ran inside he found Fisk had overturned his table in a rage. Wesley asked if he could do anything for him but Fisk instead furiously ordered him to get out of his penthouse and leave him alone immediately.[9]

Saving Wilson Fisk

Welsey standing alongside Vanessa Marianna

"If I needed you, I would have asked."
"I don't think that's always true, sir."
Wilson Fisk and James Wesley[src]

Wesley returned to Wilson Fisk's Penthouse a few hours later only to discover Wilson Fisk in the same spot staring out at the New York City landscape contemplating what Madame Gao had threatened him with. Fisk initially showed his anger towards Wesley, ordering him to leave until he was actually called for. Wesley, however, insisted that sometimes Fisk did not know when he needed his help and presented Vanessa Marianna, who he had brought as he knew she was the one person Fisk would be willing to speak to and would be able to comfort him.

Wesley watches Wilson Fisk's speech closely

Although Fisk was still furious, he accepted Marianna's company and Wesley left the couple alone to work out his issues. Wesley's plan was successful and Marianna was able to instill in him a new bout of confidence and drive to complete his plans. As a result, Wesley joined Fisk the next day at a press conference for WHiH World News and others alongside Marianna and Leland Owlsley where Fisk revealed his identity and his plans to the world's media. The response was universal praise as he condemned the actions of the Masked Man and promised to aid New York City in rebuilding itself.[9]

Dealing with Nobu Yoshioka

Wesley and Wilson Fisk discuss Carl Hoffman

"He doesn't care for the accommodations."
"Misspeak my words again, and I will have your tongue."
―James Wesley and Nobu Yoshioka[src]

With Wilson Fisk now a public figure, Wesley met with him at the Pier 81 Warehouse to discuss the opinion poles which were still rising in his favor, Wesley informed him of the positive outlook and that Randolph Cherryh was looking to meet him at a charity fundraiser. Fisk asked about Carl Hoffman and Wesley informed him that he had gone missing since killing Christian Blake but they were looking for him. When Fisk questioned what would happen if Hoffman had left New York City, Wesley remained confident that he would still be found.

Wesley is threatened by Nobu Yoshioka

They were interrupted by the arrival of Nobu Yoshioka, who attempted to break Francis' hand upon entry as a clear sign of power. When Wesley attempted to translate, Yoshioka threatened to rip out his tongue as he knew Wesley was mistranslating him. Yoshioka insisted that Fisk had not fulfilled his side of their deal by not supplying him with the city block he had promised, but Fisk explained that there was a tenant, Elena Cardenas, who had proven difficult to evict. They convinced Yoshioka to assist them in the hunt for the Masked Man in exchange for their work with evicting Cardenas.

Wesley fails to kill the Masked Man

Wesley and Fisk put steps in place for Nobu Yoshioka to confront the Masked Man, after a prolonged fight, the Masked Man was mortally wounded and Yoshioka was burnt to death. Fisk, Wesley and Francis confronted the Masked Man while Yoshioka's corpse burned, and Fisk thanked him for taking Yoshioka out of the concern. Fisk engaged in a one-on-one fight with his enemy and easily beat the wounded man into submission. Wesley was ordered to shoot the man but before he could fire, the man ran to the window and escaped, Fisk ordered Wesley to tell their men to hunt him down and kill him.[10]

Vanessa Marianna's Poisoning

Wesley speaks to Wilson Fisk

"You weren't particularly fond of Nobu, you thought he was unsettling if I recall."
"I think you're unsettling half the time."
―James Wesley and Leland Owlsley[src]

While Wilson Fisk and Leland Owlsley prepared for a benefit for Fisk's organization, Wesley assisted by tying Fisk's bowtie for him. Owlsley demanded to know why Fisk had burned Nobu Yoshioka to death, but Fisk insisted that he never laid a hand on Yoshioka. Much to Wesley's amusement, Fisk sent Owlsley to meet with Madame Gao to discuss the recent events. Fisk then asked Wesley to bring the car around and inform Vanessa Marianna that they were currently on their way to her.

Wesley attends Wilson Fisk's benefit

At Fisk's benefit, Wesley watched Fisk's speech before joining him as he made his way through the many guests wishing to speak to him. They spoke to Leland Owlsley who informed them that all was well with Madame Gao and offered them champagne which only Vanessa Marianna accepted. While Fisk was speaking to Randolph Cherryh, Wesley stayed with Marianna and Owlsley and they spoke about Cherryh. Without warning, several of the guests began to collapse drinking the champagne. Fisk ordered Wesley to get the car just as Marianna collapsed into Fisk's arms from the poison.[11]

Assistant and Friend

Wesley tells Leland Owlsley to reach out

"If she dies..."
"Rosenberg's in from Hartford and she's strong, we've all seen that."
"Leland thinks it might have been Nobu's men."
Wilson Fisk to James Wesley[src]

Wesley joined Fisk and Owlsley, as they rushed Vanessa Marianna to the Metro-General Hospital; Wesley contacted Rosenberg to come and assist in Marianna's surgery and she was taken away for emergency treatment. While they waited inside the hospital, Wesley spoke to Leland Owlsley, who expressed his concern about Wilson Fisk's ability to run the business in his current emotional state; they discussed how whoever was responsible for the assassination attempt was likely after Fisk, not Marianna, and would try again. Wesley asked Owlsley about his meeting with Madame Gao. Owlsley expressed his belief that the Nobu Yoshioka's organization were responsible as an act of revenge in response to Yoshioka's death. Francis then informed him that three of the other poisoned guests had died. Wesley ordered Owlsley to speak to Gao to gain her support.

Wesley comforts Wilson Fisk in the hospital

As they continued to wait for news, Wesley brought Fisk a cup of coffee. Fisk opened up to Wesley and expressed his fear of losing Marianna, but Wesley assured him that Rosenberg was taking care of her. As Wesley told him about their theories on who was responsible, Fisk told Wesley that Madame Gao had told him to choose a fate or it would be chosen for him. Fisk ordered Wesley to find whoever was responsible so he could look into their eyes as he killed them; Wesley tried to assure Fisk he was not responsible and Fisk ordered Wesley to arrange for Marianna to be moved out of the country to be safe. Fisk thanked Wesley personally before Rosenberg arrived to inform them that Marianna had survived.

Wesley being updated about Madame Gao

When Fisk stepped out of Marianna's room for a moment, Wesley asked about her condition; Fisk asked him to return a call to Fisk's mother as he wished to focus his attention on Marianna. Owlsley interrupted them but Fisk returned to Marianna's room. Owlsley told Wesley that he had spoken to Madame Gao, but had not learned much; Wesley tried to find out if Gao seemed suspect to him but Owlsley did not seem to think so. Owlsley told Wesley that Fisk needed to get back to business as soon as possible. Wesley ignored him and told him to go home. He then phoned Fisk's mother who informed him that Ben Urich and Karen Page had spoken to her.[12]

Kidnapping of Karen Page

Wesley finds and kidnaps Karen Page

"But you won't be the first to die, Miss Page. No, I think Mr. Urich will have that honor, then we'll go to your place of employment, see to Mr. Nelson, Mr. Murdock. After that your friends, family, everyone you've ever cared about and when you have no tears left to shed then, then we'll come for you, Miss Page."
―James Wesley to Karen Page[src]

Knowing the danger that such personal information they could have gained possessed, Wesley decided to go after the pair himself. Not wishing to worry Wilson Fisk during this tense time however, he discreetly took a gun and car keys from Francis and left without explaining why. He tracked down Karen Page and kidnapped her outside her apartment and took her to an abandoned warehouse and waited for her to awake so he could begin interrogating her.

Wesley greets and threatens Karen Page

Once Page did wake, he greeted her kindly and ensured she was able to talk. He explained to her that after the events with Union Allied Construction he had considered having her killed but it was decided that she could do no harm, and so they had given her the money to keep her quiet, but she had made a choice which had led her to her current situation. He then pulled out a gun and placed it on the table to gain her attention. He began talking about Fisk's love for New York City, despite his own distaste for it, before explaining that it was Fisk's mother who had informed him of her involvement.

Wesley vows to kill Karen Page's friends

He explained that Fisk would be highly disturbed to learn they had spoken to her so he wished to resolve the situation. When Page told him to kill her already, he explained he wanted to offer her a new job. Wesley explained he wanted Page to use her powers of persuasion to convince Ben Urich and everyone she had been speaking to that everything was okay and they should leave the story and Fisk alone. When Page told him she would rather die, he explained he would kill Urich, Foggy Nelson, Matt Murdock, her friends and her family before they finally killed her as well.

Wesley tries to regain control of the situation

At this moment Fisk attempted to call Wesley from Metro-General Hospital to learn his location. The second Wesley's phone went off and he glanced down at his jacket pocket, Page used the momentary distraction to launch forward and steal his gun from the table, aiming it directly at her kidnapper. Remaining calm, Wesley attempted to bluff his way out of this situation by claiming the gun was not loaded, mocking her as he claimed she must be foolish to think he would have put a loaded gun on the table.

Wesley is shot and killed by Karen Page

Page, however, asked him if he really believed that she had never shot anyone before. Unsure of what to do next but remaining controlled, Wesley slowly stood up from his chair and went to speak to Page, but when he attempted to move closer, Page shot him in the shoulder, leaving Wesley in a state of shock at not only his own foolish mistake but his misjudgment of Page's will to live. Before Wesley could move away or protect himself, Page fired a further six more shots into Wesley's chest and heart, killing him and leaving his bleeding body behind while she stole his gun.[12]


Finding His Body

"He's my friend. He's... My... Friend!"
Wilson Fisk[src]

Having checked his messages, Wilson Fisk found nothing from Wesley. Francis called to Fisk inside the hospital room of Vanessa Marianna; when Fisk eventually exited, Francis told him that Wesley had been found. Fisk then called up Leland Owlsley to meet him at the location. There, Fisk, Owlsley, and Francis found the body. Fisk questioned Francis as to why he let Wesley go there alone; Francis said that he was ordered to stay with Fisk. Fisk then grabbed Francis and began beating him, screaming how Wesley had been his friend.[4]

Karen Page's Confession

"I wonder what would be worse for you. His duplicity or his death? He died quickly. If you were wondering. Didn't suffer much. You see, Wilson, Matt Murdock isn't the person you should be worried about. I killed Wesley. I shot him seven times, because the clip ran out. He deserved more."
Karen Page to Wilson Fisk[src]

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"I'm not here because I want to be here. I am here because I am needed."
―James Wesley to Karen Page[src]

Though viewed by others as his lapdog, subordinate, or servant, James Wesley viewed Wilson Fisk as his friend; Fisk also saw their relationship as one of friendship, describing Wesley as his friend to Vanessa Marianna. Wesley looked out for Fisk's well-being not only in business but also in personal and health matters. While others objected to the inclusion of Vanessa Marianna into Wilson's life, Wesley encouraged it, asking her to talk to Fisk during a time when he was upset. In the hospital, Wesley had one cup of coffee; he offered it to Fisk first before taking a sip. Wesley disliked whenever someone such as Nobu Yoshioka, spoke disrespectfully to his friend but knew his own place in the organization did not allow him to take excess liberties.

As the "face" of Fisk's empire before Fisk became a publicly-known figure, Wesley stayed professional even when belittled or asked questions that would have insulted another. When the Ranskahov brothers insulted him, Wesley did not think of himself, but of the money that they owed Fisk. When Leland Owlsley had questions that were not within his parameters, Wesley answered them honestly, but without many revelations.

Wesley did act betrayed for a moment when Madame Gao revealed that Fisk had no need for a translator, but he kept his opinion to himself. Ultimately, Wesley viewed the actions of his life were done out of necessity instead of personal desire or ambition.


  • Master Tactician: Wesley was highly skilled in manipulation and was responsible for the planning and orchestration of many of the events before Wilson Fisk came out of the shadows.
  • Marksman: Wesley was somehwat proficient with pistols.
  • Multilingualism: Wesley was fluent in his native English, as well as Russian, Japanese, and Mandarin. He served as a translator for Fisk when he spoke to Vladimir Ranskahov, Nobu Yoshioka and Madame Gao, unaware that Fisk had no need for translations in the first place.




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Appearances for James Wesley

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  • In the comics, Wesley is Kingpin's subordinate, who always stayed behind for last-minute orders. He was never given a first name and he was just simply called Wesley, although he was later given the canonical first name of James, after Daredevil aired.

Behind the Scenes

  • Toby Leonard Moore described Wesley as an "interesting character to play, because in one moment he can be incredibly charming, and in the next, dastardly as all hell, manipulative and Machiavellian, but always loyal to Wilson Fisk.[13]
  • Talking about the killing of Wesley by Page, and if it was due to carelessness on the behalf of the former, Steven S. DeKnight said "It was a moment of underestimating Karen Page. We always knew he was going to die; that was decided at the beginning of the season that Karen was going to kill Wesley at some point but the mechanics of “how” were tricky. It’s not so much a moment of carelessness as it was underestimating Karen. He dies because Wilson Fisk is worried about him. That moment when Fisk calls him is the split-second distraction that allows Karen to grab the gun."[14]
  • Wesley in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the second live-action incarnation of the character, following an incarnation (who's full name is Wesley Owen Welch) portrayed by Leland Orser.
  • Tim Brown was a stunt double for Toby Leonard Moore in the role of James Wesley.


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