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"Can't clean up the world without getting your hands dirty."
―James Rhodes[src]

Lieutenant Colonel James Rupert Rhodes was a United States Air Force officer and a military liaison for Stark Industries. Rhodes was involved in Tony Stark's plan to acquire vibranium from Ulysses Klaue, however, he was betrayed and killed by Erik Killmonger. The deaths of Rhodes and T'Challa were used by Killmonger to destabilize a political climate between the United States of America and Wakanda.


Investigating Killmonger

"I'd say he's done pretty good for a kid from Oakland. I mean, what's your concern, Pepper? Other than the killing part."
"Lot of people come around looking to get their moment in the sun with Tony Stark, and it's my job to sniff out exactly what it is they want with him."
―James Rhodes and Pepper Potts[src]

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Ambush at the Salvage Yard

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"Our quarrel is not with you, Colonel."
"Oh, really? 'Cause you're sending me mixed messages right now."
Black Panther and James Rhodes[src]

Rhodes went to Ulysses Klaue's Salvage Yard to get Vibranium for Erik Killmonger and Tony Stark's project. When he arrived he was greeted by Klaue and was showed a stolen Vibranium Dora Milaje spear, worth millions. After Rhodes remarked that Stark spent that kind of money on a Saturday night in Vegas, Klaue revealed he was just poking around to find out how much money he was offering and started to move on to the "big stuff". Klaue revealed a chamber completely full of stolen Vibranium, to Rhodes utter suprise. But then, an alarm sounded and an announcement said someone had just infiltrated the Yard. As the other men prepared to open fire. They were slowly killed one-by-one by someone who was making sure they weren't seen. After the last man had been killed, the infiltrator revealed himself to be Black Panther, stopping Klaue from selling anymore Vibranium. As Rhodes and T'Challa greeted each other, a new intruder, Killmonger, came in carrying a sonar taser gun made by Stark Industries. He activated the gun and a loud sound came out, stunning Rhodes and T'Challa and forcing them to their knees. The sound was so bad that T'Challa took of his mask. Soon small veins started growing on his and Rhodes neck. Killmonger said he was sorry it had to be this way and shut off the gun. Just as soon as T'Challa lunged at Killlmonger, he shot a projectile at him, killing him, and Rhodes had no choice but to watch. Killmonger stole T'Challa's clawed glove and used it to kill Rhodes.


"Why wear the uniform of your own oppressors? Fight for them? Die for them?"
"Kid, you've gotta be part of the system to change the system."
Erik Killmonger and James Rhodes[src]

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