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|image = RhodeysLegBraces.jpg
|image = RhodeysLegBraces.jpg

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"It's just the first pass. Give me some feedback, anything you think of. Shock absorption, lateral movement. Cup holder?"
"You may wanna think about some A.C."
Tony Stark and James Rhodes[src]

James Rhodes' Leg Braces were created by Tony Stark in order to restore James Rhodes' ability to walk, after Rhodes' spine was shattered during the Clash of the Avengers.


During the Clash of the Avengers, James Rhoeds instructs Vision to shoot Falcon's thrusters. Vision, distracted at the moment, shoots a laser beam at Falcon but he easily dodges it. The beam accidentally hits the Arc Reactor of Rhodes' suit, disabling it. Unable to fly, Rhodes enters a free fall from high altitude. Falcon and Iron Man fly towards him to stop him mid-air, but they were both late and he hits the ground. Even though the suit's protection saves him from death, but he still suffers from a spine injury that paralyzes his legs. Stark later creates these leg braces that allow Rhodes to walk and engage in other activities fluently, and also integrates a similar functionality into all of his friend's suit designs.


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