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"Science? Magic? God? That power flows from within. From inside. What comes out when that pressure is heaviest? That's the real magic. That's what defines being a man. That's what defines being a hero."
―James Lucas to Luke Cage[src]

Reverend James Lucas is a pastor from Savannah, Georgia, father of Carl Lucas and the illegitimate father of Willis Stryker.


Early Life

Becoming the Pastor

James Lucas was born in Savannah, Georgia, the son of Tuskegee Airman who founded Mount Calvary Baptist Church in the city after World War II. Lucas became a pastor of the church.[7]

Family Dramas

Fling with Dana Stryker

"The great Reverend Lucas wasn't man enough to give his first son his last name. You see, I was still Willis Stryker. But his real son was Carl Lucas. But here's the crazy thing. Nobody said nothing. And Carl and I, we grew up best friends, but there was all this tension. You could just feel it like a draft coming in from under a door. I just wanted him to see me. I was a good boy. I did well in school. But he always loved Carl more."
Diamondback to Damon Boone[src]

Lucas and his wife standing inside his church

James Lucas had an affair with Dana Stryker, his secretary. Yet, the affair became evident when a son, Willis Stryker, was born to both of their shock. However, Lucas refused to leave his wife and therefore rejected Stryker, having his own son, named Carl Lucas, two years later. Lucas' mother was thought to be unable to have any children, leading to young Carl being called "The Miracle Baby", something that enraged Willis as the truth about him also being the preacher's son was kept hidden from everybody, including Carl whom Willis had become friends with, while Lucas still had disdain for Willis.[8]

Estrangement From His Son

Lucas and his wife going to visit Carl Lucas

"I wrote you forty five letters, man."
"It was fifty, and I sent them all back to sender. I was raw, and I wasn't ready. I am now."
"You couldn't have come to see me once after she died? The warden had to tell me? Now here you are: arms wide, hand out."
Luke Cage and James Lucas[src]

Once Carl Lucas had been sent to Seagate Penitentiary, Lucas did not visit his son. The one time he did was with his wife Etta Lucas, who was getting ill and blamed Carl for her sickness out of grief, straining their relationship. Carl sent him fifty letters, but Lucas was so angry that he sent them back marked "return to sender".[2]


Moving into Harlem

"I came to Harlem to reconnect with my son. Didn't play out like I planned, but it set us on that path."
―James Lucas[src]

With the emergence of Luke Cage as Harlem's Hero, James Lucas moved to New York City in order to arrange a reunion with his son. He reached out to his son, but was rebuffed. While in New York, he continued to preach the word of God. Finally, James met his son on the street and they talked. The reunion was not a pleasant one as Luke was angry at his father for ignoring him during his time in prison, for his mother's death, and not telling him about Willis Stryker.[2]

Luke Cage's Request

"You and me, son, we can't move forward if we can't forgive."
"I don't think I can, Dad."
―James Lucas and Luke Cage[src]

Having been caught up in a battle with the Stylers, Lucas was called upon when Luke Cage requested Lucas to watch over Piranha Jones, who Bushmaster wanted to have killed. Cage was finally able to open up to his father, who did apologize for his mistreatment on the former but couldn't seem to forgive for what happened to Willis Stryker.[9]

Bonding with Luke Cage

"I have never been more proud of you. I love you. I do. I love you, son."
"I love you too, Dad."
―James Lucas and Luke Cage[src]
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"I was rockin' full congregations since before you were born, negro, on my name alone."
"Wow. You are still the same egotistical bastard that you have always been."
"Well, I'm not bulletproof, but it works for me."
―James Lucas and Luke Cage[src]

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  • In the comics, James Lucas Sr. was a New York City Police Detective who lived in Harlem with his wife Esther and his sons Carl and James Lucas Jr.. After the imprisonment of his son Carl and the death of his wife, he legally changed his name to James Geary.

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