James P. Henderson was a stand-in for Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy and Ben Mendelsohn and Jude Law in Captain Marvel.

He was also a stand-in in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episodes Shadows, Heavy is the Head, Making Friends and Influencing People, Face My Enemy, A Hen in the Wolf House, A Fractured House, The Writing on the Wall, The Things We Bury, ...Ye Who Enter Here, What They Become, Aftershocks, Who You Really Are, One of Us, Love in the Time of HYDRA, One Door Closes, Afterlife, Melinda, The Frenemy of My Enemy, The Dirty Half Dozen, Scars, S.O.S. Part One, S.O.S. Part Two, Laws of Nature, Purpose in the Machine, A Wanted (Inhu)man, Devils You Know, 4,722 Hours, Among Us Hide..., Chaos Theory, Many Heads, One Tale, Closure, Maveth, Bouncing Back, The Inside Man, Parting Shot, Watchdogs, Spacetime, Paradise Lost, The Ghost, Meet the New Boss, Uprising, Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire, Lockup, The Good Samaritan, Deals With Our Devils, The Laws of Inferno Dynamics, Broken Promises, The Patriot, Wake Up, Hot Potato Soup, BOOM, The Man Behind the Shield, Self Control, Orientation Part One, Orientation Part Two, A Life Spent, A Life Earned, Rewind, Fun & Games, Together or Not at All, The Last Day, Best Laid Plans, Past Life, All the Comforts of Home, The Real Deal, Principia, The Devil Complex, Rise and Shine and Inside Voices.

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