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"There's an army out there. On the streets, in bars like this. And they all feel the same as you and me. All they ever do is tell us we're the problem, we're the ones that need to change. Maybe we're not the problem. Maybe it's the bullshit we came back to."
―Jake Nelson to Billy Russo[src]

Jake Nelson is a United States Army veteran who joined Billy Russo's crew.


Time in the Military

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Return to Civilian Life

Therapy with Krista Dumont

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Boiling Frustrations

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Nightly Mischief

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"You were in the army, took your SERE course, ain't gonna say shit. The bad news is I took it, too. It ain't gonna work. Not today."
Frank Castle to Jake Nelson[src]

Waking from his slumber, Nelson snuck away from the crew to find a nearby dealer for drugs. As soon as he tried a dealer, Nelson encountered Frank Castle and was abducted and taken to a vacant apartment. Nelson found himself tied to a chair while Curtis Hoyle, Dinah Madani, and Castle demanded to know about the whereabouts of Billy Russo. Repeatedly, Nelson held back from revealing what he knew, enduring multiple punches from Castle until Madani ordered for him to stop. He, with Castle and Madani outside the room, questioned why Hoyle was a part of the interrogation.[1]


"Look at you. You're strong, Jake. You're proud. You're a soldier. You're not gonna give up your brother. I get that. I get it."
Frank Castle to Jake Nelson[src]

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"I know who you are."
"That means you know how this goes, one way or the other."
"Cut me loose. Let's see what happens then."
―Jake Nelson and Frank Castle[src]
  • Combatant: Nelson is trained in combat, as well as survival, evasion, resistance and escape, though he was no match for Frank Castle.



  • Knife: Frank Castle provided Nelson the opportunity to attack him with a knife after he cut him loose from his restraints. Nelson took the knife and charged at Castle, only to be intercepted and have the back of his hand pierced by the latter. After Curtis Hoyle ameliorated his wound, Castle held the knife to Nelson's throat to retrieve information regarding to Billy Russo's whereabouts.





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