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"They all crack sooner or later."
―Jaco to Sarge[src]

Jaco was a baker whose entire family were killed by Izel and her Shrike, resulting in Jaco joining up with Sarge's Squad on a mission to kill Izel. Jaco traveled to Earth with his team in an attempt to save their planet, following Sarge's orders without question, but Jaco was eventually captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. as they Deke Shaw, where he was forced to question his loyalty to Sarge. Having broken free and highjacked Zephyr One with Sarge, Jaco was then convinced to betray his leader by Yo-Yo Rodriguez after witnessing Sarge murder Pax. Jaco sacrificed his life onboard the Lazy Comet with an Atom Bomb, while he believed he had killed Izel and her Shrike in the explosion.


Early Life

Living with Seven Brothers

"Look, my planet was like yours once. Beautiful. Smaller moons, bigger sun. A place to live a life."
"A big one. All boys. Eight of us. My youngest brother though, we were always together."
―Jaco and Yo-Yo Rodriguez[src]

Growing up on his homeworld, Jaco had seven brothers who were all bigger than him, with Jaco being the clear runt of the litter. Jaco had always a closer relationship with his youngest brother, who was much bigger than him, as Jaco taught him to become a baker and join the family business. However, as the Shrike, under the command of Izel, had invaded his home world, Jaco lost everybody in his family along with the entire planet, only to be saved by Sarge while his family were turned into fertilizer, as the Shrike destroyed Jaco's planet.[5]

Sarge's Campaign

Destruction of Chronyca-2

"End of the line! Let's get out while we still can!"
―Sarge to his crew[src]

Jaco and Sarge escaping from Chronyca-2

With all his family gone, Jaco joined Sarge's Squad and traveled the universe in order to find and destroy the Shrike armies wherever they could find them before they could destroy any planets like his. During the mission, they tracked Izel to Chronyca-2 and took out her crew.[6] Unfortunately, they all arrived too late as the Shrike had already began to destroy the planet. Izel managed to escape and Jaco and the others were forced to flee the planet before it’s ultimate destruction.[2]

Tinker's Bad Crossing

Jaco arrives onto the Earth through his portal

"Didn't know if you'd get through."
"You want to drop the blaster?"
"Safety first."
―Jaco and Pax[src]

Jaco and the squad's next destination in hunting Izel and her army of the Shrike was the Earth. As part of the plan, Sarge's crew separated into three teams, as Jaco and Tinker teamed up and traveled through a portal. Jaco went through their portal first, which opened through a concrete wall, as he found a group of young people playing basketball nearby. As Jaco painfully pushed himself through the portal, the kids ran in fear as Tim fell down onto the floor, looking up in terror at Jaco before fleeing.

Jaco watching Tinker fuse with the concrete

Before Jaco could threaten the kids, he was distracted as he heard Tinker calling out for his assistance. However, as Jaco attempted to pull Tinker through the gateway, he was unable to do it in time and the gateway closed around Tinker, fusing his body with the concrete and killing him, since half his body failed to make it through. Seeing his comrade die, Jaco closed his eyes and had softly patted Tinker's hand, thus showing him respect before preparing to continue with the mission. However, Jaco was stopped once the Quinjet had flown above him and a voice had then ordered him to surrender himself.

Jaco shooting down the S.H.I.E.L.D. Quinjet

Having already lost his friend and upon hearing Melinda May threaten to open fire on him if he did not surrender, Jaco became frustrated as he did not move from his spot. Without saying a word, Jaco had then spun around and fired a Blaster Rifle towards the Quinjet, which had managed to completely destroy one of its engines in the process and caused the Quinjet to crash. While May and Damon Keller recovered in the crashed Quinjet, Jaco then calmly walked away from the scene in order to regroup with the rest of his crew so they could all continue with the current mission, while still leaving Tinker's corpse behind.

Jaco is reunited with both Pax and Snowflake

Having arrived at the arranged meet up point, Jaco waited for several hours until Pax and Snowflake joined him, as Jaco noted that he had not been sure if they had made it through their own gateways. When Snowflake then questioned where Tinker was, Jaco was forced to explain that he had been killed during his crossing. While Snowflake claimed that Tinker had become a butterfly following his death, Pax questioned if Sarge's crossing would be clear for him, to which Jaco explained that since it was at the Museum of Natural History, it was not, so they all prepared to depart and then destroy the Museum.[1]

Destroying the Museum

Jaco warning an innocent child to escape

"Get out of here, kid."
"Time to make some ripples."
―Jaco and Pax[src]

Arriving at the Museum of Natural History, Jaco found himself being greeted by a young child holding her balloon. Jaco then ordered the child to leave, not wanting her to get needlessly harmed. Jaco was then joined by Pax and Snowflake as they then made their way inside the Museum in order to destroy it to open their passageways. While Jaco and the rest of their squad made their way inside of the museum as they had planned, they then overheard the sounds of a S.H.I.E.L.D. team, led by Melinda May and Yo-Yo Rodriguez arriving at the scene to stop them.

Jaco prepping bombs with Pax and Snowflake

While Jaco and Pax focused on placing their explosives around the Museum, they asked Snowflake to distract the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents while they could continue their work. Pretending to be a distraught mother whose children were hostages, Snowflake managed to keep S.H.I.E.L.D. at bay while Jaco and Pax had then retreated, moments before their bombs went off and obliterated the museum. Once the museum was gone, Sarge's Truck was then able to burst through his portal, as the Squad regrouped with Sarge, who was then forced to kill Fox in order to save Snowflake as they departed the scene.[1]

Jaco drinking a Slurpee during their robbery

Having successfully managed to bring Sarge into Earth, Jaco and the others then went about collecting supplies, as they all went inside of the nearby gas station and began taking what they wanted, with Pax holding Amit hostage as Jaco had tried a drink which gave him a bad headache before offering it to Sarge. Jaco then watched while Sarge checked out the kind of currency that Humans used before he took Amit's shotgun, which he noted used simple technology to fire, along with everything else that they wanted as the Squad walked out of the gas station together, preparing to continue their current mission.[2]

Tensions in the Squad

Jaco breathing his home planet's atomsphere

"We send a trailblazer every time to clear a path."
"It's supposed to be Jaco the Giant, okay? Who can survive a hail of war-hammers."
"He's an old soul."
Snowflake and Pax[src]

As their Squad continued making their way through Ohio, Jaco was still trying to get his body used to Earth's atmosphere by sucking on gases. As the Truck had started to become filled with all of the gas, Pax began complaining about the smell, although Sarge had insisted that Jaco needed to do this since he had not had to smell his home atmosphere in years and they needed Jaco at full strength before they went ahead.

Jaco discusses how Tinker turned into cement

When Sarge ordered Pax to ensure that their truck remained invisible, Pax insisted that this had been Tinker's job and therefore he should not have to do it after Tinker turned to stone, with Jaco insisting that Tinker had actually turned to cement during his crossing. Jaco then watched as Snowflake began going through all of Tinker's gear and confirmed that they were now all out of PEGs, explaining that Tinker had always kept more in his pockets. As tensions began to rise, Pax insisted that Tinker's bad crossing was not on him, while Sarge had then questioned if he had something more to say about this.

Jaco and Snowflake watch as Pax complains

Jaco and Snowflake then watched on while Pax insisted that they all should have been transported to Earth while riding in the truck, while Sarge had noted that if they had they would have been trapped in the Museum of Natural History. Although Snowflake claimed that they always sent somebody to check ahead, Pax had noted that this had always been Jaco who was almost indestructible, but Snowflake had then insisted that Jaco was really an old soul, making him smile. As Jaco had watched on, Pax continued to complain about Snowflake getting Fox killed, as he insisted that he did not want to waste time.

Jaco standing alongside Sarge against Pax

While Pax continued to disrespect Sarge and the rest of their Squad, Jaco rose onto his feet and stepped over to him, causing Pax to go silent out of fear that Jaco may assault him. Without saying another word, Jaco had then pushed a piece of paper at Pax's chest, which showed an advertisement for Charmont Jewelers, which was where they believed that they could find the PEGs that they needed. Sarge then confirmed that he would send Jaco and Snowflake to scout the site while he and Pax secured the exit, which Pax nervously agreed to as Jaco watched, ready to step in if Pax stepped out of line.

Jaco and Sarge getting ready for the robbery

While Jaco got everything in their truck ready for the robbery, he was approached by Sarge who ordered him to keep a close eye on Pax, noting that he was beginning to sound a lot like Tinker, as Jaco had noted that everybody cracked mentally eventually. Sarge then noted that it might not be a bad idea for them to begin looking for someone who could replace Pax in their team, much to Jaco's surprise. Jaco and Sarge were then joined by Snowflake, who handed Sarge a gun which would only need some PEGs to work correctly, as Sarge gave his crew their orders before they departed to begin the robbery.[2]

Jewellery Store Robbery

Jaco joining the robbery through his gateway

"I'm talking about PEGs. You know, PEGs. Help me, Jaco."
"Piezoelectric gems. Crystals that are naturally polarized and can generate electric charge under applied mechanical pressure."
Sarge and Jaco[src]

As the robbery went ahead, Jaco remained in the Truck until a portal was opened up between the truck and Charmont Jewelers' vault, as Jaco stepped through the portal with a big smile on his face. Jaco then began assisting the Squad with searching through everything in the vault to find their PEGs, but found nothing but shiny diamonds which were useless. As they expressed their frustration at the situation, S.H.I.E.L.D. had arrived on the scene and began attempting to break into the vault.

Jaco and the squad searching for their PEGs

With little time remaining, Sarge turned to Dana and then questioned where they could find the PEGS, as Jaco explained what they were talking about as Dana appeared to be confused by the name PEGS. Hearing Jaco's explanation, Dana had realized that the Squad were talking about Crystals, and pointed out where they had some in one of the drawers, as Pax found them and handed them to Jaco, while Sarge departed through the portal to test the Crystals in his gun. As Sarge tested the gun, Jaco remained in the vault, with Pax telling him to take everything in there as on Earth it was all worth something.

Jaco prepares to fight against Melinda May

However, just as Jaco was finishing their robbery, he overheard Pax calling out for help and went back through the portal to investigate, as Snowflake promised to finish up in the vault and requested that Jaco wait for her to rejoin him before he killed whoever had attacked Pax and interrupted their robbery, as Snowflake focused on keeping Dana under her control. Jaco had then stepped back onto the Truck, where he found Melinda May, who had already managed to knock Pax unconscious. Jaco and May then faced each other down, while May had readied herself to battle against the massive Jaco.

Jaco furiously fighting against Melinda May

Once Jaco began fighting against May, she attempted to use Jaco's massive size and superior strength against him, as she avoided his heavy strikes while landing several counter moves, proving herself to be considerably faster than Jaco. Although Jaco struggled to keep up with May's fighting skills, he eventually managed to grab ahold of her, before furiously throwing her against the wall of their truck with considerable force. However, May soon recovered and managed to momentarily distract Jaco, before striking him in the head with a steel pole, knocking him unconscious while she went to Dana's aid.

Jaco and Snowflake challenging Melinda May

Jaco had soon recovered, and returned to the fight just as May had managed to free Dana from Snowflake before helping her to escape. Seeing this, Jaco then kicked May across the truck with considerable force, leaving her struggling to breath while Jaco then put the portal back against the wall after May had knocked it over, which allowed Snowflake to walk through it and join Jaco in fighting May. Once May got back onto her feet and readied herself for the fight, Snowflake charged forward and began furiously slashing at her with her knives, while Jaco attempted to take her down with his mighty punch.

Jaco is knocked unconscious by Melinda May

However, May still proved herself to be a superior warrior, managing to hold her own against both Jaco and Snowflake, using any weapon she could get her hands on to strike back at the mercenaries, hitting Jaco in the crotch and head to knock him back. May also managed to disarm Snowflake, using her knives to cut at Jaco's legs, before kicking Snowflake back through the portal. Despite Jaco rejoining the fight, May had used several hits to Jaco's head and body to take him down once again, but before she could land the final blow and finish the fight, Sarge returned into the truck which had distracted May.

Jaco asking about the name of Phil Coulson

While Jaco dropped to his knees, May looked up at Sarge with great shock, as she had referred to him by the name "Coulson". However, before another fight could ensue, Snowflake sneaked back onto their truck and pushed May through their portal before closing it, trapping May back at the vault. Once the squad then made their escape, Jaco commented to Sarge that he had frozen during the confrontation with May, noting that the name Coulson had caused this. Jaco questioned what the name of Coulson meant, to which Sarge claimed that he did not know, although he admitted that it seemed familiar to him.[2]

Jaco and Sarge testing out their weapons

Having used all of the Crystals that they had stolen from Charmont Jewelers, the crew were able to power up their guns, as Jaco joined Sarge in stepping back outside to test whether or not they had been successful. Looking up, Jaco noted that Earth had some nice stars, although Sarge insisted he had seen better ones in the universe. As Sarge fired a blast of energy into the skies, Jaco had questioned how many targets there would be, as he looked on his scanner and found multiple targets all across the United States of America, before Sarge then told him to go make a mess as they departed together.[8]

Assassination of Harold Simcoe

Jaco and Pax hunt down the Shrike together

"That's our mark."
―Jaco to Pax[src]

Having begun tracking the targets, Jaco teamed up with Pax as they had gone after Harold Simcoe in Reno. Following the signal that was being given out, they had eventually tracked down Simcoe as he was attempting to board a bus and go to South Sioux City, as Jaco had confirmed that Simcoe was their mark while Pax armed himself with his laser gun. However, Simcoe saw Jaco and Pax watching him, as he turned around and made a desperate attempt to escape while Jaco and Pax followed closely after him.

Jaco and Pax watch Sarge kill Harold Simcoe

However, this proved to be part of their plan as Jaco and Pax forced Simcoe to run straight into an alleyway where Snowflake managed to corner him before Sarge stepped out and pinned Simcoe against the wall, noting that they had been looking all over for him. Jaco and Pax then watched on as Sarge drew a blade and stabbed Simcoe in the chest, killing the winged creature hidden inside his chest and causing crystals to shoot out of Simcoe's body, as Snowflake noted that he was no longer a butterfly. Once Simcoe was dead, Sarge then turned to Jaco as he questioned who their next target was going to be.[3]

Attack on Deke Shaw

Jaco is crashed into by a running Deke Shaw

"Tracker says he's not from this world, but his signature's different from the others."
"That's strange."
"If you consider the infinite complexity of nature, maybe "strange" is the norm."
―Jaco and Sarge[src]

Jaco chose their Squad's next target to be Deke Shaw, as they then headed into his workplace to kill him. Jaco remained outside Shaw's office as Sarge went to confront him, only for Shaw to mistake Sarge for "Coulson" as he began a conversation. However, once Shaw had realized his mistake by asking misleading questions and confirming that Sarge did not have the Prosthetic Hand, he attempted to escape, as he accidentally ran into Jaco who knocked him down.

Jaco making their plan with Sarge and Pax

While Shaw attempted to escape, Ray had attempted to defend him, only for Pax to shoot Ray dead as Shaw was desperately running for his life. While Shaw was running, being cornered by Snowflake along the way, Jaco regrouped with Sarge and Pax, as he noted that Shaw was not from this world, although he noted that there was something different about his signature. When Sarge commented that this was strange, Jaco instead claimed that strange could be the new normal. However, Sarge insisted that they focus on the job, noting that Shaw was both a target and a talker, as they all left to hunt him down.

Jaco attempting to shoot at Deke Shaw

Jaco eventually had managed to track down Shaw as he was being protected by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., who had just managed to take down Pax. As they saw him coming, Shaw attempted to shoot Jaco with an I.C.E.R., only to realize that he had used up all of his rounds shooting Pax. While Shaw had then ordered Trevor Khan to focus on protecting Sequoia, he and Alphonso Mackenzie attempted to run, with Shaw insisting that he had a plan. Jaco then aimed his rifle at Shaw and began firing, while Shaw and Mackenzie ducked for cover and ran through the corridors, with Jaco following closely behind.

Jaco meets Daisy Johnson in the Framework

While Jaco continued hunting down Shaw and Mackenzie, he found himself being led into another room where he was suddenly blinded by a bright light. Jaco had then found himself in their digital world of Shaw's Remorath Rumble, as Jaco looked around with considerable confusion before then being confronted by Daisy Johnson, who then proceeded to slap Jaco across the face before romantically hugging him. With Jaco's mind locked into the game world, his actual self lay unconscious on the floor, allowing S.H.I.E.L.D. to take Jaco and Pax captive, as Jaco was left trying to understand what happened.[3]

Changing Loyalties

Captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Jaco locked inside his cell in the Lighthouse

"All gone. Fertilizer. Except for me, thanks to Sarge."
"Let us get you some kind of medicine to help you breathe."
"Depends. Are you gonna release him?"
"Definitely not."
"Then I don't want anything from you."
―Jaco and Yo-Yo Rodriguez[src]

Jaco and Pax were taken to the Lighthouse and questioned by Yo-Yo Rodriguez on what their plan was. However, the only information that Rodriguez was able to get from Pax was that they named their boss Sarge, while Jaco had still continued to not say a word.[4] During this time locked in the Lighthouse, Jaco's breath began to heat up due to a lack of his own oxygen, as he continued to refuse medical aid since it was part of their escape plan. Eventually, Jaco was visited by Rodriguez who had commented on Jaco's bad cough, noting that he was not like that when he had arrived.

Jaco discusses his past with Yo-Yo Rodriguez

Rodriguez informed Jaco that Sarge had also been captured and was now locked in the Lighthouse along with Snowflake, which had finally caused Jaco to speak as he insisted that they needed to allow Sarge to walk free, although Rodriguez still claimed that Sarge would only cause more pain if he was free. Sitting up, Jaco told Rodriguez about his planet, noting how it had been similar to the Earth although it had a smaller moon and a bigger sun. Jaco went on to talk about his own family, commenting on how he had grown up with his seven brothers who were bigger than him, calling himself the runt of their litter.

Jaco refuses to accept any medical attention

As Jaco then noted how he was closest to his youngest brother and trained him, Rodriguez questioned if he meant he trained him to be a fighter, to which Jaco noted that he trained him to be a baker, noting that this had been their family business. Jaco then explained that his entire family were now gone, noting that he was only alive thanks to Sarge. As Jaco had still continued to cough, Rodriguez offered to get him medical aid to help him with his breathing, but as she confirmed that S.H.I.E.L.D. would still not allow Sarge to walk free, Jaco refused any medical aid and rolled over in bed, as Rodriguez walked out.[5]

Failed Escape Attempt

Jaco readies himself for his escape attempt

"Glad I could be useful. I guess we know why he didn't want our help. He wasn't sick."
"He was turning into a dragon."
"Yeah. And the Sarge's ticket out of here."
Alphonso Mackenzie and Quake[src]

Jaco continued to rest in his cell inside the Lighthouse, as his breath had still continued to heat up in his body. Eventually, Jaco had been visited by Trevor Khan, who informed him that two of the Shrike had been successfully captured and were being transported to the Lighthouse. However, Khan had noticed that Jaco appeared to not be breathing, as he immediately called for a medical team. Just as Khan did this, Jaco breathed out some steam, before opening his eyes and getting to his feet, as Khan backed away, unsure of his intention.

Jaco attempting to melt down the steel door

As Khan had backed up out of fear, Jaco did not say a word while he instead calmly walked over to the door to his room, before taking in a breath and exhaling flames from his mouth, as Khan managed to dive for cover as Jaco continued breathing fire from his mouth. Khan had then called Alphonso Mackenzie and demanded that they cancel the medical team and come save him, explaining how Jaco was currently breathing fire. Jaco continued burning down the steel door, with his goal being to free himself, and the rest of Sarge's Squad so that they could take over S.H.I.E.L.D. and continue their hunt for the Shrike.

Jaco getting knocked unconscious by Quake

However, just as Jaco had almost melted the door down, the escape attempt was interrupted by the arrival of Quake, who then used her Inhuman power to knock down the door, sending it flying into Jaco's face. As Jaco recovered and attempted to burn down Quake in order to continue his mission to free Snowflake and Pax, Quake responded by using a powerful shockwave to knock Jaco backwards, as he was knocked unconscious by the force of the shockwave, as Mackenzie used a fire extinguisher to put out all the flames coming from Jaco's mouth as they noted that this was why he refused medical aid.[5]

Second Escape Attempt

Jaco is locked inside a Containment Module

"There's a plan. It's a little different now that we're on a plane, but it should still work. What's wrong?"
"Sarge never lets me in on the plans."
"Because you're not good at secrets."
"I'm excellent at secrets. I didn't tell anybody about the you-know-what that Sarge is gonna use on what's-her-name."
―Jaco and Pax[src]

In order to keep Jaco from breathing fire again, S.H.I.E.L.D. gave him his oxygen to breath and kept him in the Containment Module. While Jaco was in the Module with his supply of oxygen, he had then been moved inside Zephyr One along with Pax. Jaco then watched on as Pax continued to complain to Phelps about why Jaco had been given a comfortable room while he was chained to the wall. They were then joined by Alphonso Mackenzie who explained that they would be following Sarge on the plane.

Jaco and Pax remain silent about the situation

This news that they would follow Sarge had made both Jaco and Pax highly nervous as they knew that they would be flying straight into an explosion that he intended to cause. Once they were alone, Jaco had watched while Pax walked up and down the plane, complaining that they should be safe inside the Lighthouse and instead were flying to the heart of the storm, claiming that Sarge had simply sold them out and had left them both to die while Jaco told him to calm down. Just as Pax then claimed that Jaco knew of what was down there, Yo-Yo Rodriguez arrived and questioned what Pax was talking about.

Jaco talks about their mission to destroy Izel

Rodriguez then insisted that S.H.I.E.L.D. could help if they knew what it was that they would all be going up against, while also questioning how Jaco was feeling now that he had been given his oxygen back. Pax demanded that they turn Zephyr One around, as Rodriguez then questioned if Pax was scared of Izel, which instantly made Pax shut up, claiming that they were not actually scared of her. As Rodriguez claimed that Izel was a demon, Jaco had noted that they all had their demons, but Izel was one that they could actually kill if they caught it, like they had all failed to do on Chronyca-2 before the planet died.

Jaco watches while Pax argues with Phelps

With Phelps guarding them, Jaco watched as Pax became bored and had charged at his guard, who drew his gun and demanded that Pax sit back down, as Pax complained that he could not simply sit down as long as he knew that they were all going to die, although Jaco had insisted that there was still a plan, and so Pax needed to calm down. Annoyed about not being included into this plan, Pax threatened that he would cut Jaco open and eat his way out, while Jaco simply rolled his eyes at his threat. Pax then claimed that he would instead give up information about Sarge, as Jaco had told him not to be an idiot.

Jaco laughing as Pax manages to break free

Jaco watched as Pax told Phelps that Sarge had not been honest as he demanded that they turn the plane back if he told them the truth. However, just as Phelps dropped his guard, Pax revealed that he had been holding back the chain, allowing him to grab Phelps and break his neck, as he and Jaco began laughing. Once he freed himself from his chains, Pax freed Jaco from the Containment Module, while Jaco removed his jacket and threatened Pax over his earlier threat, before laughing and explaining how he and Sarge did have a plan, although it had become different now that they were onboard the Zephyr.

Jaco and Pax discuss the current secret plan

As Pax complained that Sarge never included him on the plans, Jaco had simply explained that this was because Pax was bad at keeping secrets, while he had argued that he had not told S.H.I.E.L.D. about Sarge's plan to use a massive bomb to kill Izel, although Jaco noted that he almost did. As Pax had complained that they were still flying towards the explosion, Jaco once again told him to relax, explaining that they would take over Zephyr One. Just as Pax questioned how they were supposed to do all that, Rodriguez then returned and had demanded that Jaco get back inside the Containment Module.

Jaco and Pax are found by Yo-Yo Rodriguez

Believing that together they could easily defeat Rodriguez, Pax then confidently mocked her, before she used her Inhuman powers to then knock Pax down to the ground and tie him up with the chain in a split second. Having witnessed Rodriguez's true power, Jaco prepared to fight her, only for Rodriguez to charge at him at incredible speeds, as she struck him with her Prosthetic Arms, which knocked him back as Rodriguez commented on his massive size. Rodriguez then hit Jaco again, pushing him back inside the Containment Module and locking the door, noting Phelps' death meant they would never be let go.

Jaco laughing at Pax being tied up with chains

Jaco could then only look on as Pax, desperate not to die, informed Rodriguez about how Sarge kept a bomb on his Truck which he had intended to then detonate and destroy Izel, along with a massive part of the Earth. As Rodriguez had informed Mackenzie the news, Jaco told Pax to move away from his jacket, revealing it had been painted for Sarge's teleporter. They then watched as Sarge used this to enter the Zephyr and kill their guard, before Jaco explained that they were no longer in the Lighthouse, but on the plane, although Sarge simply claimed that it was better, before then laughing at Pax in chains.[6]

Jaco gets freed from the Containment Module

With Sarge now back on their side, Jaco and Pax were supplied with their Plasma Guns as they made their plan for how they intended to take control of the plane and turn back before their Atom Bomb had exploded. Once Sarge had finished his explanation, Pax claimed that it was great apart from one major flaw in the plan, questioning how they were supposed to stop Rodriguez, as Jaco explained to Sarge about Rodriguez's speed abilities. However, Sarge simply remained confident as he pulled out their Shelter Charges, while Jaco had also warned Pax about all of the dangers of using these charges.

Jaco explains Yo-Yo Rodriguez's powers

As their Squad prepared to begin their mission, Jaco had then asked Sarge about where Snowflake was, only for Sarge to explain that he had been forced to leave her behind onboard the Truck to die in the explosion. Although Jaco and Pax were both saddened to learn that Snowflake was going to die in the explosion, Sarge had then claimed that they owed it to her to complete their mission to destroy Izel once and for all, before arming himself and ordering them to help take over their new spaceship, to which Jaco noted that Snowflake would have liked the concept of them taking over the ship as they split up.[7]

Failed Plane Hijacking

Jaco and Sarge capture Alphonso Mackenzie

"Maybe it's not a bad idea. We could use Snow's help."
"Not when we are this close. What do we always say? No one slows us down."
"You say that. Snows not no one, she's been with us for years."
"And we've been chasing Izel for longer."
―Jaco and Sarge[src]

As part of their plan to take over Zephyr One, Jaco stormed directly into the bridge where he shot Diaz in the shoulder, wounding her but not killing her. As Alphonso Mackenzie attempted to arm himself and fight back against Jaco, Sarge managed to sneak up on him and captured Mackenzie, forcing him to drop his weapon while Jaco kept a Blaster Rifle aimed at him. While Sarge spoke to Mackenzie, Jaco set their Shelter Charges to ensure that they were not attacked.

Jaco and Sarge watching while Izel escapes

With seemingly no alternative plan, Jaco watched as Mackenzie had ordered James Davis to fly them away from the danger zone before the Atom Bomb exploded. However, to their horror, Jaco and Sarge realized that the bomb had failed to go off when it was meant to and their Truck had simply smashed into the Shrike's structure. As Sarge demanded to know what had happened, Jaco questioned if he had set this correctly, to which Sarge insisted that he had, before realizing to their horror that Izel had also realized something was wrong as she had turned her spaceship around and was about to escape them.

Jaco defending Snowflake's loyalty to Sarge

Unwilling to allow Izel to escape, Sarge then ordered Davis to fly the Zephyr after the Lazy Comet, while Mackenzie suggested that they should instead regroup with their S.H.I.E.L.D. teams on the ground, noting that Snowflake was also down there, although Sarge simply ignored him, while Jaco was alarmed by his dismissal, claiming that they could do with Snowflake's help. Jaco and Sarge then debated whether or not to rescue Snowflake, as Sarge insisted that nobody should slow them down, to which Jaco noted that he did not see her as nobody, as she had been on this mission with them for years.

Jaco seeing Pax is found by Yo-Yo Rodriguez

While Jaco and Sarge were discussing what to do about Snowflake, they were interrupted once Pax was pushed in front of them, having been tied up in chains with a gag over his mouth. With Pax unable to communicate, Jaco then to try and assist him, only for Sarge to insist that he not take the bait, much to Pax's frustration as he demanded that Jaco come over and assist him. Jaco had then witnessed Yo-Yo Rodriguez push Pax's face into the Shelter Charge, causing horrific facial injuries to Pax as he fell onto his back and screamed in agony, much to the horror of Jaco who was determined to help his friend.

Jaco witnesses Sarge shooting and kill Pax

However, as soon as Jaco turned off the Shelter Charge's shield, he inadvertently allowed Rodriguez to charge past and give Mackenzie a key to free himself from his handcuffs. With Pax still screaming out in agony, Jaco knelt down to give him some medical aid, only for Sarge to shoot Pax with his Plasma Gun, killing him instantly. Shocked by Sarge's cold dismissal of Pax's life, Jaco watched while Sarge turned the Shelter Charges back on, trapping Jaco on the other side, before ordering Jaco to go deal with Rodriguez once and for all, noting that nobody should slow them down in their mission to destroy Izel.[7]

Turning Against Sarge

Jaco attempting to locate Yo-Yo Rodriguez

"He's been at this a while. He wasn't always a killer."
"And you were a baker. The runt. Is this what your family would have wanted?"
"They'd want me to stop the beast that took them away from me."
―Jaco and Yo-Yo Rodriguez[src]

Making his way across Zephyr One, Jaco had kept a Blaster Rifle up while he continued searching for his targets, until it was ripped from his hands by Yo-Yo Rodriguez's incredible speed. Jaco then found his hands were handcuffed before he could react, as he then turned around to find Rodriguez blocking the door. Smiling, Jaco then commented that it was a good trick before he tore the handcuffs apart with his considerable strength, as Rodriguez prepared herself for a fight, only for Jaco to make it clear that this was unnecessary.

Jaco attempting to talk to Yo-Yo Rodriguez

Jaco insisted that he was there to try and save their Earth, although Rodriguez noted that they had been slaughtering innocent people during their mission, to which Jaco had simply noted that they all made sacrifices for the greater good. Rodriguez questioned if Jaco was really okay with the killing, which he clearly was not, while she noted that they had failed to save any planets, like Chronyca-2, to which Jaco insisted that Sarge was doing the best he could. Jaco went on to explain that he and Sarge had been on this mission for a while, and he knew that Sarge had not always been a killer.

Jaco attempts to defend Sarge's past actions

Rodriguez then reminded Jaco that he had once been a baker, before she questioned if Jaco's family would have really wanted this life for him. Hearing this, Jaco sighed, as he claimed that the only thing his family would have wanted would be for him to destroy Izel, who had been the one who had taken them away from him when she and her army of the Shrike had destroyed his planet. In response, Rodriguez then made it clear that if Jaco was to finally turn against Sarge and instead joined forces with S.H.I.E.L.D., then he would still be given an opportunity to destroy Izel, while not having to commit murder.

Jaco agrees to turn against Sarge's leadership

Having considered his options, Jaco decided to follow Rodriguez's advice as he surrendered himself, and agreed to assist them with stopping Sarge, in exchange for being allowed to join them on their mission to confront Izel. Returning to the bridge of the Zephyr, Jaco found Sarge while he was fighting against Mackenzie, who had just managed to break free from his handcuffs. As Sarge lost his fight, he turned to Jaco for help, only for Jaco to reveal that he had changed sides, as Mackenzie knocked Sarge unconscious before locking him inside of the Containment Module for their own protection.[7]

Infiltration into the Lazy Comet

Jaco joining forces with the S.H.I.E.L.D. team

"We almost had her. We need to go back."
"We got what we came for. We are outmanned and outgunned. We get out now."
―Jaco and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

With Sarge having been captured and locked inside the Containment Module, Jaco stood by and listened to Alphonso Mackenzie mission briefing as he explained that they would be focusing on ensuring that the innocent lives were rescued from the Lazy Comet. As Sarge then insisted that they would not get off the ship alive and should bring him on their mission, Mackenzie revealed that Jaco would be coming with them, as Jaco had made his eye contact with Sarge before then walking away.

Jaco searching for Izel on the Lazy Comet

Jaco joined the S.H.I.E.L.D. team as they flew the Quinjet to the Lazy Comet and boarded by cutting a hole through the ship's roof. As they explored the ship, Jaco overheard Izel's song, only for Mackenzie to remind Jaco that S.H.I.E.L.D. intended to capture Izel and her crew if they could. Turning the corner, Jaco saw a member of Izel's crew in front of them, as he immediately shot him with his Blaster Rifle, much to Mackenzie's frustration. However, as the crew member got back up and was then shot again, Mackenzie accepted that they needed to shoot the crew as they had been taken over by Izel's power.

Jaco and James Davis shooting at Izel's army

Seeing more of Izel's crew coming to confront them, Jaco decided to hold them off, telling Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez to go and find Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons while Jaco stayed by James Davis to keep them back, as the pair began shooting at all the crew members together until they had cleared their path. As they continued making their way across the ship to ensure that it was safe, Jaco and Davis had unexpectedly come across Izel, who failed to see them coming, as Jaco saw his chance to avenge his family. Although Davis advised against it, Jaco noted that they could end the conflict by killing Izel.

Jaco quietly attempting to ambush Izel

Davis agreed to sneak around behind Izel while Jaco confronted her, as Jaco then quietly made his way up the stairs, intending to finally destroy his enemy. However, as soon as Jaco had made it to Izel's location, he only found Davis standing alone, who claimed that she was not there. Before Jaco could deal with the fact that he had once again failed to destroy Izel, he was confronted by another one of her crew members, as Jaco proceeded to strike him across the face with his rifle, before furiously throwing the crew member off the bridge, as he and Davis then went off to regroup with the rest of their team.

Jaco and James Davis rejoining S.H.I.E.L.D.

As they made their way through the ship, Jaco and Davis eventually were reunited with their allies, who had rescued Fitz and Simmons. As Jaco noted that they had almost caught Izel, Mackenzie insisted that they had completed their mission to rescue Fitz and Simmons and return to Zephyr One, as Rodriguez advised Jaco to live to fight another day. However, as they went back to where they had entered the ship, the team saw that their way towards the Quinjet had been blocked by Izel's crew, forcing the team to make a retreat, while Jaco assured them that he had another way for them to get off the ship.

Jaco helping Jemma Simmons to escape

With limited options available to them, the team were forced to back into the airlock while Izel's Shrike infected crew pounded at the glass as they attempted to get in and destroy them. While Mackenzie then questioned what they were going to do now, Jaco simply removed his jacket and revealed that it had been marked with the Spray Paint Transporter, which he then activated, giving them a gateway back to the Earth. While she looked at the portal, Simmons told Jaco that she liked him, to which Jaco had happily explained that this was because he was a likeable person, as they all stepped through the portal.[7]

Ultimate Sacrifice

Jaco manages to steal away the Atom Bomb

"Tell Sarge I completed the mission."
"You don't have to do that for him, Jaco."
"I'm doing this for me."
―Jaco and Yo-Yo Rodriguez[src]

By using the Spray Paint Transporter, Jaco had managed to ensure that the S.H.I.E.L.D. team had were taken back to the Earth, finding themselves on the roof of Sarge's Truck, after Sarge used the other end during his previous escape attempt which got him onto Zephyr One. While the agents had reunited with Daisy Johnson and Melinda May inside the truck, with Deke Shaw also excitingly greeting Leo Fitz upon his arrival on the truck, Jaco had quietly gone to the other end of the truck.

Jaco says his final goodbyes to Snowflake

As the team looked up, Jaco had picked up the Atom Bomb and the Spray Paint Transporter, as he asked Snowflake to tell Sarge that he had completed their mission. As the team watched on, Jaco spray painted a transport portal, while Yo-Yo Rodriguez told him that he did not have to sacrifice his life for Sarge's mission, although Jaco noted that he was actually doing it in order to avenge his family. Devastated by what her friend was about to do, Snowflake stepped forward as she attempted to stop him, only for Jaco to simply tell Snowflake that it was okay, as he would become a butterfly upon his death.

Jaco stepping back onboard the Lazy Comet

With a final look to Snowflake, Jaco then stepped through the portal, taking off the control as he left so that the rest of the team could not follow him or be harmed by the impending explosion. Upon arriving back onboard of the Lazy Comet, Jaco had then found himself being surrounded by all the surviving members of Izel's Crew, although he was unable to see Izel herself among them. Holding the Atom Bomb in his hand, Jaco opened the airlock back up, as the Shrike infected crew had all begun stepping towards him as the massive unit, having already been instructed by Izel to rip Jaco apart if they saw him.

Jaco destroys himself and Izel's entire army

Upon seeing the horde of Shrike infected crew all making their way towards him, Jaco stayed strong and unafraid, as he heated up his body to the point that smoke shot out of his mouth and nostrils. As soon as the crew got close enough to him, Jaco then unleashed his fire breath and engulfed the ship and the crew in flames, which then also caused the Atom Bomb in his hand to overload as it exploded, causing a massive blast which had completely destroyed the entire ship with Jaco inside, killing him instantly. While Jaco was destroyed, the ship was too far away from the Earth to harm anyone else.[7]


Remembered Fondly

"To Jaco for seeing Sarge for what he really is."
Melinda May and Yo-Yo Rodriguez[src]

During a bittersweet celebration, the S.H.I.E.L.D. team and Snowflake toasted to Jaco, making sure not to forget his sacrifice and assistance.[7] However, once S.H.I.E.L.D. discovered that Izel had survived the explosion by taking over the body of James Davis to escape, they realized that Jaco's sacrifice had been in vain.[9] However, Izel's death at the hands of Melinda May would avenge Jaco.[10]


"I like you."
"It's because I'm likeable."
Jemma Simmons and Jaco[src]

Despite being the "muscle" of the group, Jaco has shown considerable intelligence, tactical awareness and technical expertise. He appears to be, like his crewmates Sarge and Pax and in contrast to Snowflake, not interested in unnecessary death and killing, as he told to the little girl he saw in the front of the Museum of Natural History to go, even though it was in a very blunt manner, because her death was not necessary at all.

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced Strength: Jaco was able to effortlessly break the handcuffs put on him by Yo-Yo Rodriguez.
"He's turning into a dragon."

Jaco breathing out a massive stream of flames

  • Fire Breath: By going for extended periods without using his breathing device, Jaco is capable of expelling a stream of fire from his mouth.


  • Expert Combatant: Jaco was able to take on Melinda May with little trouble before eventually being taken down by the smaller agent. He utilizes his incredible physicality in his fighting style, as he is strong enough to break out of steel handcuffs with ease as well as launch men through the air with simple throws.
  • Expert Marksman: Jaco was able to shoot down Melinda May's Quinjet.



Other Equipment

"Please tell me you have another way out of here."
"I might."
Jemma Simmons and Jaco[src]




  • Lighthouse: After being captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. while trying to kill Deke Shaw, Jaco and Pax were taken to the Lighthouse as prisoners. He was questioned by Yo-Yo Rodriguez with their boss being called Sarge the only thing she got out of him. Jaco tried escaping using his fire breathing ability, only to be taken down by Daisy Johnson.
  • Zephyr One: After Sarge made an alliance with S.H.I.E.L.D., Jaco was placed in the Containment Module of Zephyr One while they followed his boss to his destination. Jaco was temporarily freed by Pax, with the intention of taking the aircraft, before being placed back in the module, after a couple of tries, by Rodriguez. He was freed a second time when Sarge infiltrated the Zephyr, but ultimately turned on his leader when he realized his mission to kill Izel outweighed his loyalty to his Squad.



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