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For the WHiH World News reporter, see Jackson Norris

"My name is Jackson Norriss. Today will be the most important of my career: my final interview with the most infamous man in America. A man that the world thought was a terrorist called the Mandarin, but is now alleged to be nothing but an actor."
―Jackson Norriss[src]

Jackson Norriss is a member of the Ten Rings who was ordered by Xu Wenwu to bring Trevor Slattery to him, so he could be punished for mocking his persona. Norriss disguised himself as documentary filmmaker and interviewed Slattery at the Seagate Penitentiary, before revealing himself and abducting Slattery.


Mission from Xu Wenwu

When Jackson Norriss worked for the Ten Rings, the organization found out that Aldrich Killian used Xu Wenwu's persona and twisted it for his ploy to take over the United States of America. Wenwu was enraged by Trevor Slattery's unflaterring portrayal of him and ordered Norriss to bring Slattery for punishment.[1]

Interviewing Trevor Slattery

"This is my last chance to get beyond his lies and excuses, to confront the subject with elements of his own past, in order to unlock the truth. Because we need to know, once and for all: who is Trevor Slattery?"
―Jackson Norriss[src]

Norriss preparing for the interview

Carrying out Xu Wenwu's order, Norriss infiltrated Seagate Penitentiary disguised as a documentary filmmaker to interview Trevor Slattery. To maintain his cover, he did a lot of research about Slattery's life and interviewed him many times, talking about the role of Aldrich Killian as his employer, the logistics of Killian's plan in creating an amalgam warlord.

Norris interviewing Trevor Slattery

On the last day of his interview, Jackson wanted to wrap out his film asking about the real Trevor Slattery, bringing him documents about his past, such as a photograph with his mother when he was a kid, and his role as a main character in a rejected TV pilot. When Norriss asked about the possibility that the Ten Rings or the Mandarin himself could be angered by his portrayal, Slattery was surprised to learn that the organization was real, as he previously thought that they were another aspect of the role A.I.M. created for him.[1]

True Identity Revealed

Norriss is threatened by Trevor Slattery

"There's somebody who wants to meet you."
"Do I know him?"
"No, but you took his name and now he wants it back."
―Jackson Norriss and Trevor Slattery[src]

While relating the history of the Mandarin name, Norriss retrieved a handgun he had concealed inside his videocamera, immediately killing the guards. Herman, another inmate of the prison and Slattery's unofficial butler, who accompanied him during the interview, attacked Norriss, surviving his initial shot and fighting until Norriss was able to stab Herman in the neck.

Norriss disarms and threatens Trevor Slattery

Trevor Slattery picked one of the guns from the corpse of a guard, and was able to hold him at gunpoint briefly with it before Norriss used his training to disarm him and aim the gun at Slattery's head. After regaining control of the situation, Norriss revealed that he was sent to break Slattery out of the prison and take him to the presence of Xu Wenwu, who Slattery still seemed to struggle to believe was real.[1]


"It's not the Mandarin they'll remember, it's the name, Trevor Slattery, it's the brand, Trev."
"You're right, and for that sin you'll soon suffer horribly with a hole in your body for every ring of our faith."
Trevor Slattery and Jackson Norriss[src]

Norriss was great at undercover work, being able to pose as a interviewer. However, he visibly got annoyed at Trevor Slattery's talking and steering off track of the questions. He was still able to get the intel he needed before taking Slattery.


  • Expert Combatant: Despite his cover alias as a reporter, Norriss was shown to have expert combative abilities when engaging multiple hostiles at once. Likely attained in his many years of servitude to the Ten Rings, Norriss showed training in Krav Maga, Arnis and Combat Shooting. He used these abilities to downfall Herman, a physically larger and stronger opponent, killing him with a pencil. After being taken hostage by the Trevor he quickly disarmed him and reclaimed his weapon.
  • Expert Tactician: Norriss went alone into Seagate Penitentiary, a high-security prison, surrounded by guards due to Trevor Slattery's status, and went in only with his equipment which passed security sweeps. He had demonstrated later the mindset to neutralize guards in a moment, while also plotting his flawless exfiltration of Slattery to meet the Mandarin himself.
  • Expert Spy: Norris is proficient in espionage, stealth, and disguise. Example he easily played the role of a journalist who hinted that he was a defenseless man, and then took the gun without any of the guards noticing.
  • Marksman: When using a small hidden gun, Norriss was shown to have proficient accuracy when shooting the guards.



Norriss threatening Trevor Slattery at gunpoint

  • Beretta 92FS: Norriss easily disarmed Trevor Slattery when he threatened him with this handgun belonging to one of the security guards, and he used it to kidnap Slattery at gunpoint.

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