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Jackson was a member of the Watchdogs who was captured by Hive as part of his plan to change the human population to Inhumans and changed into a Primitive by Holden Radcliffe. Jackson was killed by Lash during a brief battle where the Primitives attempted to defend Hive.


With the strong desire to exterminate the Inhumans, Jackson joined the Watchdogs. After receiving the names of some registered Inhumans from an undisclosed informant within the ATCU, Jackson and his fellow Watchdogs decided to hunt them down. As they tracked one of them, the Watchdogs followed the Inhuman, however, it was a trap. Jackson and his fellow Watchdogs were captured by Hellfire who then brought them to Hive.

Jackson and his teammates were locked inside a container where Radcliffe and Hive released a spray of the Absolution Virus, which turned Jackson into a Primitive.[1] Becoming loyal to Hive, Jackson attempted to defend him from Lash, however, he was brutally murdered.[1]


  • Enhanced Strength: As a Primitive, Jackson gained some degree of enhanced strength which were however insufficient to take on the fearsome Inhuman Lash.
  • Infrared Sensory: As a Primitive, Jackson could perceive thermal signatures within the infrared spectrum.





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