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"I was waiting for the L train. And he said, uh, "Nice jacket. You wanna give it to me, right?" And I said, "Yeah." And like an asshole, I handed it over. Now, I know it's not the same as killing my parents, but it was Zegna. That limey cocksucker owes me five grand."

Jackson is a man who was forced to give an expensive coat to Kilgrave. Following that experience, he joined the Kilgrave Victim Support Group and became one of its regular members.


Meeting with Kilgrave

While waiting for a train Jackson was approached by Kilgrave. Kilgrave gave Jackson a compliment about his jacket, a five thousand dollar worth Zenga, before asking him if he wanted to give him the jacket. Jackson gave him this jacket immediately.[2]

Kilgrave Victim Support Group

"Um, I was thinking the other day about accountability. Because when Kilgrave was in control, I wasn't accountable for what I did. Even though at the time, I really wanted to do it. So, how do I take responsibility for anything if I don't, you know..."
"Dude, you lost a jacket. Move on."
―Jackson and Jessica Jones[src]

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Near Suicide Experience

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