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"Everybody thinks that I'm this guy that I never was. And every day, it gets harder and harder to live with."
―Jack Thompson to Peggy Carter[src]

Jack Thompson was a decorated Lieutenant of the United States Army who fought during World War II, becoming a hero despite holding a dark secret about his service. He joined the Strategic Scientific Reserve following the end of the war. In 1946 he searched for Howard Stark who was publicly accused of selling his inventions to the enemies of the United States. Despite the death of Roger Dooley at the hands of Johann Fennhoff, Thompson, together with Peggy Carter and Daniel Sousa, managed to stop Fennhoff's diabolical plans.

As a result, Thompson became the new chief of the SSR's New York office. Thompson's loyalties were tested as Vernon Masters attempted to dismantle the SSR while Thompson was working on an investigation with Daniel Sousa. Eventually, Thompson had learned that Masters had been working with Whitney Frost and assisted in bringing them both to justice. However, before he could return to New York City, Thompson was unexpectedly shot by Michael Carter and left for dead.


Early Life


Jack Thompson went to Cornell University where every year he would engage in a bar fight that would result in the breaking of a bone, either his jaw or his nose. Thompson would also play a game called "Piccadilly Commandos" with his comrades.[7]

World War II

"The soldiers that came into my camp in Okinawa, the ones I killed. They were coming to surrender. I just didn't realize it until it was too late. I buried the flag before anyone else saw it."
―Jack Thompson to Peggy Carter[src]

During World War II, Thompson was part of the invasion of Iwo Jima, the United States of America's first attack against Japanese territory. According to Daniel Sousa, his personality was shot off there during this campaign.

Later during the war, Thompson was involved in a military operation on Tsuken Island in Okinawa, Japan.[8] While on duty, he noticed a group of Japanese soldiers walking towards his camp. Before noticing they carried a white flag and were there to surrender, he killed them all. He buried the white flag before any of his fellow soldiers could have seen it. He eventually received the Navy Cross for his actions on Okinawa.[4]

By 1946, Thompson was still seeking employment when his father's friend Vernon Masters heard of his situation. Viewing Thompson as hero, Masters pulled some strings and was able to make Thompson an agent in the New York branch of the Strategic Scientific Reserve.[9]

Lead Investigator

Thompson bosses Carter and Sousa around

"Carter, we're going to be a little busy with your friend Stark. If you don't mind, these surveillance reports need to be filled and you're really so much better at that kind of thing."
"And what kind of thing is that, Agent Thompson? The alphabet? I could teach you, let's start with the words beginning with A."
―Jack Thompson and Peggy Carter[src]

When Howard Stark disappeared before going to a Congressional hearing on his missing weaponry and technology appearing overseas with enemy operatives, Thompson was appointed by Chief Roger Dooley as lead investigator. His first order of business was to have Stark's finances frozen and his various apartments observed. Thompson had little to no respect for one of his fellow agents, Peggy Carter, as he felt that being an Agent of the SSR was a man's job. He asked her to do the filing work for him, to which she mockingly asked if he had trouble with the alphabet.

Thompson leads a team to La Martinique

He decided to lead a team into La Martinique to see if Spider Raymond had information on the stolen Stark tech. Peggy Carter learned from Daniel Sousa that Thompson was having a meeting on the mission; she pretended to serve coffee and to be wanting time off in order to eavesdrop.

Thompson and Agents Yauch and Ray Krzeminski arrived at Raymond's office to find him already dead. However, Thompson's research found that a blond woman had left Raymond's office and he obtained a camera with a picture of the woman in it.[8]

Interrogating Miles Van Ert

Thompson drinks whisky with Hugh Jones

"You're gonna wanna bite down."
―Jack Thompson[src]

When a report came that the Roxxon Refinery had disappeared after an explosion, Thompson and Ray Krzeminski were accompanied by Chief Roger Dooley to investigate. Dooley told Thompson to stay with him as Krzeminski was told to investigate the imploded mass.

They went to see Hugh Jones, the president of the Roxxon Corporation to find out what he knew about the implosion. Jones gave Thompson an alcoholic beverage and he drank, to the disapproval of Dooley. Thompson was assigned to scan the employees of the Roxxon Oil Corporation Headquarters for Vita Radiation; though he wanted to scan everybody, regulation demanded a woman present for the female employees, causing Peggy Carter to be called to Thompson's dismay.

Thompson interrogates Miles Van Ert

Thompson scanned Miles Van Ert and he came up negative; however, Carter knew that Van Ert was at the refinery, so she asked if the locker room of the employees could be scanned. Van Ert got nervous and ran; Thompson chased him but Van Ert would not have been caught had Carter not intervened. When Thompson took over the interrogation, he offered Van Ert a tree branch to bite down on as he beat the scientist in an attempt to get him to tell all he knew.

While going to the home of McFee, Thompson and Dooley saw him tied to a chair and wandering in the road. Eventually, they found the body of Leet Brannis and clues that a woman was somehow involved in his death.[2]

Interrogating Edwin Jarvis

Thompson learned that Leet Brannis was a member of the Soviet Armed Forces and that he was recorded as dead two years earlier. He was told by Chief Roger Dooley to find information on the body they found.

Thompson and Sousa arrest Edwin Jarvis

Ray Krzeminski discovered a license plate in the wreckage of the Roxxon Refinery, which came from a car belonging to Howard Stark. Thompson and Daniel Sousa went to Stark's penthouse and took his butler, Edwin Jarvis, into custody. During the interrogation, Jarvis stayed calm and evasive about how Stark's car was at the Roxxon Refinery, until Thompson threatened to have Ana Jarvis deported. Peggy Carter revealed that Thompson did not have enough evidence to charge Edwin with a crime, so he was released.

Thompson at the site where Stark's weapons are found

Thompson witnessed Dooley seriously reprimand Carter; when she apologized to Thompson for disrupting his interrogation, he did not accept it.[10]

Later, after Thompson had clocked out, Sousa received an anonymous tip that lead them to Howard Stark's stolen weapons, Thompson arrived with Roger Dooley to investigate, although they both ended up more confused than before. Dooley ordered Krzeminski transport the one suspect, Jerome Zandow, to the SSR.[10]

Losing A Friend

Thompson learns of Krzeminski's death

When word came that Ray Krzeminski was murdered along with Zandow, Thompson and the rest of the New York Bell Company was saddened. Dooley gave a short speech expressing his desire to go after Stark as he blamed him for the deaths of the Agent. Thompson volunteered to break the news to Krzeminski's girlfriend, while Dooley broke the news to his wife.[10]

Temporary Head of the SSR

When Dooley flew to Nuremberg to question the Nazi war criminal Ernst Mueller about the Battle of Finow, he left Thompson in charge of the New York Bell Company.

Thompson gives a speech to the SSR Agents

After Roger Dooley left, Thompson gave a speech, asking every agent what Ray Krzeminski's middle name was; only Daniel Sousa was able to answer that it was Walter. Thompson then asked what the most important part of his name was. Agent Yauch foolishly answered that it was Walter; Thompson corrected him and said it was Agent. He made sure that everyone got individual assignments for the Howard Stark investigation. As he was handing out assignments, he spotted Sousa leaving; he asked him why and Sousa explained he was planning on doing some real police work. Thompson let him go and ordered Peggy Carter to take the lunch orders, much to her annoyance.

Sousa returned a little while later with a homeless man named Frank. Thompson jokingly announced to the department that Sousa had found Stark himself. Sousa remained confident that he had found a worthwhile lead as he believed that the man had seen what happened at the dock.

Thompson questions a homeless man

Sousa interrogated Frank, with no results. Thompson decided to intervene and walked into the interrogation room with a burger and a bottle of scotch. He mockingly took a large bite from the burger and described the taste to the homeless man. Thompson made him a deal; if Frank told them everything that he had seen outside the dock, he could have both the burger and the scotch. Frank quickly agreed and explained he had seen a well dressed man and a dark haired woman enter the The Heartbreak. Thompson gave him the burger and scotch; Frank took the scotch and began drinking it. Thompson told Sousa that not all veterans returned home from the war wanting to be taken care of.

Thompson reveals his sexist views to Carter

After the questioning, Sousa felt foolish, but Thompson assured him that he had found a worthwhile witness in the case. Later, when Thompson was cleaning up the rubbish left behind by Frank, he was interrupted by Peggy Carter; he seemed to be in a hurry. Having had a bit too much to drink himself, Thompson asked her why she worked at the SSR, considering that men got to do more than take lunch orders. Thompson expressed his belief that the natural order of the universe was that men should not consider women to be an equal. Carter refused to listen to him and left the building quickly. Thompson sat alone and had another drink of scotch.[3]

Mission in Russia

Thompson pressures the decoder

After returning from Nuremberg, Dooley noticed that the Remote Typewriter had produced a new message and had a Cryptographer from Virginia come to decode it, Thompson promoted and tested the translator to get the best result as quickly as possible; however, Peggy Carter deciphered the code. The translated message stated that Howard Stark would be in Belarus to receive a cheque for one of his inventions. Dooley appointed Thompson to take a team to the Soviet Union to retrieve Stark; Carter insisted to go also, saying that she could get the 107th regiment to escort them. Dooley and Thompson did not believe that she knew the famous soldiers, but Dooley said that if she did get their assistance, she could go, despite Thompson's protest. Carter made a phone call; Dooley kept his word.

Thompson in the changing room

As Thompson and his team, which included Carter, were in the men's locker room changing for the mission to Belarus, Daniel Sousa gave Thompson intelligence files that he needed. Thompson told Sousa that he needed a compass as well and that it would be on the other side of the row of lockers. Sousa did not know that Carter was there changing; Thompson did and told his men to stay quiet. Sousa saw Carter in her underclothes and she quickly turned her back to him. Thompson laughed as he said that he had a compass, while Sousa and Carter felt embarrassed. Carter tried to rush Sousa from her side of the room by asking him to leave; as he did, he noted a scar on her back near her shoulder.

Thompson tells war stories

In Russia, Carter and Thompson met up with the Commandos which consisted of Dum Dum Dugan, Happy Sam Sawyer, Pinky Pinkerton and Junior Juniper. As the two groups rested for the night they shared war stories. When Thompson sat down, they encouraged him to share one of his war stories. After some reluctance, Thompson told them the story of how he single-handedly killed Japanese soldiers that were attacking his unit while they were asleep, earning him a medal for bravery.

Thompson with the Howling Commandos

The next day the group arrived at the Red Room Academy where they split up. Carter, Juniper, and Dugan realized that the facility was a school where they encountered a little girl who quickly became hostile, stabbing Dugan and killing Juniper. When they reunited with Thompson's group, he asked what had happened. Carter revealed that Leviathan would have almost certainly been alerted of their presence, so they needed to move quickly. On their way out, Sawyer killed a Leviathan soldier standing guard in a hallway, and Thompson ordered him to stay at that position to alert them of any other soldier that could appear.

Thompson freezes up during a firefight

They came upon two prisoners named Nikola and Ivchenko who revealed that they had been kidnapped due to Nikola's intelligence and Ivchenko's status as a doctor to treat Nikola. They also revealed that Leviathan had stolen weapons from Howard Stark. Freeing them, the group was pinned down by reinforcements and Mike Li was killed by the young female assassin. Thompson was paralyzed by fear until Dum Dum Dugan arrived. When Nikola attempted to bargain Sawyer for his freedom, Ivchenko shot and killed him. Dugan's team was able to take an enemy truck and the group escaped.

Thompson tells Peggy Carter the truth about his experiences in World War II

Parting ways, Carter said goodbye to Dugan, and Ivchenko, having nowhere else to go, decided to go back with Carter and the others to use what he knew to help the SSR against Leviathan. On the plane ride home, Carter tried to cheer Thompson up about freezing during the gun fight. Thompson revealed to her that the soldiers who seemingly attacked his unit were actually surrendering and told her that he had been struggling on how to tell that story. Carter reassured him that he already did. Back in the U.S., Thompson and Carter reported to Dooley and told him of their findings. Thompson then invited Carter for some drinks.[4]

Hunting Carter

Thompson attempts to arrest Carter

Doctor Ivchenko told Dooley, Carter, and Thompson that he was captured by Leviathan and the lives of himself and his family were threatened if he did not cooperate. Meanwhile, Daniel Sousa went to the jailhouse that held Sheldon McFee and McFee positively identified Carter as the woman who assaulted him and took the truck load of Nitramene. When Sousa informed Dooley, Dooley ordered him and Thompson to arrest Carter. Dooley sent a team of Agents to the L&L Automat, but they were all defeated by Carter and Edwin Jarvis, Thompson waited outside until they ran into him. He aimed his gun at the pair, believing he could arrest them, but Carter was able to disarm him and knock him out.

Thompson comforts Angie Martinelli

After Thompson woke up, he learned that Carter had escaped from Agent Sousa as well. They led a raiding party to the Griffith Hotel where they searched for Carter. Unable to find her, they went to the room of her friend Angie Martinelli. Martinelli let them search the room. As Sousa asked about where Carter could have gone, Thompson began to look toward the window, outside which Carter was hiding. Martinelli began to cry and started saying lines from a part that she had auditioned for earlier in the week. Thompson turned from the window to comfort the crying woman; the agents became uncomfortable and, on the insistence of Miriam Fry, left Martinelli's apartment.

Thompson and Sousa arrest Peggy Carter

As Carter attempted to escape the building, she was ambushed by Dottie Underwood, who knocked her out be kissing her with Sweet Dreams Lipstick. Underwood pulled out her switchblade to kill Carter, but got interrupted by Thompson and Sousa who noticed them. When Thompson and Sousa saw the unconscious agent, Underwood told them that she found Carter like that. Thompson and Sousa then made the arrest and brought Carter into the SSR, they took her to the interrogation room and Dooley ordered them not to go easy on her.[11]

Dooley's Death

Thompson questions Peggy Carter

Thompson, along with Dooley and Sousa, questioned Carter but made little headway, Thompson made it clear that unless Carter began to cooperate, he would be forced to use his violent methods of interrogation to gain information from her. The interrogation continued until Edwin Jarvis managed to bluff his way into the SSR office with a supposed signed confession from Howard Stark, accepting responsibility for the sale of his weapons and claiming Carter had been a patsy. Dooley agreed to the exchange for Stark, but told Carter she would be dismissed from the SSR.

Carter reveals that the Blitzkrieg Button contains the last of Steve Rogers' blood

After observing Ivchenko communicating with someone across the street in Morse Code, however, Carter admitted the "confession" had been false and admitted to Dooley, Thompson, and Sousa the entire story of what had happened since Stark first approached her. She told them that she believed that Ivchenko was working for the enemy and communicating with them. Knowing that Carter should have no reason to lie to them now, Dooley decided to trust her. Dooley sent Thompson, Sousa, and several other agents across the street to investigate, while Dooley stayed with the doctor.

Thompson tries in vain to save Roger Dooley

When they returned, Ivchenko was gone and Dooley was in a Stark Heat Vest. Thompson and the other SSR agents did all they could to try and work out a solution, but Alex Doobin informed them that there was no way to safely remove it. The suit continued to heat up and burnt Dooley's skin. Realizing his fate, Dooley ordered Thompson to help him to his feet, once standing he stole Thompson's gun. He told Carter to go after Ivchenko, before shooting and jumping out a window as the vest exploded. With Dooley dead, Thompson was now the acting chief of the SSR.[5]

Acting Chief

Thompson is strangled by Daniel Sousa

With Peggy Carter now reinstated as an SSR Agent, Sousa, Carter and Thompson investigated a case of the mass murder of 47 civilians in a cinema which they believed was connected to Leviathan. Sousa went inside the cinema room while Thompson and Carter inspected the bodies, all of whom suffered horrific fatal injuries, caused by each other. Sousa came across a baby's pram, he looked inside and realized no baby was inside or had been killed. What he did find was a small canister, with the Stark Industries logo on it. He picked it up and was sprayed a strange gas, he began to choke and cough so Thompson ran to his aid. As soon as Thompson came near him Sousa went into a murderous rage and attacked him, punching Carter and trying to strangle Thompson, only to be stopped when a police officer hit him, knocking him out.[12]

Kidnapping of Howard Stark

Thompson interrogates Howard Stark

Thompson made joking remarks about Sousa upon his return to the SSR offices. They discussed the effects of the gas that Sousa inhaled, which seemed to cause an incredible rage in whomever inhales the gas. They were interrupted by Howard Stark's arrival and Thompson and the other Agents immediately put him under arrest. They interrogated Stark, although Stark remained light and jokey as usual, Thompson named all the people who had died because of Stark's work, including Krzeminski and Dooley. Stark explained that the gas was called Midnight Oil, a failed experiment that was meant to keep soldiers alert but instead caused a murderous rage, it was used during the Battle of Finow and had caused the horrific deaths of hundreds of Russian soldiers.

Thompson with Howard Stark

Stark agreed to be used as bait to draw Ivchenko, or as he was originally named, Johann Fennhoff, into the open. Alongside Stark, Thompson gave a press meeting to announce that all charges against him had been dropped, Stark annoyed him by making him say a lot of flattering things about Stark. During the speech, Stark was shot at. Thompson and Carter investigated the location of the shooter, only to find a gun that would automatically shoot at Stark, but was aimed above his head. Thompson then learned that during the chaos Stark had been kidnapped by Fennhoff. Edwin Jarvis was able to work out that Stark would have been taken to one of his secret warehouses, to use a plane to fly the Midnight Oil over Times Square.[12]

Raid of Howard Stark's Warehouse

Thompson and Sousa search for Fennhoff

"Sousa... Look at me. Don't listen to him."
"Excellent. Focus. Shoot him."
"No. Snap out of it!"
―Jack Thompson and Johann Fennhoff[src]

Thompson and the team arrived, only to witness Stark already taking off in the plane. The team knew that there was a chance one of them would have to shoot him down. Thompson revealed that he was not a pilot and therefore could not chase him down, same as Sousa, instead Edwin Jarvis volunteered. Thompson spoke to Jarvis before he took off, where Jarvis revealed he had never shot a man down before. Jarvis took off and Thompson and Sousa prepared to look for Johann Fennhoff, Thompson reminded Sousa not to let Fennhoff speak.

Thompson tries to talk to Daniel Sousa

After Carter fought and defeated Dottie Underwood, she informed Thompson and Sousa that Fennhoff was escaping. Thompson was knocked out by Fennhoff and Sousa held a gun at the Russian and ordered him to step away. Fennhoff attempted to use his mind control powers to control Sousa. It appeared to work and Fennhoff convinced Sousa to aim his gun at Thompson, who pleaded Sousa to come to his senses. Sousa instead hit Fennhoff in the face with his gun, revealing that he had been wearing ear plugs the entire time and had heard nothing, to Thompson's surprise and relief. Fennhoff was arrested and Stark was convinced to fly back to the base.[12]

Thompson speaks to Senator Walt Cooper

"The City and the Country owe you a great debt. We need more men, like Jack Thompson, fighting for freedom and security! You're all lucky that you work for him."
"I just did what needed to be done."
Walt Cooper and Jack Thompson[src]

Afterwards, back at the SSR Headquarters, Senator Walt Cooper entered the New York Bell Company Office and congratulated Thompson for his service to his country. He told Thompson that he could receive the Congessional Medal of Honor. Rather than share it with Carter and Sousa, Thompson claimed all the glory for himself. Cooper informed Thompson that President Harry S. Truman himself wanted to thank him.[12]

Interrogating Dottie Underwood

Thompson hunts down Dottie Underwood

"Who's going to interrogate me?"
"My boss and I, we used to have this routine to get suspects to turn. He was the carrot and I was the stick, he spoke smoothly and I didn't speak at all. See the problem is that you and your commie friend, well, you killed the carrot."
Dottie Underwood and Jack Thompson[src]

Months passed without a lead to the whereabouts of the Russian assassin Dottie Underwood; in the meantime, Thompson replaced Roger Dooley as Chief in New York City while Daniel Sousa was promoted to the Chief position and sent to Los Angeles to open a branch of the Strategic Scientific Reserve there. Just as Sousa left, a lead developed. After six months, Thompson set up an ambush for the Soviet operative in the Bowery Savings Bank.

Thompson arrests Underwood's men

While Peggy Carter hid in the vault with a shotgun, Thompson hid among the other agents pretending to be a bank customer. When Underwood and her henchmen arrived, Thompson and his men pretended to be hostages. Once Carter revealed herself, Thompson signaled for his agents pull out their gun and to surround Underwood's men at gunpoint; Thompson loved leading the other agents and constantly grabbed his hat and talked boastfully as he arrested Underwood's men, knocking one man to the ground while Carter defeated Underwood.

Thompson tells Peggy Carter to go to L.A.

At the New York Bell Company Office, Thompson watched as Carter interrogated Underwood; he witnessed as Carter told Underwood that she was not afraid of her as he told the agents watching to get back to work. During the interrogation, Thompson got a phone call from Chief Sousa, asking for another man to assist him in an investigation of a dead woman as he was understaffed. Although Thompson mocked Sousa for the request, he soon spotted a chance and said he had just the "man", interrupting the interrogation and sending Agent Carter to California so he could question Underwood alone.

Thompson questions Dottie Underwood

Hours later, Thompson went inside to interrogate Underwood himself; Underwood was surprised that Carter was not there. Thompson told her that usually, Roger Dooley and he would play the carrot and the stick during an interrogation, but since Underwood and Johann Fennhoff had killed Dooley, this left Underwood alone with him. Underwood was not impressed and flipped over the table, pinning Thompson to the floor; she demanded Carter for her interview. Other agents burst into the room to hold Underwood back and assisted Thompson to his feet.

Vernon Masters takes Underwood away

Later, Thompson and Underwood negotiated a deal where she would get prison instead of the electric chair if she revealed who she was trying to steal a lapel pin from the bank vault and why. Before she could answer, an agent burst into the room and unshackled her from her restraints to the table. As Thompson demanded an explanation, Vernon Masters then entered and said that Underwood was now in the custody of the FBI. Despite Thompson's protests, Masters assured him that it was all fine and invited him for a drink to explain his reasons for the interruption.[9]

Crisis of Faith

Thompson and Masters discuss the SSR

"I want to be in the muck."
"And that's the kind of attitude that's gonna serve you very well."
―Jack Thompson and Vernon Masters[src]

Later, Thompson met with Vernon Masters, wondering why he was giving the FBI the credit for capturing Dottie Underwood. Masters told him that the Strategic Scientific Reserve was considered a wartime agency; with World War II over, it might be replaced since the department of war was being restructured. Masters asked Thompson if he wanted to be irrelevant by staying with the SSR, or to find something meaningful in another organization; Thompson chose the latter.[9]

Search Warrant

Thompson was able to get the SSR a search warrant for Isodyne Energy Headquarters.[13]

Visiting Los Angeles

"Figured I drop by and clean up another one of your messes."
"Is that what you think you do?"
―Jack Thompson and Peggy Carter[src]

Thompson received a call from Vernon Masters to come to Los Angeles as quickly as possible; Thompson left New York City and went to the Auerbach Theatrical Agency. Upon arriving, Thompson wished that he had brought his golf clubs because of how nice the city was. Neither Chief Daniel Sousa or Peggy Carter were there, but Thompson saw a preliminary report by Carter on the explosion that took place at Isodyne Energy Headquarters and the apparent death of Jason Wilkes; the morning newspaper had already written an article describing Wilkes as a communist spy, so Thompson decided that the case was closed and rewrote the report to his liking.

Thompson waits for Chief Sousa

Carter and Sousa finally arrived in the Strategic Scientific Reserve branch dicussing how the newspapers already had an article when Thompson, sitting at Sousa's desk, asked what they were just arriving at work. When asked why he was there, Thompson just said he had business in the area. Carter wondered why he was in Los Angeles instead of interrogating Dottie Underwood, citing his original unsuccessful attempt, but Thompson told her to remember her place. Thompson then showed her his revised report and ordered her to sign it to conclude the Wilkes case; Carter refused, saying that that was not what happened and that Wilkes was not a spy. Chief Thompson pulled rank and signed the report himself.[14]

Stolen Film

Thompson watches the Zero Matter footage

"Well, if the SSR has it, it's in the right hands."
"Don't be a boy scout Jack; I know you understand what I'm saying."
―Jack Thompson and Vernon Masters[src]

Peggy Carter wanted Thompson to watch the film reel that Jason Wilkes stole from Isodyne Energy Headquarters documenting the origin of Zero Matter. As he was watching the film in the office of Daniel Sousa amazed at what he saw, he was interrupted by the arrival of Vernon Masters.

Thompson talks with Vernon Masters

Thompson did not allow Masters inside where the projector was. Masters told Thompson that Wilkes had stolen something sensitive from Isodyne Energy and they wanted it returned; Thompson feigned ignorance of the material. Thompson wondered why the Strategic Scientific Reserve could not keep the item and deliver it; Masters insisted that he must. Masters told Thompson that if anything was discovered alert him and they would "do lunch" later.[14]

Returning the Film

"You're so afraid of ruffling powerful feathers that you're doing what you always do... Burying an ugly truth and hoping someone will pin a medal on you."
Peggy Carter to Jack Thompson[src]

Thompson was livid when Peggy Carter returned to the Auerbach Theatrical Agency, saying that she snuck into the Arena Club to further her investigation because he declared the case as closed. Carter explained that she saw newspapers inside that showed that the members were rigging the Senatorial election; Daniel Sousa cited that when they listen to the eavesdropping devices that Carter planted, there will be proof, but Carter told him that that mission was a failure. Thompson was then insulted by Carter, citing his past of getting awarded without working, when he demanded that she return to New York City with him when he goes, because she had too much of an emotional attachment to Jason Wilkes. Carter left the office with Sousa chasing to calm her anger.

Thompson has a meeting with Vernon Masters

When Carter and Sousa left, Vernon Masters returned. Thompson gave him the stolen film reel, but lied, saying that since Rita Hayworth was not involved, he did not watch the film. Masters thanked him as he authenticated the film, telling Thompson that he would give him an award for his services. Thompson said that all he wants to do is help.[14]

Discussion of the Chiefs

"A Chief's work is never done."
Daniel Sousa[src]

Booking a flight back to New York City, Thompson returned to the Auerbach Theatrical Agency where he found Daniel Sousa working late into the evening. Thompson asked him about his research and found him learning the background of Agnes Cully from Oklahoma. He asked Sousa what it was about Peggy Carter that made him leave the New York Bell Company Office to go to Los Angeles; Sousa said that he left because he got a promotion to "Chief", not because of heartbreak, as Thompson was implying, citing that he was soon to be engaged. Thompson, surprised, asked if they all could go drinking before he returned east, but Sousa declined, noting that their work as leaders was always incomplete.[14]

New Best Friend

"If you're happy, I'm happy. My pops will be glad to hear we're working together."
"Great. And everybody's happy, especially your new best friend. Jack Thompson, meet Calvin Chadwick."
―Jack Thompson and Vernon Masters[src]

With only a hour left before his scheduled flight to New York City, Thompson went to the Arena Club to bid farewell to Vernon Masters. Masters introduced Thompson to Calvin Chadwick, a club member running for Senate unopposed; Chadwick thanked Thompson for helping Isodyne Energy. Thompson noted that the Los Angeles Tribune newspaper Chadwick was reading, with the resignation of Representative Anderson from the election bid, had the exact wording in its headline that Peggy Carter had described.[14]

Vacation Days

Thompson called Daniel Sousa and told him that though he was not happy about it, he approved the vacation days Peggy Carter requested so she could stay in Los Angeles.[15] Thompson called again the next day, wondering when Carter was returning, but Sousa did not know.[16]


"I need you to destroy the very idea of her. Discredit, disgrace, and subdue Agent Carter."
Vernon Masters[src]

Thompson attended a fundraiser at the MacArthur Grand Hotel. He was talking to a girl when suddenlt, Edwin Jarvis barged into the conversation. Surprised the see Howard Stark's butler, Thompson asked what Jarvis was doing there, but Jarvis left quickly. Thompson went upstairs to find that Vernon Masters' men were attacking Dottie Underwood, who was somehow out of jail. Thompson sneaked up on her and hit her on the head. As she was knocked down, he said it was nice to see her again, and then hit her on the face with his gun, knocking her out.

Masters gives Thompson a pep talk

Afterwards, Masters had a talk with Thompson and angrily asked him how he allowed Peggy Carter to infiltrate the party. Confused, Thompson told him that Carter had nothing to do with this. Masters told him that a woman met with Underwood and soon, she was out. Then Stark's butler showed up. Thompson agreed it was most likely Carter. Thompson thought Masters wanted her killed and refused. Masters then realized Thompson had feelings for Carter and told him that killing her would make her a martyr, they needed to ridicule her. He told Thompson to dig up something to blackmail her with.[6]

Redacted Files

Thompson searches the redacted files

Thompson went to visit an old friend in London. His friend was able to get old files on Peggy Carter. The two men went out to drink and Thompson acted drunk to play along with his actually drunk friend. He also put a bandage on his hand so his friend would trust him because of Thompson's past with many bar fights. He asked his friend if he got the info, which his friend gave him a redacted file. After he left, Thompson took a tool where he could se ethrough the redacted information. It revealed that M. Carter, S.O.E. committed treason.

Thompson later went to Howard Stark's Estate and surprised, Carter, Edwin Jarvis, and Daniel Sousa. He told them he needed to talk to Carter. He presented to her the file, which confused her, and said he would release it if she didn't go back to New York with him right away. Carter asked him who put him up to this and told her it wasn't true. Thompson didn't believe her, but Carter asked him if he believed Vernon Masters any more.[7]

Suspecting Something's Up

Thompson listens to Vernon Masters' conversation

After his talk with Peggy Carter, Thompson went to go see Vernon Masters at the Auerbach Theatrical Agency. He asked him if he was sure the files were true, as he was convinced by Carter. Suddenly, one of Masters' men walked in saying he needs him urgently. Masters took the call in front of Thompson, but asked Thompson to leave and close the door on his way out. Thompson went over to another phone and listened on the other line. He heard Masters getting orders from Whitney Frost. He met at Masters' spot and told Masters he wouldn't let him follow her orders, stealing the uranium rods. Masters saw Thompson's gun and apologized before he wiped Thompson's mind using the Memory Inhibitor.

Thompson woke up to find Carter and Daniel Sousa, Carter asked him the last thing he remembered. Thompson traced his step back to the phone and found notes taken by Thompson, which had coordinates to Frost. Thompson quickly loaded up his shotgun, but was stopped by Sousa and Carter, who didn't trust him. However, they decided to let him come on the mission.[7]

Stopping Frost

Thompson is held at gun point

Thompson, Daniel Sousa, Peggy Carter, Aloysius Samberly, and Edwin Jarvis set up their Gamma Cannon in the Mojave Desert at a distance from the site. The Zero Matter rift then opened, Jarvis drove off to kill Frost and Carter followed him. Soon, they shot at the rift, closing it.[7] An hour later, Thompson looked in the distance and saw Vernon Masters' men, Vega and Blackwell approaching. They decided to trick them. Thompson got on his knees and had Sousa point a gun at him. Vega then pointed his gun at Sousa, to which Thompson encouraged him to arrest Sousa. Vega then said he wasn't supposed to let Thompson live either. Thompson conviced Vega he was on his side. Then as the arrested Sousa walked by, Thompson punched him in the gut.[1]

Misleading Vernon and Frost

Vernon Masters agrees to Thompson's conditions

At the Auerbach Theatrical Agency, Vernon Masters walked in and asked why Sousa wasn't dead. Vega explained he was following Thompson's orders. Thompson then proposed a plan to kill Whitney Frost by bringing the Gamma Cannon straight to her. Samberly went to work on fixing the Gamma Cannon, but Masters rushed him. Sousa asked if he could go to Frost and ask for more time, but Masters said he would have to do that in person, Thompson then agreed to talk to her himself.

Joseph Manfredi threatens Thompson

While meeting with Frost, Joseph Manfredi felt threatened and back talked Thompson, but stepped away. Thompson told Frost that the cannon was at the SSR and they need more time. Thompson revealed that Masters wanted to use the cannon to kill Frost. Thompson proposed instead to bring the cannon to her himself along with Masters to have her kill him. He then said he wanted a seat on the council.

Carter met with Thompson at the SSR and asked if she bought it, which Thompson said yes to, although they didn't know about the other plan. Before departure, Thompson secretly asked Samberly to turn the cannon into a bomb. He then cut the fuel lines to Sousa and Carter's car. Thompson and Masters then left for Frost.

Peggy Carter pulls a gun on Thompson

With Frost, Masters prepared a demonstration for Frost. He also tricked her and tried to point it at Frost, but because of Thompson, she knew it was a trick. Thompson then apologized to his former mentor and pointed his gun at him. Masters was forced to his knees while Thompson thanked him for teaching him his ways. He then put away his gun and told Frost that she could kill him instead. Thompson left while Masters yelled for him. Thompson stepped outside and went to detonate the bomb, but it didn't work. He knew it was Carter and ran to Samberly and pulled his gun on him, forcing Samberly to turn the detonator back on. Carter then pulled her gun on Thompson, telling him to put the button down. Suddenly, the building exploded, but Thompson insisted that it wasn't him.[1]

They ran inside to find Jason Wilkes, who had expelled the Zero Matter, causing an explosion. Vernon Masters was gone, but Whitney Frost remained. She stood up and absorbed the remaining Zero Matter making her as powerful as ever. They ran out of the building.[17]

Giving Carter A Clue

They returned to Auerbach Theatrical Agency and arrested Vega and Blackwell. Later, Thompson offered to help the others in creating a machine to stop Whitney Frost. Peggy Carter said that he could help by taking their lunch orders. He agreed, thinking that it's fair. While calling in orders, Thompson went through Vernon Masters' briefcase and found Carter's blackmail file and a Council of Nine pin. He twisted the pin and found that it was a key.

At Stark's filming facility, they turned on the machine and took cover. Thompson gave the key to Carter. Suddenly, Frost arrived and was shot in the back by Stark using the gamma Cannon. The Zero Matter was expelled from her back into the portal. Thompson apprehended Frost and told her she would look pretty in prison. However, a new problem arose, the only way to shut of the rift was to hit the button on the machine. The person to do it would get sucked in. Thompson said that he has come back from a suicide mission before, but Daniel Sousa was already on it. He tied a rope to a light post and went to turn it off. The rope then untied and Carter caught it. The rest of them held onto Carter so they could save Sousa. Edwin Jarvis then placed explosives inside Stark's self driving Hovercar and sent it into the rift. He detonated it inside the portal which closed it.[17]


Left for Dead

Thompson is shot and left for dead

With the Isodyne Energy case finished, Thompson prepared to return to New York City. As he packed his bags, he received a phone call telling him that Peggy Carter would not be accompanying him and wanted more vacation time; he was fine with the request. Thompson heard a knock at the door of his hotel room and thought that it was management asking him to leave. As he opened the door, he was shot once in the chest and fell to the floor. The shooter then walked into the room, grabbed the redacted file on Carter, and left Jack Thompson bleeding on the floor.[17]


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  • Expert Combatant: Thompson was able to retaliate against Dottie Underwood when she tried to disarm him, quickly countering her attacks and knocking her out.
  • Expert Marksman: Thompson was skilled with firearms, particularly revolvers, pistols, submachine guns and shotguns.
"I don't envy you, buddy. My pal Jack, he's got a special gift for interrogations. He's real convincing, gets guys to spill their guts. That's not an expression. We've had to use a mop."
Ray Krzeminski to Jerome Zandow[src]
  • Expert Interrogator: Thompson was the "stick" in SSR's carrot and stick interrogation method. He was known for beating information out of suspects, such as Miles Van Ert. He also interrogated Edwin Jarvis, even threatening him and his wife with deportation, although Carter inferred that there was insufficient evidence to incriminate Jarvis. After five minutes of Thompson interrogating Jarvis, Sousa was surprised the former had not knocked out one of the latter's teeth. If not for Carter' intervention, Dooley said Jarvis would have folded; he described Thompson's work as "exemplary," and Sousa complimented his performance as well. Ray Krzeminski told Jerome Zandow how he was not envious of the latter due to Thompson's convincing interrogations. Thompson later got a witness to talk by bribing him with scotch and a hamburger, succeeding where Sousa failed. During Carter's interrogation, Dooley brought Thompson in to "turn up the heat." However, Thompson failed in interrogating the highly-trained Dottie Underwood. Thompson's reputation preceded him, as he got Vega to speak without harming him.
  • Expert Tactician: Thompson was a skilled strategist, complementing Peggy Carter's tactical expertise. He received the Navy Cross for his soldierly duties in Okinawa.






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