"Can you regulate?"
"Yes, I can regulate."
"Are you sure about that?"
Eric Savin and Jack Taggart[src]

Jack Taggart was a former soldier of the United States Army who was addicted to Extremis.


Discharged from the United States Army, Jack Taggart came into contacted with the A.I.M. and became addicted to Extremis. Taggart met with Eric Savin outside the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles where he gave Taggart a case containing the Extremis dose. When Happy Hogan intervened, Taggart injected himself with a high dose of Extremis, causing him to self-destruct as a result and causing massive damage to the surrounding area and severely injuring Hogan.[1]





  • In the comics, Jack Taggart, better known as Firepower, is an African American man who wears a high-powered armor.
  • Firepower, armor and all, appeared in the PSP and Wii versions of the non–canon video game Iron Man 2 well before this version of the character was even conceived.[2]

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