"The ghost of Jack Rogers is said to haunt St. Theresa's Church, playing that old licorice wand late at night, hoping to draw Bobo back for one more song."
Chantelle Fusilier[src]

Doctor Jack Rogers was a physician working in New Orleans during the 1918 outbreak of Spanish Influenza. Along with Bobo Smith, he was part of the fourth incarnation of the Divine Pairing.


"None had more tragic a tale than Jack Rogers, who died pulling all of his blood out in a blood transfusion to save a dozen patients, including his lover, famed Jazz clarinetist, Bobo Smith."
Chantelle Fusilier[src]

Rogers was a physician in New Orleans who dedicated his final days to the fight against an epidemic of Spanish flu, which affected hundreds of people in the city, including Rogers' lover, clarinetist Bobo Smith. Rogers happened to be passively immune to the disease, and in order to save as many lives as he could, he performed numerous blood transfusions to cure other people, including Bobo Smith. However, this depleted him of his blood and eventually caused him to die of exhaustion after having saved several patients.

Rogers and Bobo Smith later became known as the fourth incarnation of the Divine Pairing, a couple of individuals meant to save New Orleans through the sacrifice of one of them, being Rogers in this case.[2] Legends about Rogers and Bobo Smith lived on in traditional Voodoo stories, which for instance claimed that the ghost of Rogers haunted St. Theresa's Church waiting for his lover to come back.[3]




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