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Jack McGee is a college student at Culver University and a reporter of the school's newspaper, Culver University Press.


Jack McGee was one of the students who were interviewed about Hulk's campus rampage along with his friend Jim Wilson. He filmed the Battle at Culver University on his cellphone. During an interview with WHiH World News, while excitedly recounting the confrontation, he referred to the rampaging creature as "a hulk".[1]




  • The character is an homage to Jack McGee as played by Jack Colvin in The Incredible Hulk. McGee continuously chased Hulk throughout the show for personal gain, but as the series progressed, he became more sympathetic and tried to protect Hulk from being captured.
    • In 2018, the character was finally adapted into the comics proper as Jacqueline "Jackie" McGee, an African-American female reporter who pursued Hulk in an effort to learn how to be like him.



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