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"Kill me."
―Jack Denton's writing to Jessica Jones[src]

Jack Denton is a former ambulance driver who had been seriously physically harmed by Kilgrave, having a stroke after losing both kidneys.


Early Life and Career

Jack Denton was the only son of Maureen Denton and was raised in a very religious household. Eventually, Jack became an ambulance driver at Metro-General Hospital and moved away from his mother; he found her lifestyle and his incompatible and spent less and less time around her.[1]

Bus Accident

In January 2014, there was a bus accident and Denton was called to take any survivors to Metro-General Hospital. When he arrived, Denton found Kilgrave and placed him in his ambulance. Denton took Kilgrave to see Doctor David Kurata and the medic told Kilgrave that he had a crushed kidney from the bus landing on him. Kilgrave enthralled Kurata and learned that he could survive with one functional kidney, but Kilgrave insisted that he have two. After enthralling Denton, Kilgrave had Kurata remove both of Denton's kidneys and place them in Kilgrave, despite the fact that Denton was not a match and that Kilgrave would again need to acquire new kidneys in a few years.[1]

Good Samaritan

Denton would have died without kidneys, but Doctor David Kurata made sure that Denton had a dialysis machine to survive. The lack of kidneys caused Denton to have a stroke and lose the ability to talk. Jack went back to live with his mother Maureen so that she could care for him; Maureen felt that Jack's return to her was a miracle, regardless of the circumstances that caused it.[1]

Jessica Jones' Visit

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Jack stared out the window one snowy day as his mother Maureen was shovelling; Jessica Jones came to the Denton Residence and spoke to Maureen. Maureen allowed the detective inside and Jack listened as she told Jones that Jack's return was the answer to her prayers, no matter how it had occurred. When Maureen stepped away, Jones asked Jack who took his kidneys; she provided him pen and paper to write the response. Jack began writing and spelled out "K-I-L"; Jones interpreted that he was writing Kilgrave. When Jack finished writing, he showed the note to Jones; he was asking her to kill him. Jones refused; Jack began to have a tantrum, begging her to end his life. Maureen returned to find her son upset and asked Jones to exit her house.[1]





  • Kilgrave † - Enthraller and Kidney Recipient (under coercion)