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"It's a beautiful bird."

Jack is the former personal assistant and butler of Justin Hammer, until Hammer was arrested.


Working for Hammer

Aiding Ivan Vanko

"Jack, try to put your head in there."
Justin Hammer[src]
Jack accompanied Justin Hammer to Monaco and served him and Ivan Vanko lunch, when Vanko newly arrived from his prison break.

After returning to Hammer Industries Headquarters, he bought a bird for Vanko. He attempted to help Hammer convince Vanko that that was his pet Irina, but Vanko knew better.

However, as Hammer was examining the work that Vanko was doing, he noticed that Vanko was not creating suits of armor. Hammer asked Jack to attempt to put on one of the heads of the Hammer Drones to sarcastically show Vanko that he was not making helmets. Jack held the head and watched the two converse about making drones instead of suits of armor for the Stark Expo, before leaving with Hammer.[1]





Behind the Scenes

  • Jack shares his first name with the actor that portrayed him, Jack White.


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