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"Well, look, thing is, I think it's best you come with me. For your own protection."
"I really appreciate the offer, but I'm sure we'll be fine."
"You're both coming with me."
―Jack and Sarah Lieberman[src]

Jack is the agent of Anvil who was sent to capture the family of Micro before he was then killed while attempting to find and assassinate the Punisher.


Agent of Anvil

Kidnapping the Liebermans

"We received a call from this address to the Castle tip line. Did you call?"
"Uh, no. No, I didn't call. It must be some sort of mistake."
"Got something you want to tell me, son?"
"Hey. No, he's only 11 years old. You don't have the right to question him."
―Jack and Sarah Lieberman[src]

After the true identity of Pete Castiligione was revealed on the news to be Frank Castle, Zach Lieberman called New York City Police Department to inform them about Castle. Using CIA system, William Rawlins traced call and gave information to Billy Russo. He ordered Jack and several Anvil agents to pretend to be police officers and kidnap Liebermans. Arriving at Lieberman Residence, Jack became to question them on the whereabouts of Castle. Soon, he chased after Sarah Lieberman and tried to capture her. Despite the fight, Jack's partner entered, threatening to harm Zach if she did not comply.[1]

Ambush in Micro's Hideout

"Yeah, we're in the power station. There's no one here. I'm sure. It's a basement. They were living here, but there's no sign now. They've got a whole bunch of computers in here, too. Heavy-duty setup, it looks like. And there's some torture video and some countdown running. You want us to bring it all back?"
"No. No, don't touch it. If they weren't there, how'd you find the place?"
"The phone we tracked it's right here on the desk."
"Shit. It's a trap. He's there!"
―Jack and Billy Russo[src]

Having tracked down Micro's phone, Anvil had learned possible location of the Punisher. Led by Jack, Anvil tactical group made their way to the Micro's Hideout but did not found anyone inside. Jack called Billy Russo and informed him about status of mission. He also told him about Micro's computers which played footage of execution of Ahmad Zubair. When Jack asked did Russo want to bring computers to him, Russo said no. Then he asked how they find location if the Punisher and Micro were not here. Jack said about tracked phone which was on the desk. Russo guessed that it was a trap, planned by the Punisher but it was too late, as the Punisher already attacked Anvil agents.


Jack attempting to shoot at the Punisher

During brutal gunfight, Jack was heavily wounded by the Punisher and was unable to fight. Following end of the battle, Jack was one of the last survivors from the team. Executed the last agents, the Punisher came close to Jack and asked him where is Russo but Jack answered that he did not know. Then the Punisher asked where Sarah and Zach Lieberman had been taken. Jack replied that they did not inform him to keep it secret and begged the Punisher that this is a truth, as the Punisher calmly said that he believed him and executed Jack by a shot in the head.[1]


  • Marksman: As a member of Anvil, private military company, Jack was trained to utilize firearms. However, his skills were not enough to take down the Punisher.



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