"We always go to Izzy on Wednesday."
Bucky Barnes to Yori Nakajima[src]

Izzy is a restaurant located in Brooklyn, New York City.


"Come on, let's get some food."
"No, go away."
"But Izzy."
Bucky Barnes and Yori Nakajima[src]

Nakajima tells Barnes about his son's murder

An Izzy establishment was built in Brooklyn, New York City, where it was frequented by Bucky Barnes and Yori Nakajima, who ate there every Wednesday. They ate there long enough that Leah, a waitress at the restaurant, knew what their usual order was and noticed when they ordered something different. One Wednesday in 2024, when the two were eating there, Nakajima noted that nobody in his newspaper's obituaries had passed the age of ninety. Upon seeing Barnes looking at Leah, Nakajima suggested he ask her out on a date, proceeding to do so on Barnes' behalf. Leah agreed to the date, to be held the following night.

Nakajima noticed a serving of red bean mochi at Izzy, and was saddened by it. When Barnes questioned him, he explained that it was a favorite meal of his late son, RJ Nakajima, who was killed years prior by an unknown individual. Nakajima continued to rue his son, unaware that his killer, the Winter Soldier, was sitting right next to him.

Bucky Barnes and Leah playing Battleship

The following day, Barnes arrived in the restaurant after it had closed for the day, and began his date with Leah. The two played a game of Battleships, with the twist that whoever was losing had to drink. Leah was impressed by Barnes' ability to drink, then expressing gratitude that Barnes had befriended Nakajima, saying it was hard for him since his son died and that losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to someone. Barnes, overwhelmed by the guilt, called the date off early and left.[1]


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