"I went to a world where they don't feel. Don't have emotions. And now, I've lost control of mine."
"Anything from that world ruins us."
Melinda May and Yo-Yo Rodriguez[src]

Izel's Realm, nicknamed the Fear Dimension by Leo Fitz, is a dimension in the Multiverse inhabited by non-corporeal beings that long for a physical body.


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Ancient Times

"Thousands of years ago, she escaped from a realm of fear and darkness. And after she escaped, she tried to track down relics from her realm called the Di'Allas to regain power."
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Izel's Realm exists outside of the natural universe in another dimension. The people of this realm lack true physical bodies, appearing as dark humanoid figures. They are also emotionless, not feeling anything at all, although they do seem to be able to desire and love, implying that they may have emotions yet not be able to feel them. Though they lack true corporeal form, they yearn for it, and are desperate to actually be able to touch and feel. The concepts of life and death are seemingly meaningless in this realm, although certain weapons made of a specific material can kill the realm's inhabitants.[1] As a result of the realm's inhabitants lacking the ability to feel, being in Izel's Realm can cause one's own ability to feel emotions to fade, as happened with Melinda May after a short time in the realm.[2]

Originating from Izel's Realm are three monolithic stones called the Di'Allas, which can manipulate time, space, and creation, respectively. The Di'Allas were used by the realm's people to open a gateway between their realm and the main universe. Some of the realm's people would use this gateway to travel to the universe and possess a corporeal body so that they could feel emotion, however this was exceedingly rare among their species, as it was extremely dangerous.[3] Millenia ago, the Di'Allas were somehow stolen from their realm, ending up in the normal universe. Pachakutiq, an inhabitant of the realm who desired a corporeal form, instructed his lover, Izel, to leave their realm and find the Di'Allas so that he could have his own body. Izel managed to escape their realm, where she possessed a body and began her quest for the Di'Allas.

Pachakutiq's Escape

While Izel was still on her quest, a human body would appear in the realm. This body, a duplicate of a man named Phil Coulson, was created in 2017 by the Creation Di'Alla, then sent back through time and space with the Time and Space Di'Allas, arriving in Izel's realm. Pachakutiq, still yearning for physical form, would possess the body, however his memories would meld with those of the host body's, causing Pachakutiq to forget his past.[4] Pachakutiq would escape the realm and begin his quest to kill Izel, now mistakenly believing she had killed his family. Pachakutiq would forget his own name, believing the word "pachakutiq" meant "the death of everything", and would instead go by Sarge.[5]

Izel's Campaign

In her quest for the Di'Allas, Izel would create the Shrike, a species of parasitic bat creatures that could possess corporeal hosts. Izel would spread the Shrike across the universe to find bodies for her people to possess once she found the Di'Allas, as well as create Shrike Towers that could drain planets of their energy. Eventually, she would start to be pursued by Sarge, who intended to kill her, not knowing his own past. Izel would always escape due to her species' native ability to possess corporeal bodies.

Fear Dimension

By 2017, the DI'Allas were in the possession of Noah, a Chronicom anthropologist who resided in the Lighthouse. A team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, including Sarge's duplicate ,Phil Coulson, would arrive in the Lighthouse around the same time. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents investigated the Kree Orb, a device designed to call Kree Reapers to Earth. However, the Orb had been tampered with by humans, turning it into a bomb that detonated, killing Noah and destroying the Di'Allas. The energy of the Di'Allas would then form a rift in space-time. Phil Coulson would close the rift with the Gravity Containment Device, however his proximity to the rift caused his body to be duplicated and sent through time and space, where it arrived in Izel's realm millennia earlier.[6][7]

Infiltration into the Lighthouse

Eventually, Izel would arrive on Earth as part of her quest for the Di'Allas, however Sarge would be following her closely. The three-way war between Izel, Sarge's Squad and S.H.I.E.L.D. would end when Jaco, a member of Sarge's team, detonated an atom bomb on the spaceship Izel and her Shrike hosts were occupying. However, Izel had survived once again, possessing the body of James Davis, a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative.

After S.H.I.E.L.D. celebrated their supposed victory over Izel and Sarge, Izel would possess Melinda May and enter Sarge's holding cell, shooting him four times and killing him. This was not to kill him; rather, it was an attempt to awaken Sarge's true personality that was buried underneath his memories from Coulson. Sarge would be brought back, and after several more deaths, he would remember his true self and history. However, he would refuse to believe it, still believing Izel to be a monster for the many planets she destroyed in her quest.

Izel's infiltration into S.H.I.E.L.D. would end when she once again possessed James Davis, forcing him to fall off a ledge, killing him. She would then possess S.H.I.E.L.D. director Alphonso Mackenzie and leave S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters with Yo-Yo Rodriguez, threatening to kill Mackenzie if they were followed. Sarge would temporarily ally himself with S.H.I.E.L.D. to put an end to Izel.

Search of the Temple of the Forgotten

After having been traveling inside the Zephyr one for hours, Mack and Yo-Yo tried to escape from Izel and look for Marcus Benson and find out about the Temple of the Forgotten, but Izel, taking possession of Mackenzie's body, heard everything and wanted to call Benson to find out the coordinates of the temple. As soon as Benson arrived, the latter told what he found out about the temple and Izel, but Mack, actually Izel himself, killed the agent who accompanied Benson and finally revealed himself, making Benson understand that what he had studied about Izel including the myths about her, it was true; then Izel said that if he had heard of her, then he had to know what he was capable of.

Izel asked Benson for the coordinates of the temple, otherwise he would have killed him, but he bravely refused and asked him to kill him, since he had nothing more to lose after what had happened to his husband Tom Benson two years ago; but Izel did not want to kill him, but to torture him, so he opened the Gravity Containment Device for creating the body of his husband Tom. Although Mack and Yo-Yo say Tom's recreation was not real, when Benson saw his husband for the first time in two years, she burst into tears and cried terribly after discussing what had happened when he died. When Tom's recreation was killed by Izel, Benson was eventually forced to give her the coordinates of the temple, so he could open the portal and bring his people to earth.

After discussing how Benson had felt after that bad experience, Mack and Yo-Yo they came up with the plan to have Benson escape in the Containment Module, so that the S.H.I.E.L.D. knew the coordinates of the temple and go to stop Izel. When Izel had arrived with Benson, who apologized to them for revealing the coordinates, they put in place their plan to distract Izel and save Benson from it. The plan worked and Benson was rescued when S.H.I.E.L.D. Izel found him, so with Yo-Yo and Mack still on board he went to the temple of the forgotten, saying that S.H.I.E.L.D. she can come to stop her, also because she would need guests for her people who will come from the fear dimension.

Build the Di'Allas

As soon as they arrived at the temple of the forgotten, Izel tied Mack and Yo-Yo with handcuffs to the pole, still unconscious. When they wake up they find themselves inside the temple of the forgotten and Izel wanted them to create the Di'Allas with their minds to make their people pass on Earth. Mack and Yo-Yo were afraid of Flint, because they remembered that he had the powers to manipulate all types of rock, including Monoliths, but their fear physically manifests itself with the energy of the monoliths, recreating Flint. Flint wanted to wonder how he got there, but got no answer and when he saw his friends tied up, he prayed to Izel to let them go or he would kill her; so Flint manipulated the rock to create a sharp arrow to kill Izel, despite Mack and Yo-Yo's pleading for him to stop, because he could see his potential, but Izel captured the arrow with his enhanced reflexes, seeing in him his talent, and therefore the opportunity to create the Di'Allas; Flint refused, but Izel, since he only needed his body, took possession of it and built it herself, emptying, in the process, all the gravity containment device.

After building them, he left Flint's body and went to summon an entire army of Shrike to infect the entire human population and use it as guests for his people who will come to Earth. After returning, she found Yo-Yo, Mack and Flint trying to escape, then took over Yo-Yo and broke the bone in Flint's right leg to keep them from escaping. Despite getting what he wanted, Izel wanted to stop them from escaping because they had to serve as guests for his people who will come to Earth. So it makes them understand that there was no hope that humans could survive, so they had to fulfill their fate that will come.

Fortunately, Deke Shaw, who teleported himself from the Lighthouse using the ShawDrive to the temple, arrived and put the Sonic Barrier Cuffs in their wrists to prevent Izel from owning them, which worked when the latter attempted to own Yo- Yo, when he realized that he was impenetrable and physical, therefore impossible to possess, giving Yo-Yo the opportunity to render Izel incapacitated. Deke proposed to run away, but Mack must help Flint to escape, who was surprised to see Deke in another era, but Mack remembered that it was not time for explanations, so they managed to escape, while Deke volunteers to keep the Shrike guests busy.

Izel's Song

After recovering from the blow of Yo-Yo Rodriguez who made her incapacitated, Izel is preparing to sing his song to liquidate the Di'Allas to create the portal for the Fear Dimension, given that the stones with which the Temple of the Forgotten was built was of the same material as the Di'Allas, so his song could create a sonic frequency with which, connected with the three monoliths, he was able to open a stable portal between the dimension of fear and the Earth. Meanwhile, May and Sarge arrived at the temple to seek Izel, but his song increases his powers and is almost about to awaken his true self; so Sarge aggressively asked him to take him to Izel.

Pachakutiq's Awakening

As soon as they came to her, Izel was happy to have come alone, then explained that he was waiting for the signal to bring his people to Earth. When May prepared to send her to the other side, Sarge stopped her saying it was hers, and Izel confirmed; then he prepared to use his newly awakened powers to kill her, but he realized he couldn't do it. Despite May's attempts to awaken Coulson, Izel eventually managed to fully awaken Pachakutiq's true dark personality, who, after saying that the pain he pain is love, decided to end May's suffering by piercing her stomach with the sword and throwing it into the Fear Dimension as a signal for The First, Second and Third to open the door of the temple of the forgotten, finally welcoming his true self and finally siding with Izel.

Reunited after Centuries

After finally reuniting after centuries, Izel was happy to see Pachakutiq pierce May, and asked him how it felt after returning to himself, to which he told her it was time he got rid of Coulson's memories, for which he was remained imprisoned for centuries. Yet Izel had no doubts that he had managed to return just in time to reclaim what they had longed for for millennia: a new home on Earth. She then told him they had to be patient, that the signal had been sent.

In the meantime, The First, Second and Third, seeing that Izel and Pachakutiq had sent the signal they were waiting for, prepared to open the temple door to let their people in.

Izel saw in Pachakutiq a look that he saw many times millennia ago, but had never seen it in the face of his host, who said he still felt alien, while she told him to be patient. Eventually he admitted that he had a fondness for the guest that Pachakutiq currently occupies because he had a very particular strength, which he found very fascinating, despite he insisting that it was a prison, from which Izel had freed him. Pachakutiq was very grateful to Izel for bringing him back to himself, but he was also angry for letting him rot in their world, despite the fact that she had told him to understand that he could not exist outside of it: in fact Pachakutiq had asked her to look for the Di'Allas for a reason, to complete it, Izel told him that finding them had proved more complicated than he expected, but he didn't believe her asking him if it was impossible to resist the glory and that he had to crush it when he could, after what he had done to him.

Izel found Pachakutiq's words very bad and wondered if they came from Coulson, who was shot in the face. He told him that his action freed him and brought him to his side, ready to transfer his people to that planet. After calming down, Pachakutiq asked Izel to call the Shrike to the temple to give them new life. Izel said that the S.H.I.E.L.D. will be exterminated completely.

In the meantime, The Three, in the dimension of fear, went up to an altar, to be able to place their fragments of the Di'Allas to open the door of the temple to let their people pass and cross the portal to Earth and finally be free to have a form and get in touch with sensations and emotions such as hunger, thirst, pleasure and pain, but this plan does not work because Melinda May, barely survived as long as she is in their kingdom, managed to kill the three and throw the fragments of the Di'Allas from other side.

Battle at the Temple of the Forgotten

Izel, seeing that the fragments of the Di'Allas had been thrown from the Fear Dimension, either blamed Pachakutiq for underestimating Melinda May's strength or did not want her to die, despite the fact that he asked her to moderate her tone with him. Izel realized that she hadn't broken her host's chains almost entirely and he asked her if she was ready to find out. At that point Izel took a sword and went to solve this problem in person, as he did for many centuries. She entered her dimension, where she had already discovered that May had already seen that life and death are insignificant in their kingdom, for this reason she was curious that they cling to one and fear the other. So she said that her plan to sing her song and connect the two worlds was complete and the reason she had come was to open the door of the temple to let her people pass and find her own voice, despite May says that beings humans will continue to defend themselves. Izel then told her that the Shrike have already emptied them and that they cannot resist him and will not oppose him as Pachakutiq did, which May confesses that he is not his favorite. Izel told her that he had been torn between his devotion to May and his devotion to her. Melinda then derides her over death, having pulverized The First, The Second and The Third. Izel then told her that their energies would live in another form, to which May had already felt it in the past, so Melinda told her to prepare to be reborn again. So they started fighting, but Izel's strength equals May's, going so far as to be almost passed off.

Meanwhile, Alphonso Mackenzie, Daisy Johnson, Deke Shaw and Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who had been hit by a Shrike and are feeling ill, but fit to fight, have just arrived at the temple and Deke volunteered to take out the Shrike while the others return Sarge to the planet from which he was expelled, despite Johnson's worries that he doesn't know how to aim and shoot, Mack told him that he trained hard, and that he should see his Videogame, to the great perplexity of Daisy. To avoid discussing it now, Deke motioned for him to move on to face Sarge while he keeps them busy.

As soon as they arrived, Pachakutiq, who was waiting for Izel, asked if they had come to assist him with the arrival of his people, but Mack ignored him and told Daisy to use his powers, thanks to which they discovered for the first time his true form and who is also immune and unbeatable to all physical attacks as well as Quake's powers. Pachakutiq told them that he underestimated him, thinking that Coulson's body had held him forever, but he was 1,000 times more powerful than she, then he took her hand and gave her a strong head, to which Mack responds with gunshots, but they had no effect and, as soon as they were finished, they began a fierce one-on-one fight, during which Mack said he was happy to have the satisfaction of removing him from earthly existence. Yo-Yo ran to help him, but the Shrike mutation had the upper hand and began to transform and be under the mental control of that parasite; then he asked Johnson to kill her, to whom he was reluctant.

Meanwhile, in the Fear Dimension, May and Izel continue to fight each other while the former tries to prevent opening the temple door, but, despite her best efforts, Izel managed to use the fragments of the Di'Allas to open it and when she tried to avoiding May's attacks, the latter knocked her down, but Izel revealed that she didn't need to beat her and that she had done what she had come for, so she would have gone, because so much Melinda, on Earth, was already dead and others they would have erased it from existence in its place, then left, leaving May to fight against its people.

While Deke kept the Shrike occupied, who complained that he wouldn't last long, Yo-Yo was grappling with Daisy to kill her just before the situation got worse. Mack intanta fought again with Pachakutiq, during which the former punched the latter in the face which turned into his true form and in which Pachakutiq punched him hard to knock him out. The latter admired his fighting dedication, but there would be no match with him, but Mack replied that, despite having passed many, he would still be the winner, after receiving another punch in the face from Pachakutiq.

Mack saw Yo-Yo turn into a Shrike and the first begged the latter to stay with her, but Quake confessed to Mack that he had to kill her and he couldn't, so he gave him the Shrike knife to do it himself, while she kept Pachakutiq occupied; but for Yo-Yo it was too late: Yo-Yo was under Shrike's control and began to strangle Mack, in whom Pachakutiq welcomed her to become one of them.

The latter saw that Quake was still trying to fight and asked why he had to do it, because they had a lot of power and instead the humans suffered. While Mack told Yo-Yo that he wouldn't fight with her, Pachakutiq asked her again why she had to keep fighting, so Daisy told him that if she gave up she wouldn't suffer anymore, but he told her that instead she would suffer and that she would selected the incorporeal beings for her to use her flesh and feed on her entrails and told her that in every single moment a battle would rage within her, to which Johnson accepted with challenge.

Just as Pachakutiq was speaking, Izel returned from the Fear Dimension and stealthily approached Daisy, intending to kill her in an ambush, but May, after killing the incorporeal beings that kept her busy, followed her silently and managed to kill her, to which Izel screamed in pain, which May joyfully heard and told her that she had now sung a different song, then took away her sword and turned to dust, causing the death of all the Shrike and saving Yo-Yo, who became the only survivor of a Shrike's death. May then passed Sarge's Sword to Mack. While Johnson kept Pachakutiq busy, Mack finally managed to kill him once and for all and the fear dimension portal closed again.


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