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"I know you're trying to hurt me. If it makes you feel any better, you are; perhaps not in the way you intend, but it still hurts. Even so, it won't end me. And you don't even want that."
―Izel to Sarge[src]

Izel was an ancient entity and the creator of the Shrike. Along with her creations, Izel was responsible for the destruction of multiple planets in her quest to reclaim the Di'Allas. Another entity, Pachakutiq, who was under the false impression that Izel killed his family, attempted to kill her multiple times, but she always managed to escape thanks to her ability to possess others. After the Destruction of Chronyca-2, Izel travelled to Kitson, where she recruited Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz. Upon arriving on Earth, she was confronted by S.H.I.E.L.D. and Sarge's Squad, who destroyed her spaceship. However, she was able to escape by possessing Davis' body. She then infiltrated the Lighthouse by possessing different agents, managing to shoot Sarge and kill Davis in the process. She then took the Gravity Containment Device and escaped in Yo-Yo Rodriguez's body, along with Alphonso Mackenzie. After rebuilding the Di'Allas using Flint's powers, Izel was able to sway Sarge to her side, before meeting her end at the hands of Melinda May.


Early Life

Search for the Di'Allas

"I'm one of the rare few who took my own form, left our realm. You inspired me to do it."
―Izel to Sarge[src]
Izel - Carvings

Incan mythological carving of Izel

Izel was once a non-corporeal entity who was Pachakutiq's mistress before he received a copy of Phil Coulson's body to use as a host. After that, Izel was inspired to create a body for herself and escaped from the Fear Dimension. She arrived on Earth, where she made contact with the Incan civilization, who saw her as a god and placed her in their mythology.[1] They also built the Temple of the Forgotten in Yucatán made from the same material as the Di'Allas, three artifacts that Izel brought with her, which could be used to open a portal to the realm from which Izel came.[2]

Believing that the Di'Allas could help her civilization escape the realm of darkness and gain bodies, she decided to use the artifacts, however, they were stolen and hidden somewhere else on Earth.[3] For many years she searched for Di'Allas and destroyed the planets where she didn't find them. Meanwhile, an amnesic Pachkutiq, going by the name Sarge, began hunting her down, believing that Izel killed his family, when in fact, he was longing for her. This occurred due to Pachakutiq's memories conflicting with the existing memories of the host body.[4]

Destruction of Chronyca-2

After some time, Izel gathered a crew of aliens controlled by the Shrike, and led them to Chronyca-2, where she thought she would find the Di'Allas. However, her ship was destroyed and her entire crew was killed by Sarge's Squad. Sarge also destroyed the planet in an attempt to stop the Shrike from spreading to other planets.[1] She was only able to salvage the jump drive that allowed her to get to other places in the galaxy. Continuing her journey to regain the artifacts, Izel began looking for a new crew, seeking out candidates that had nothing to lose.[3]

Journey to Earth

Recruiting FitzSimmons


Izel watching Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons

"New crew, you mean us?"
"I wish I could say that I saved you out of the kindness of my heart, but I didn't come to Kitson for noble gestures. I came to recruit those with nothing to lose."
Leo Fitz and Izel[src]

In the search of a new crew to help her retrieve what was stolen from her, Izel made her way to Kitson. There she made her way through the casino, trying to recruit people who have nothing to lose. She began to talk to Wayne at the bar, who rejected her offer, saying he wasn't cut out for a crew, and then tried to flirt with her. They were interrupted when three people appeared in the casino all of a sudden, which Izel took notice of, seeing them as the potential for her crew, as they were wanted.

Izel threatens Kitson

Izel calmly threatening to stab Mister Kitson

Learning that the two of the mysterious people she saw were from Earth, exactly where she was wanting to go, Izel stepped in when they were in danger of execution, threatening Mister Kitson by holding her knife to him. She told him that she wanted to purchase them, telling him to force who the victim was going to be, Wayne, noting how everything on Kitson is rigged. Mister Kitson complied, executing Wayne, and Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons were set free. Izel then stood in front of them and offered them a drink. They also convinced her to purchase their friend Enoch from the brothels, which she did.

Izel recruits FitzSimmons

Izel recruiting Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons

They all then gathered at the bar and she was thanked for saving their lives. Izel then told them that she was recruiting them for her crew, as her previous one were all killed. She told them that she needed their expertise as scientists as well as being from Earth to help her locate valuable artifacts that were stolen from her. With Earth being where they have been trying to get to, Fitz and Simmons agreed. However, Izel mentioned how she did not have a ship, due to her previous one being destroyed. However, Fitz told her that he knew of a ship they could use.

Izel forms a new crew

Izel obtains a ship and crew for her journey

They brought Izel to The Lazy Comet, which had been stolen from them by Boyle and Toad. When they entered the ship, Fitz demanded they give over the ship, which they immediately complied with, not wanting any more problems. Izel then convinced the crew occupying the ship to accompany them on their journey. Boyle told her that the ship wouldn't get them to Earth, but Izel informed them of the drive she has, and that she would pay them for helping them. They agreed to join her, and she prepared for departure, telling them to get the drive ready.[3]

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Approaching Earth

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Confronting Sarge

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Izel's Campaign

Infiltration into the Lighthouse

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Interrogating Marcus Benson

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Rebuilding the Di'Allas

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Final Showdown with May

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Despite Izel's benevolent goal of providing bodies for her race, she appears to have homicidal impulses. While in her search for the Di'Allas she destroyed every world she incorrectly believed them to be on. It's unknown whether she did this as a childish fit to vent her frustration, or to ensure she did not return to those planets under the same mistaken assumption. Izel is very pragmatic, and not much for compassion; when she saved Fitz and Simmons, it was so she could make use of their knowledge to get to Earth.

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Powers and Abilities


  • Longevity: Izel was able to survive for thousands of Earth years.
"I'm one of the rare few who took my own form, left our realm."
  • Body Creation: A non-corporeal being, Izel claimed that she was the first of her species to create her own body, and she indeed seemed to have a body of her own, since she could merge her body with others, possessing them, but she could not do the same with stolen bodies, as she had to get between one body to another when she played around with team S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Shrike Creation: Izel was able to create parasitic creatures, the Shrike. She could also cause the Shrike to rapidly mature thanks to careful nursing and soft humming.
    • Hive Mind System: Using her Shrikes, she was able to command the creatures and their hosts instantly without any complication. The hosts parasitized by her Shrikes were either used for mass destruction or to serve Izel without any objection.
"She's aligning her atoms through harmonic resonance."
Leo Fitz[src]
  • Possession:
    Izel possessing Deke and Mack

    Izel possessing Deke Shaw and Alphonso Mackenzie

    Izel was able to completely possess the bodies of others. Those who she possessed did not seem to have any memory of what happened while possessed by her and only felt they had lost time. She displayed that she could use this power to disorient people by possessing and unpossessing them instantaneously. However, despite possessing bodies, Izel could not access the memories of her host. Izel could also use the powers of her hosts in case they had any, as she could use Yo-Yo Rodriguez' Inhuman powers to get out of the Lighthouse, showing the capability to instantly master any ability her hosts possibly had.
"Bullets can't harm me any more than they can harm you."
  • Superhuman Durability: Izel's body had a certain degree of resilience enough to resist multiple gunshots from Sarge without even flinching. It also appeared to carry over whilst in possession of someone else, as she, whilst in Piper's body, shot herself in the hand with no discomfort.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Izel displayed enhanced reflexes as she was able to catch unharmed a rock spike projected towards her at high speed by Flint from a very short distance.
"I sang my song, connected our worlds."
―Izel to Melinda May[src]
  • Di'Allas Manipulation: By singing a specific song, Izel was able to force the Di'Allas to get into a resonance state, which turned them into a liquid form which could be used to create a portal between Earth and the Fear Dimension.

Former Powers

"You just locked up our two strongest assets against her."
"No. He locked up the two strongest weapons she could use against us. Imagine if she got in one of them. If Izel got your powers, we're all dead."
Davis and Melinda May[src]

When possessing an Inhuman, or anyone else with superhuman powers, Izel had full access to their powers until such time as she left their body.

Possessing Yo-Yo Rodriguez

"Who'd be foolish enough to stop me when I could slice your throats before you even know what's happened?"
  • Superhuman Speed: When possessing Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Izel gained the ability to move at extreme speeds for the length of one of her host's heartbeats, retrograding back to her starting position.
  • Superhuman Strength: Rodriguez has bionic arms which grant her extreme strength in addition to her Inhuman powers, which Izel used to catastrophically break Flint's leg.

Possessing Flint

"I thought your friends would bring me the Monoliths. Instead, they brought me you."
―Izel to Flint[src]


"I don't need fighters. I can handle that."
―Izel to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]
  • Combatant: Izel is a very skilled fighter, for she was able to hold her own for a long period of time against Melinda May.
  • Sword Mastery: Izel is a very skilled swordsman as she was able to go toe to toe with Melinda May in a sword fight and hold her own for a while before being defeated.



Other Equipment




  • Lighthouse: While Izel was in possession of Melinda May's body, she was temporarily an inmate of the Lighthouse before entering Diaz's body and left.





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  • The name "Izel" is derived from Ixchel, a Mayan jaguar goddess of medicine and birth. In the comics, Ixchel has aided goddesses from other cultures in confronting the Celestials.

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