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"I know you're trying to hurt me. If it makes you feel any better, you are; perhaps not in the way you intend, but it still hurts. Even so, it won't end me. And you don't even want that."
―Izel to Sarge[src]

Izel was an ancient entity and the creator of the Shrike. Along with her creations, Izel was responsible for the destruction of multiple planets in her quest to reclaim the Di'Allas. Another entity, Pachakutiq, who was under the false impression that Izel killed his family, attempted to kill her multiple times, but she always managed to escape thanks to her ability to possess others. After the Destruction of Chronyca-2, Izel travelled to Kitson, where she recruited Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz. Upon arriving on Earth, she was confronted by S.H.I.E.L.D. and Sarge's Squad, who destroyed her spaceship. However, she was able to escape by possessing James Davis' body. She then infiltrated the Lighthouse by possessing different agents, managing to shoot Sarge and kill Davis in the process. She then took the Gravity Containment Device and escaped in Yo-Yo Rodriguez's body, along with Alphonso Mackenzie who volunteered to go with her. After rebuilding the Di'Allas using Flint's powers, Izel was able to sway Sarge to her side, before meeting her end at the hands of Melinda May.


Early Life

Search for the Di'Allas

"I'm one of the rare few who took my own form, left our realm. You inspired me to do it."
―Izel to Sarge[src]

Incan mythological carving of Izel

Izel was once a non-corporeal entity who was the lover of Pachakutiq. Millennia ago, she was inspired to have a body for herself and the others of their kind and left her homeworld, taking the Di'Allas with her.[5] Since these Monoliths were needed to open a portal between the two dimensions so that the inhabitants of the Fear Dimension could take physical form by possessing bodies, Pachakutiq tasked Izel open the portal in the Temple of the Forgotten.[7] To accomplish Pachakutiq's goal, Izel took a corporeal form.[5] She came to Earth, where a temple was build on the Yucatan from the same stone as Di'Allas.

However, the Di'Allas were stolen from her, and believing they left the planet, Izel ventured across the galaxy searching for them, a task which would take her centuries.[8] For many years she searched for Di'Allas and destroyed the planets where she did not find them. Meanwhile, an amnesic Pachakutiq, going by the name Sarge, began hunting her down, believing that Izel killed his family, when in fact, he was longing for her. This occurred due to Pachakutiq's memories conflicting with the existing memories of the host body he now inhabited, Phil Coulson.[5]

Destruction of Chronyca-2

After some time, Izel gathered a crew of aliens controlled by the Shrike, and led them to Chronyca-2, where she thought she would find the Di'Allas. However, her ship was destroyed and her entire crew was killed by Sarge's Squad. Sarge also destroyed the planet in an attempt to stop the Shrike from spreading to other planets.[3] She was only able to salvage the jump drive that allowed her to get to other places in the galaxy. Continuing her journey to regain the artifacts, Izel began looking for a new crew, seeking out candidates that had nothing to lose.[2]

Journey to Earth

Recruiting FitzSimmons

Izel watching Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons

"New crew, you mean us?"
"I wish I could say that I saved you out of the kindness of my heart, but I didn't come to Kitson for noble gestures. I came to recruit those with nothing to lose."
Leo Fitz and Izel[src]

In the search of a new crew to help her retrieve what was stolen from her, Izel made her way to Kitson. There she made her way through the casino, trying to recruit people who have nothing to lose. She began to talk to Wayne at the bar, who rejected her offer, saying he wasn't cut out for a crew, and then tried to flirt with her. They were interrupted when three people appeared in the casino all of a sudden, which Izel took notice of, seeing them as the potential for her crew, as they were wanted.

Izel calmly threatening to stab Mister Kitson

Learning that the two of the mysterious people she saw were from Earth, exactly where she was wanting to go, Izel stepped in when they were in danger of execution, threatening Mister Kitson by holding her knife to him. She told him that she wanted to purchase them, telling him to force who the victim was going to be, Wayne, noting how everything on Kitson is rigged. Mister Kitson complied, executing Wayne, and Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons were set free. Izel then stood in front of them and offered them a drink. They also convinced her to purchase their friend Enoch from the brothels, which she did.

Izel recruiting Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons

They all then gathered at the bar and she was thanked for saving their lives. Izel then told them that she was recruiting them for her crew, as her previous one were all killed. She told them that she needed their expertise as scientists as well as being from Earth to help her locate valuable artifacts that were stolen from her. With Earth being where they have been trying to get to, Fitz and Simmons agreed. However, Izel mentioned how she did not have a ship, due to her previous one being destroyed. However, Fitz told her that he knew of a ship they could use.

Izel obtains a ship and crew for her journey

They brought Izel to The Lazy Comet, which had been stolen from them by Boyle and Toad. When they entered the ship, Fitz demanded they give over the ship, which they immediately complied with, not wanting any more problems. Izel then convinced the crew occupying the ship to accompany them on their journey. Boyle told her that the ship wouldn't get them to Earth, but Izel informed them of the drive she has, and that she would pay them for helping them. They agreed to join her, and she prepared for departure, telling them to get the drive ready.[2]

Approaching Earth

Izel orders Boyle to leave the bridge

"I envy that you're almost home. I'm afraid I'll never see mine again."
―Izel to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

As soon as the Lazy Comet took off, Boyle complained to Izel that their spaceship would not survive a thunderstorm hypersault, to which Toad agreed, stating that it could turn into dust. Izel asked Leo Fitz, knowing he had traveled on the ship before, if the danger was imminent. Fitz explained there were risks of happening, but he reassured Izel that the Lazy Comet was solid, as it had survived two solar storms in the past. He claimed that the odds were very good, so Izel told her crew to prepare for the jump, disregarding Boyle's protests. She angrily ordered him to leave the bridge. Jemma Simmons then asked Izel to leave the outer space, so she activated the temporal hypersault. The jump was successful and the ship began approaching Earth.

Izel holding a new born Shrike in her hands

Izel izolated herself from the crew and sang a song, giving birth to a strange alien bat, which turned out to be a Shrike. Subsequently, Izel returned to the bridge and asked Fitz-Simmons if everything was going well, to which which they revealed that they wanted to decode the spaceship communications to contact their friends on Earth. So they told Izel that were hurrying to land on Earth and that they couldn't wait to finally embrace their closest friends.

Izel discusses the Di'Allas with Fitz-Simmons

Izel felt a strong envy of them, because she had not seen her home all her life, since she had to look for the artifacts. Simmons offered to help her along with Fitz. Izel thanked the, stating that all the people she had encountered throughout the galaxy turned out to be fools or thieves. Simmons asked Izel to describe the artifacts she was looking for. Izel revealed that the artifacts were called Di'Allas and that they were stolen from her world several millennia ago. She said that the Di'Allas were able to create and move being across space and time, which made Fitz recognize them as the Monoliths. Izel was confused at first, so Simmons told her that she believed the Chronicoms were in the possession of the Di'Allas. To hide her involvement in the destruction of Chronyca-2, Izel lied to the humans, saying that she too had known about it, but that she and her crew had been attacked and that the planet had been destroyed.

Izel talks about Sarge

Izel feared that if she couldn't find the Di'Allas immediately, the Earth would end up the same way. Fitz then asked her if the Monoliths came from her home planet, and Izel said they had been created to connect all life forms of the universe, but that a man did not appreciate that, explaining that it was he and his team who killed her men and destroyed her spaceship. Izel claimed that he would not stop until he was able to eliminate her. Simmons asked why the man was so determined to destroy her, to which Izel replied that she knew what he really was and the truth about him.[3]

Crew Mutation

Izel begins to infect her crew with the Shrike

"What is that?"
"It's beautiful, isn't it?"
"What is it? Some kind of pet?"
"That's a nice way to say it."
―Izel and Toad[src]

Meanwhile, as she was approaching Earth, Izel began to transform the whole crew into zombies, thanks to the Shrike. Toad, while he was going to take a jar of candy he had hidden, saw his colleagues firm as strange looking statues, and believed that they had come for his candy.

Izel kills Toad

In the corridor, however, he met Izel, believing that she too had come for her candies, when she asked what they are, to which he, jealous, did not want to give them to him, but was intrigued by the bat he carries in his hands, in which she said it was beautiful. Toad then asked if he was some kind of pet, to which Izel said he had guessed, then throwing the Shrike into Toad's mouth allowing the former to control the latter as a puppet.[3]

Confronting Sarge

"What is it you always said? People fantasize about doing something heroic, but in the end, they save their own skin. Whose skin are you saving now? Just the one you're wearing, I hope."
"Come see me and find out."
"I will."
―Izel and Sarge[src]

As Lazy Comet got closer and closer to the tower that was created by Izel's Shrike, Simmons says there are 5 minutes to go and asked Fitz how it goes with the radio, in which the latter replies that he has been working on it for hours and which still cannot transmit a signal. So Simmons asked to keep trying and that maybe they'll be lucky to send the first signal if they get close and, as he said it, he saw the crew gather in silence, as they stare fixedly in mid-air, which is not normal, according to Fitz.

Simmons thinks they have been infected with an alien microorganism, which is true. He thinks it's a candy party, but she disagrees, because they see that they are not happy. Then Fitz said that whatever they were, he should not reach the surface of the Earth, where Simmons agreed that whatever problem they had, they must determine the cause, before landing, but there was no need, because they had already found it: Izel.

She went up on the bridge to see how the work of Fitz-Simmons proceeded, who tried to escape, but the Shrike blocked their way; so she asked if they were ready for the arrival, to which Simmons said he was looking forward, but asked what the crew had, if he felt good or not, in which Izel replied, without involving the Shrike, who did not they heard nothing, to which he mentioned that the two of them had also said that they thought they were poor obtuse, and that he had given them a much more noble purpose, which Simmons found generous.

Fitz asked what was the purpose for which they felt nothing, in which Izel replied if they feared to end up like men, in which he said that he did not even dream of it and that he did not know what they were worth. Simmons then asked if the two of them were worth more than he had already paid and she replied that it was rare to find two intelligent beings like the two of them in the Galaxy, people who saw potential in everything and that she needed their terrestrial experience, in which Fitz said that the Earth had potential and Izel said they had to see what they had built on their planet, but she, through telepathy, saw that the tower that the Shrike had built had been destroyed due to the crash of Sarge's Truck against them.

Izel senses the Shrike tower being destroyed

Seeing that the tower had been destroyed, Izel sensed that they would be in danger, and that Fitz-Simmons would also be in danger and asked them if they knew that they would attack his tower, to which they two told the truth that they did not know it and that they didn't know what was going on on Earth, since they hadn't been back for a year, but Izel didn't believe them, saying that perhaps he had overestimated their intelligence.

Simmons said they don't know what's going on there, but promised that their friends would give them a hand and Izel said that if they don't help them immediately, the consequences can be disastrous and Simmons told her that she can swear it and give them some more minute to the communicators so they would hear their opinion, according to Fitz. So Izel told them to contact them immediately, until they can talk and live and asked Boyle to take them to the exosphere. She wondered if the Earth was much more hostile than she thought, or that the man who was chasing her had already arrived before her.

While Izel was working with one of the crew to pilot the spaceship, Fitz-Simmons had to hurry to contact the others immediately because if they could not, Izel would have given them a more noble purpose, so Fitz had to say that he was more optimistic and Simmons said that space travel had this effect behind them. Fitz wondered if the distress call had changed this year. Simmons said no, fortunately. Izel replied to them how long it took to finish repairing the communicators and Fitz replied that they were almost done and there was a buzz, a sign that it worked.

Simmons then tried to contact the S.H.I.E.L.D., hoping that he would receive them while Izel watched. After a few seconds, Davis answered the call on Zephyr One and Simmons confirmed their identities, to which Davis was so happy to hear their voices and also confirmed his identity, with a joke about the code, to be more optimistic. Simmons said his code is wrong, but Davis was sure it was his which they two get loud and clear at. Under threat from Sarge, who was also on Zephyr One, Davis asked if the two of them were on the spaceship that had now entered the stratosphere, to which Simmons confirmed and also said that the landing point had been compromised.

Sarge then increased the frequency and told Simmons if Izel was listening with her, shocked to believe it was Phil Coulson, while she believed he had been dead for a year now. So Sarge gave her the message that he had killed the Shrike, destroyed the tower and was coming to get it, in which Izel said he was happy that Sarge remembered his name and told him to come to her, that he would remind him of his.

Izel speaks with Sarge over the radio

Fitz tried to work out what they had heard, because Simmons had clearly told him that he was dead, and therefore it couldn't be him. Then she asked him why the man had the same voice. Izel and Sarge verbally challenged each other to a duel, in which the former said she did not know what her name was, while the latter said she did not trust the names, preferring the actions, while Izel told him if Sarge's actions languish, in which quest the latter said that the crew had killed him and had almost killed her in the meantime, while Izel mocked him that he had destroyed the planet in the process. Sarge then told her that she had already infected Chronyca-2 before he reached her and that she had severed her limbs, stopping the epidemic.

Izel calls him a hero, reminding him of the words he always said: that people dream of making heroic deeds, but in the end they save their skin. So she asked him which skin he wants to save, if it is the one that is attached to him. Sarge asked her to come and find out, to which Izel accepted the proposal, saying that it was time for him to come to his senses and find peace. She said she didn't want to destroy him, but that she would do it and he said he couldn't wait to kill her and that he was as sure as death. Izel then asked him why he wanted to kill her, and Sarge replied that he had deprived him of his family, his woman, his home and taking away what was left of him and all his memories. Izel then told him that she had not stolen his memories: it was he who never had them.[4]

Escape of the Lazy Comet

Izel got angry that Fitz-Simmons had recognized Sarge's voice and asked them if they knew him well or if they had conspired against her all the time, to which Fitz said they would never do it and that they have always been anti-spiritualists and that they knew a man who had a voice like that of the man they had heard, but who was dead, to whom Simmons agreed and that there had to be an explanation of what had happened, but Izel did not believe them, thinking they were telling only lies, not knowing that they were telling the pure truth, and asked his men to take them into custody, to which Fitz asked Izel to reason and he and Simmons took his men's guns pointing them at him, to which Izel told them if they had the courage to save one's skin, in which the two of them escaped by closing the door on his men, leaving it alone on the bridge, while his men hunted them.

Subsequently, the S.H.I.E.L.D., along with Jaco, a member of Sarge's team, came on the Lazy Comet to save Fitz-Simmons from Izel and his men and, as they fought against them, the group split up: Jaco and Davis fought the men of Izel, while Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez searched for Fitz-Simmons and found them, when they were discovered by Boyle and Toad, so Yo-Yo tied them to a cylinder, saving them.

In the meantime, Jaco and Davis glimpsed Izel on the bridge and the latter reminded Jaco not to intervene for any reason, but the latter insists on closing the mission, to which Davis accepted; so he asked Jaco to take the stairs, while he surprises her from behind. But Izel, without both noticing, left the bridge and went to a room, where he was glimpsed by Davis, who tried to stop her, but was possessed by her and went again on the bridge, believing that she was disappearance. Jaco wondered where he was and Davis replied that he wasn't here. suddenly one of Izel's men came and Jaco knocked him out and he and Davis tried to escape.

Fitz informed Mack that all the crew members had become zombies, which Yo-Yo replied was not a number, then reunited with "Davis" and Jaco, who asked him to come back, which they had almost taken, but Mack said they had to leave the spaceship immediately, that the mission had been accomplished. Yo-Yo told him he had to live to fight another day; but Izel's men had taken possession of Quinjet, so they had to devise an emergency plan immediately, to which Jaco had one. They locked themselves in the hatch that leads into space and Jaco used his jacket to open the paint portal that was inside it and they found themselves on the roof of Sarge's Truck, to which Simmons told Jaco she liked it, to which he blushed, saying that he is someone who likes it. After entering the roof of the truck, Melinda May, Daisy Johnson, Deke Shaw and Snowflake who also were happy to see them, especially Fitz, in whom Deke hugged him tightly, after a year that has not seen each other, also entered to find themselves. May asked how they got here, which Mack replied was Jaco's credit, but he used the paint portal to create an entrance that would take him back to the spaceship and they saw that he had the Atom Bomb in his hand.

Jaco asked to tell Sarge that he completed the mission, but Yo-Yo said he didn't have to do it for him, but Jaco corrected it, saying he was doing it for himself. Snowflake begged Jaco not to go, but he asked her to be quiet, that he would come back like a butterfly, as she had always wanted to see. So Jaco came in, and when he saw Izel's men, he used his breath of fire to detonate the atom bomb he was carrying, killing himself, Izel's men and detonating the Lazy Comet in the process.[4]

Izel's Campaign

Infiltration into the Lighthouse

"Things don't have to be painful. They can be so easy. I just need to know who has the most power. You all seem like friends, so let's be smart about this. Just give me what I want. And I'll be on my way."
―Izel to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents[src]

Izel, after returning to the Lighthouse with the others, in order not to arouse suspicion, behaved as her guest did, chatting with Piper, in which she said she was happy that Davis escaped death again, to which Izel agreed; but Piper said that all this was sad and she took vacation days because she is very young, because she has a life ahead and does not have a child who runs around the house like Davis', but he left immediately. She asked him if his son was a nuisance like his father, but as soon as he turned around, he saw that he had fallen asleep, in which Piper said that Davis sleeps better at the lighthouse than at his home. She tried to wake him up when Mack wanted attention for a speech he wanted to make, but in vain.

He spoke to those who are with the S.H.I.E.L.D. from the beginning, like Melinda May, Daisy Johnson and Yo-Yo Rodriguez, for example, to those who had recently started the journey, like Deke Shaw, and to the agents who had lost in service, such as Damon Keller and Fox and to those who instead they are back, like Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, and to those who remain close for better or worse even if there is no longer, like Phil Coulson, because without each of them, the S.H.I.E.L.D. it would not exist, to which he wanted to propose a toast also to the new beginnings, to which everyone accepted. Meanwhile, Izel, in Davis' body, still asleep, was the subject of a joke by Piper to post on Social Media.

Izel possessing Melinda May shooting Sarge

After recovering, eating and drinking, Izel went in search of the cell where Sarge lives, causally running into Melinda May, who was going to sleep after the party they had had. So he left Davis' body and went into May's body, in which he was sweet to Davis, telling him that he was in trouble, for which Davis could not deny it, having had a blackout because of Izel's possession of his body, to which he had recovered after moving to May, and going to sleep, and Davis went there, believing that he had a hangover. So Izel, in May's body, took a gun and went to look for Sarge, who was surprised to see her. Seeing that May was silent, she told him that he was not here to speak, but to kill him and that's it, to which Izel shot him three shots in the chest and one in the head, not to kill him, but to awaken the true self and the true personality of Pachakutiq.[4]

After shooting him, the alarm went off, in which the agents arrived and rescued Sarge but Izel did not speak and Fitz-Simmons were shocked to see Coulson injured, in which Mackenzie said he was not Coulson, but that they had to do everything possible to save him. Then Mack went inside to talk to what he thought May was, during which he confessed that she was the one who shot him and the reason was because it was necessary.

Izel was then taken to another cell to talk to Daisy, who was shocked by her action and was surprised that she didn't say anything after shooting him, which isn't from May. Izel so asked if she knew what he was and she said no, but she knew what he was capable of, that he was ready to kill the S.H.I.E.L.D. team and thousands of innocents and this shows that it is not Coulson, to whom Izel agreed. Daisy said that although she deserved it, she also knew May for a long time and knows that she was never an executioner. As she continued to say about her face, Izel interrupted her, saying that her face had nothing to do with it, although Daisy said that it troubled her to see him with Coulson's face, which also confused her, but that S.H.I.E.L.D. it does not act in this way, that Izel's gesture had been extreme, during which Izel said that an extreme gesture was needed.

After she was left alone with Diaz, Izel left May's body and, when Yo-Yo asked her to give them a minute, Izel went out, meanwhile wandering through the corridors of the Lighthouse in search of the Di'Allas, running into Piper, who was going to May's quarters to check if there was anything out of place on Daisy's behalf. She suspiciously asked who she was and when Izel jumped out he tried to shoot her, but she proved immune to bullets, almost fatally injuring Diaz in the process, when Izel knocked her out and left Diaz's body to take over the body by Piper.[5]

Search of the Di'Allas

Now in possession of his body, Izel went to the laboratory where he met Deke and Fitz, asking them if there was anything strange in May, who replied that she was the usual stoic and thoughtful, at least until now. Fitz asked Izel if he had seen something different in her, to which Izel replied that he had seen nothing and that he hopes that he will get away with it. Then he said that he will also ask the other agents if May was strange, minutes ago, but, in reality, he went secretly to get a Shrike crystal, with which, thanks to the water, he went to locate the Di'Allas, given that that crystal was made of its own material.

Izel possessing Piper running into Deke Shaw

While looking for them, he ran into Deke Shaw, who wanted to know how anyone knew if someone liked someone else's company, lying that it was for an app, to which Izel didn't know the answer. Then Deke asked that, since he had seen her chatting with Fitz, if he would say if it was the example of a grandfather who appreciates the company of his grandson and who for once does not hate him to death. Izel then said yes, to which Deke said he believed it too, until he saw that she was holding a Shrike crystal, in which she warned that they were very dangerous and that she should not handle them for any reason and the she also said she could turn her into a Zombie, but she probably didn't know because Piper had been in space for about a year.

Izel jumping into Deke Shaw

Then he asked her to give it to him, which brought him back to the laboratory. Izel wanted her not to notice, so she left Piper's body and moved into Shaw's body, while she said she felt rather strange. Izel asked her if everything was going well and that she looked tired. Piper was afraid of not being very lucid at this moment, to which Izel replied that she was not the only one and that it happens to everyone, hiding the fact that she was in that mental blackout story, and asked her to go to to rest, to which Piper agreed, while she continued her search for the Monoliths.

Izel talking to Julian

Izel saw that the Shrike crystal was leading her to a door, where she used the voice command to open the door, when she was discovered by a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, asking if he needed help, in which Izel said that the door would not open because he believed that no longer works well; but the agent said that the door actually works well, but that only higher-level members would enter, to prevent S.H.I.E.L.D. technology from being stolen to make money by believing he was talking to Shaw. Izel asked if he was of a higher level, but the agent asked if he looked like the manager, to whom Izel replied no, but who had seen people who might appear to be.[5]

Secret Discovered

To avoid suspicion, Izel left Deke Shaw's body and entered Leo Fitz's, heading to the control center, seeing that the agents knew of his actions and his ability, but that they did not know what he wanted, after taking precautions and counted the agents of the lighthouse and that they had to find only her. James Davis replied that he had shot Sarge, who was perhaps pointing at him; but Daisy Johnson said that after doing so she could run away and that no one had entered or left, so she wondered why she stayed. So Izel, in Fitz's body, advised to ask who she is now. Davis said to isolate and interrogate the agents one by one, but Melinda May advise against it, if she is asking the questions. Izel said she needed a technological approach and that she could be anyone inside the base and May said she could also be one of them in the room where they are now.

Being terrified of this fact, nobody spoke, which Davis found even more disturbing. Alphonso Mackenzie said May was right that Izel could be among them watching and studying them, which was true, since he was in Fitz's body. Yo-Yo Rodriguez points out that they did not know what his moves were to be able to fight her, but they had an advantage, and that when he was in May's body, he didn't know the memories of his life and he lied; so Mackenzie sensed that when he takes possession of the victims he has no access to the guest's memories. So, Rodriguez proposes to tell personal secrets that she may not know and that the more personal they are the better, but that must be a secret she has told another person, to whom they can confirm. So the plan is to know in which body Izel is and if he is not one of them, they had to interrogate the other agents and it was the best plan they had, since they have no other choice.

However, Shaw protested, since he talked a lot and that he had no secrets for them, but Mack asked him if he had a better idea. After assessing that Mackenzie, May, Johnson and Rodriguez were not owned by Izel, the latter two were locked up by Mackenzie, for their safety, despite Davis' protests that their powers could be useful against Izel, but May did note that the reason he had locked them up was because Izel could use their powers against them and that they would be passed off if he took one of them. Mackenzie asked Johnson and Rodriguez to stay inside his office at any cost until they took her. Shaw asked if it could be a trick and if Izel could be inside him, but Rodriguez said he knew what to ask Daisy and that he was okay.

Seeing Davis having his hand on the gun, Mackenzie decided to evaluate it, despite his protests that he had no secrets that anyone could know, but Johnson said he was wrong and that he had one: that he had taken something on Krylor. Davis wondered how he knew and she told him that if he commands the mission he knows everything and that he had not been casual at all. So Davis reluctantly confessed that he had stolen a space pen on Krylor, and said that he did not know that aliens also wrote, which was a fig for him. Johnson confirmed that he was also okay, despite saying that he was ridiculous.

Shaw said he was not comfortable and that there had to be another way to find her, but Piper interrupted him, saying that Izel was inside him, not knowing that Shaw had really come to his senses when she entered Fitz's body. Shaw protested, saying he could not know, but Piper said he had had a blackout for an hour and that when she recovered there was Shaw doing the calculations, but he said that he too had had a blackout and that it was the pure truth and that the last thing he remembered seeing was Piper, but she did not believe him, saying that Izel could say the same, but he said he knows he is and Deke asked who Piper was.

Izel reveals herself to S.H.I.E.L.D.

As Shaw and Piper argued, Mackenzie turned his attention to Fitz, seeing him distracted, and asked him what he thought of it, in which Izel said it is clear that one of them must answer; but Mackenzie asked Fitz where Jemma Simmons was when they met, but Izel said he was asking a lot of questions and that they all knew that the wisest move would be to take the director, and that it happened to be him. May again asked where Simmons was, but Mackenzie said he didn't know the answer, confirming that Izel was inside Fitz, who, unable to keep his secret for long, revealed himself, leaving Fitz's body, leaving the latter disoriented.

Izel told them he wouldn't hurt them and that everything could go smoothly, but he wanted to know who was more powerful and went into Piper's body, saying that they seemed good friends and to be smarter and also told them to give what he wants she then passed into Shaw's body, saying that she will go away after getting what she wanted; but Mack started hurting Deke, believing that Izel would come out, but she said it was not a good plan, his, thus going through Mack's body, saying that he would kill anyone when he wanted, inviting Daisy and Yo-Yo to stop her, asking what makes them so special, but Daisy said not to intervene, despite Yo-Yo's protests. Then Izel came out of Mack's body, saying that everything was happening quickly and that it was hard to keep up.

Izel possessing Piper shooting her hand

Piper pointed the gun at her, but she said it was a bad idea, and so she entered her body and pointed her gun at them and then at her, shooting her hand, injuring her. Izel so said if the message was clear and that things can get worse, if it rages again and she wanted someone who had access to the door she had found before and that she would be gone, but Mack told Davis to shoot her, but he is afraid. Mackenzie said he just had to hurt her and that he would finish Izel when he went out, although Izel said he didn't do things they'll regret, but Mack ordered to fire.

Izel then moved from body to body to reach Davis, saying that he had warned them that things could get worse and that it was now too late to go back and so forced Davis to lean over a ledge, telling Piper that he would done something very daring and very fragile, thus coming out of Davis' body, clinging to the railing and causing him to fall off the ledge, killing him instantly, to Piper's horror.

Then Izel jumped into Mack's body and pointed the gun at his head, telling them not to follow her because he didn't want any more victims and so, now in Mack's body, he went to open the door he found earlier. When he met an agent outside that door, he told him to give him his handcuffs. After taking them, he opened the door thanks to eye recognition, and, after doing so, he handcuffed Mack and gave him two heads, making him unconscious, while Izel came out of his body. When he entered the door there was the Gravity Containment Device, which they had kept behind that door because it was considered dangerous, due to the energy of the Monoliths, in which Izel was happy to have found them, even if they are not physically there, because feel their energy.[5]

Speech with Sarge

While Izel saw that the energy of the Di'Allas was inside that container, Sarge joined her, who told him that they were not there, but that he sensed their presence, just as she feels him and he feels her. Izel said Sarge knew where to find her and wondered how long it would take her while he tried to shoot her. She said that the bullets do not hurt either of them now and he said that even if he did not know how, he would kill her right away, and she defined him as tender and that he had not understood that he was not here to kill her, but to join to her, to whom Sarge said he was wrong.

Izel said he knew it was very difficult to accept, but said that he and she were tied like the notes of a melody, while Sarge continued to shoot her and she asked him to listen to the voice that rose inside him when Sarge fired at the last bullet, remaining without ammunition. Izel said he is trying to hurt her and told him that he managed to hurt her, to console him, but not as he wanted, but it was painful and told her that he would not be able to eliminate her and did not want him.

Sarge told her that he was happy to eliminate her, as she wanted to kill him, but Izel told him that if he wanted to kill him he would already be dead and that he wanted to wake him up, but Sarge said that he was already awake enough to remember the people and family he had and he loved and the pain when he took them away from him, to which Izel said it was not true. Sarge thought he denied having eliminated them, but she said he did not have a family and that those memories are not his, to which he said it made no sense. She asked him how he had eliminated them, but he did not know it because it never happened, so she told him that that family was not his and that it was a train an echo of the man who owned that body. Sarge then managed to see that the woman he loved and his daughter were actually Melinda May and Daisy Johnson, people to whom the guest Sarge occupies, loved more than anything else, in which the latter was terrified of him, who did not understand what was happening.

Izel told him that she was now beginning to understand herself and wondered why she had this shape and where it came from, but on Earth they recognized her face. Then he told him that the Di'Allas had created his body and sent him through Space-Time into their kingdom: a planet where they had no form and desired it. She and Sarge had seen that a human body that had shape had arrived, in which the latter was appropriate, losing himself and her, in the process and who together with the guest had also inherited his earthly bonds, that is, memories that were not his.

Sarge then asked Izel, that if he did not have a family and that they were not dead, why he was blaming her, to whom Izel said that the guest he occupies had silenced his true being, but that he remembered his name as a song that remained in the head and also remembered his: Pachakutiq. Izel said his people spoke it without making sounds, but Sarge pointed the gun at him, telling him that he was hunting her, but Izel reminded him that he was not hunting her, but that he craved her and that Phil Coulson's body had him confused. So Izel told him that she was one of the few people who had left their kingdom and taken a shape of their own, because it was he who inspired her and that in order to follow her, he had to choose a human guest, to whom Sarge he cried in terror. The latter told her that he was manipulating him, and that he would never follow her, but Izel said that by now he had done it and it was perfect, that they had found the Di'Allas and fulfilled their wishes, to which Sarge replied which ones.

Izel replied that he wanted to give their people a great gift: to open a portal with the Di'Allas for the Earth and throughout the Galaxy to give them a form, whether human or alien, to which Sarge sensed that they were involved the Shrike, in which she told him that there were billions of guests waiting all over the Galaxy, as Sarge had imagined. So she asked him to deprive himself of the chains that the human race had put on him and to wake up a little. Sarge seemed to give in to Izel's request, but it did not work, because he swore that he would stop her. Izel then told him that the only thing that was capable of destroying her was inside him and that he was afraid to let her out for now.[5]

Escape of the Lighthouse

As he was leaving, Izel met Mack, Daisy and Yo-Yo, to whom he greeted them. Izel tried to take over Daisy, but Yo-Yo, knowing how destructive and lethal Johnson's powers were, got in the way between her and Daisy, welcoming her as her guest, in the process. Izel saw how special her power was and that she now understood why Mack wanted to keep her away. Mack tried to threaten Izel, but she said it was a perfect way to escape from the lighthouse and that they would be unconscious to face it before it cut their throats even before they took a single step and Daisy said if she could really believe they would come out on her legs, to which Izel said no, that they would fly her. Mack gave him the Zephyr One, but swore he would come with her, much to Johnson's dismay. Izel finally understood the manifestations of human love and possession, then accepted his invitation, as there was room for both of them on the plane and told Mack that they had to leave immediately, although Daisy tried to prevent it. So they headed for the corridors, while Mack asked the agents they met to step aside, to prevent Izel from killing them.

Before boarding the plane, May nodded to Mack, who greeted him. Daisy firmly believed that she was making a big mistake, but May said that he was doing what was right, despite Daisy saying that he handed himself over to her, but May contradicted her, telling her that there was a reason if he voluntarily gave himself up: because he trusted his team. And so the two of them watched Mack and Izel fly away with the Zephyr.[5]

Interrogating Marcus Benson

"I won't give you anything."
"You believe that now, but will you feel the same when death is closing in?"
Marcus Benson and Izel[src]

After traveling on Zephyr One for hours, Yo-Yo woke up from his Izel blackout and saw that his hands were covered in blood, seeing that Izel had hurt Mackenzie, so he went to see if he was okay and when she saw her wounds, she was shocked, but Mack reassured her, telling her that it wasn't her fault and that she was fine, but Yo-Yo, afraid, said that it had been her and Mack said that it had been Izel, who took herself possession of her body, taking her hostage to escape, in which she said she wanted to take Daisy and that she wanted to protect her, to which Mack was grateful for protecting her, that the agents were safe and that they were the only ones.

Yo-Yo, while giving Mack some ice, asked the latter why he had left them alive and he replied that he wanted to extract information from them about a temple where the monoliths were to be brought and activated. So she sensed that he had stolen the Gravity Containment Device and he said that it contains their energies as if it were a bottle and that she would like to open it, but did not know where to do it and he had said nothing. Yo-Yo said then, that Izel can hurt them as much as he wants, because they didn't know anything about the temple, but Marcus Benson knew it, however, at those words, Izel, who turned out to be in possession of Mack's body, said he didn't having ever heard of him, to Yo-Yo's horror, and, after leaving Mack's body, he decided to call him immediately because he wanted to know him.

After calling him, Izel took Mack's body back into hiding and asked Yo-Yo not to make stupid pranks, or he could suffocate her with his own hands. When he landed on the Zephyr, Marcus Benson told "Mack" that he was very happy to see him, to whom Izel said that the pleasure was the same and that he was happy to see the plane he had told him about, but he expected us to was more personal. Izel said that this mission is very private and that the enemy he is studying was no longer theoretically and that they wanted to choose who to trust. Then Benson immediately began to tell what he had experienced during his beautiful adventure. He began to say that the runes they see on the monitor hint at a site where the Di'Allas, commonly called the Monoliths, serve to open an inter-dimensional passage, between the Earth and the planet from which Izel originates, to which she herself he asked for what purpose.

Benson then replied that he had found a reference on the trapped souls who were anxious to be free, which referred to the people of Izel, then asked her to interpret them as she wanted. Izel then asked him where he was, to which he said he had narrowed down his searches to three possible sites, but he bet that it was where the Lay Lines intersected and that Keller was right, in which Yo-Yo said that she would tell him his words, in which they might like him.

Izel then proposed to start there, to which Benson proposed that first they had to look for refutable evidence and that he would do a check from the top of the three sites, to which she asked that the sites could have someone else examine them, but he said that secrecy should be maintained until they are confident enough. Izel asked to show her the coordinates on the map, but he didn't. So he asked again, and that was an order, but he said nothing. Then, seeing that he had changed his mind, he pulled out his knife and killed the agent before Benson's eyes and came out of Mack's body, revealing himself, who Benson saw that what he had studied and heard about her was true and she he said that if he had heard of her, he also had to know what he was capable of and asked him to help her find the temple.

Izel had seen that Benson was giving her a very informative presentation and asked him to continue because he wanted the coordinates. Yo-Yo told Benson not to say anything, but Izel said that he had already killed a person and that he would do it again and that he would use Yo-Yo, because he would hurry in his body. Benson replied that he would never offer her help to destroy the world and that he would say nothing to her, to which she admired his courage and asked him what would happen when he killed him, but he told her that he was not afraid of death, because he had nothing to lose, since the things he cared about had lost them all, to which Izel agreed, but he also said that there must be something he really feared.

Izel said that when the Di'Allas were destroyed, their energy had not disappeared and that it was contained in that device. Yo-Yo was afraid of the consequences if he opened it, and Mack advised her not to think about it. Meanwhile, Izel said that the Di'Alla of creation is the most powerful of the three, explaining that it penetrates the mind and produces visions. She also said that the human race has a lot of imagination, but that it can't connect anything that is connected to fear, to which Benson said it was one of the reasons not to let it come out, but Izel wanted to find out what he found in him, so turned it on. Mack and Yo-Yo told Benson that whatever he saw was not real and beg him to fight, but he didn't listen to them and saw what he was creating: a recreation of her husband Tom Benson, who has been dead for two years. Tom wondered how he got there, and Benson, in tears, said he believed he would never see him again, although he was happy to see him.

Tom tried to relive what had happened before he died: that he was driving and that he had seen something on the road and then he saw the dark, to which Benson told him that he had had an accident and that he had always been with him in the hospital, hoping he would open his eyes, in which Tom said he had heard everything, much to the dismay of Benson and Yo-Yo and Mack continued to remind him that her husband was not real and that he had to listen to them, but Benson continued to listen to Tom, the who said that he had heard that his doctor had said that there was nothing more for him to do and that he had heard that his father and sister implored Benson not to pull the plug, in which he said that Tom was now dead and that he had been forced to do so, despite their protests.

He said he had also heard Benson say goodbye to him when he died, and that he put his hand in Tom's and that he could even feel the alcohol in his breath, when he drank that evening, at which Benson burst into tears. Then Izel killed him, reducing him to dust, to his dismay, telling him that he could create Tom as many times as he wanted and that his death would be his fault. So she asked him if he wanted to try indefinitely, until he gave in, but Benson pleaded with her in tears not to let him relive the death of her husband, to whom Izel said that for him death would be a relief, but that would have been contemplated. Eventually Benson gave in, asking her what she wanted to know.[8]

Escape of Marcus Benson

Meanwhile, Mack and Yo-Yo were recovering from what they had seen with Benson and Mack wondered what he had done if he had been in his shoes, but Yo-Yo said that she didn't know either. He said that if he got there, it wasn't just for the tactics she accepted and that she would do it for him too. While they were arguing, they heard a roar, which indicated that they were changing course and that Benson would probably give her the coordinates for the Temple of the Forgotten and that they had to intervene immediately and it occurred to Yo-Yo that his plan was not it worked without Gravity Containment Device and an idea came up to get Benson to escape via the Containment Module.

Izel then returned to put Benson along with Mack and Yo-Yo on the Containment Module after he gave her the coordinates, who apologized to them for doing so, but Mack said it wasn't his fault. As Izel opened the door to let him in, Yo-Yo quickly slipped out to get the Gravity Containment Device, which she told Izel if she needed it, while Mack told Benson to get ready when she took over Yo-Yo's body to take it back and asked if they were trying to rob her and took Mack, throwing him out of the Containment Module, then threw him in the air, slamming him on the ground, mocking him that his plan could work and Mack said that he had to keep her busy only as long as necessary, when he hit the Containment Module eject button, helping to escape Benson in the process.

Izel said he had achieved nothing with all this, because Benson had now told him the coordinates of where the Temple of the Forgotten is located, but Mack said that his escape had gotten something: he will tell his team. Izel asked to invite them to stop her, because they will serve guests when the portal opens.[8]

Rebuilding the Di'Allas

"I thought your friends would bring me the monoliths. Instead, they brought me you. You can build them."
"There's no way I'm helping you."
"I don't need your help. Just you."
―Izel and Flint[src]

As soon as they arrived at the Temple of the Forgotten, Izel tied Mack and Yo-Yo to the pole with the handcuffs while they were unconscious. When they woke up, Mack asked Yo-Yo if he was okay, to which she asked that she was tired of waking up like this. She asked where Benson was and he replied that they had managed to save him by expelling him from the Containment Module, but he didn't know if it was enough. Yo-Yo asked even if there was a trace of the S.H.I.E.L.D., to which Mack replied that it was not there and she replied that at least for Benson his nightmare was over.

Seeing Izel, Yo-Yo asked what he was doing and Mack said he was trying to make his dreams come true while she opened the Gravity Containment Device. Mack mocks her that for now her doomsday ritual is very disappointing, in which Izel said that this temple was built with the same stone as the Di'Allas and that when they all resonate in harmony, a gap will open for her planet, in which Yo-Yo asked if he could return there and never return to Earth. But Izel said that his family will come to earth and bring the Shrike's guests all over the Galaxy. Mack told her that if it were easy, he would have done it long before, to which Izel replied that it was true, because with the destroyed Di'Allas, he could not create the ritual and that they rebuilt them with their minds. Yo-Yo, however said that the problem was only yours, and not them and that he didn't have to tell his plans, because usually the enemy was killed. Izel said that if she exposed it, her plan was because they had to solve it for her, since they had last seen them intact and that their minds will create them for her.

Mack, therefore, sensed that she could not create them alone and that for this they needed to do it and she replied that humans are able to dominate fears, but they said that they did not fear her and that their fears have nothing to do with her or with the Monoliths, but who feared losing the people they loved, a fear they had already faced and who were still alive and who will not have help from them. Then Izel wondered who that boy was. Mack and Yo-Yo saw it was Flint, in which he wondered how he got here.

Yo-Yo and Mack were surprised to see Flint again and the latter told Flint that everything was fine, but the latter was confused and said that the place where he was was not the Lighthouse, to which Mack agrees and that he was happy to see him again, in which Flint said it was the same for him and that he believed all this impossible. Mack begged Flint to get out of there, but he wanted to know who was it to tie them up, to whom Izel said Flint was just a boy and he asked her if she had been handcuffing her friends. Izel then asked him why they feared him, even though they are his friends. Mack and Yo-Yo ordered her to stay away from him and not get close to Flint, but he asked her to free them immediately and that he didn't know what he was capable of. Despite the two of them implosing him to stop, Flint created a sharp point with the rock and prepared to throw it at him, but Izel, thanks to his enhanced reflexes, managed to capture the tip of Flint, to whom she saw that he was special, like Yo-Yo, and Flint said it was so and free them.

She believed that Mack and Yo-Yo had to create the Di'Allas with their minds and instead they had brought him, because he knew how to build them; but Flint replied that he would never help her and Izel said he didn't want his help, but he wanted his body and took it, despite Mack and Yo-Yo telling Flint to run away before it happened, and so Izel got off in the where the Monoliths were and, with Flint's powers, he began building the Di'Allas, using their energy, meanwhile emptying all the Gravity Containment Device.

After doing so, Izel came out of Flint's body, during which he passed out, miraculously still alive, making Yo-Yo scream, in which he asked Izel what he had done to him. Izel explained that although he is extraordinary, like all Earthlings he is very weak. Izel admired the completely physical Di'Allas after millennia, who commented that they were beautiful and that they will open the portal and that on the other side the three are gathering and that they had neither seen nor heard a song or felt sensations like pain, but that everything would change by now. Then Izel came out of the temple, where the Shrike were waiting for her, and asked them to infect the entire human population and bring her an entire army for her people.[6]

Keeping the Prisoners

In the meantime, Flint woke up from his blackout and, seeing the Monoliths, wondered if he had created them, but Yo-Yo told him that it was Izel, who used his body to do it and Flint bet if he would something terrible, to which Mack said that he certainly will not use them to feed the poor or heal the sick, in which Flint said that, as soon as he recovered, he would crumble them. Mack asked to help them first, and not to think about it now and Flint accepted, asking if Izel is the Destroyer of Worlds. Yo-Yo said that it is something else, to which Flint asked if they had saved the Earth, to which she said yes and that he had saved the Lighthouse, who commented that it is a force. Then he took the tip he had created earlier and set them free, wondering if they had taken him to where they were now through time, where she said it was not so, that they had created it with their mind, which he found absurd, but Mack said that's what the Third Monolith did.

Flint wondered if such a thing existed, since it had been created with this technique, to which Mack said it seemed so. After freeing them, Yo-Yo, thanks to her superhuman strength, freed herself and Mack from the handcuffs. Flint, seeing this, asked where he had taken his mechanical arms and what had happened to her, since he had lost a lot of things, in which Yo-Yo said that he had lost several things, but that they were now together and that they would go away from the temple, while she and Mack helped Flint to get up and the latter asked if he could run, to which Flint said yes, but Izel returned, interrupting their escape, saying that the humans are sadly foreseeable, that it was enough for them to see an old friend again to risk their skin, while Yo-Yo protected Flint. So Izel had to remember what he was capable of: He took over Yo-Yo's body and broke Flint's leg bone to keep them from running away, saying they were foreseeable.

Yo-Yo asked why he hadn't let them go, now that he had gotten what he wanted, but Izel said they had just started and that they would pursue a high purpose, in which Yo-Yo asked what it was: the ascent. Mack told Izel that if he wanted to kill them, he would have done it sooner, to which she had proven him right, but he also said that when the top three of his people arrive, they will need a body to live in and Mack replied, that although he kept repeating that they were weak, he wanted what belonged to them, to which he concluded that he wanted it without their weakness and that they too had seen it that, if a bone breaks, it welded immediately and told Flint that she won't suffer any longer, but Yo-Yo told her that they would never let her do what she had to do, but Izel laughed at her that Flint was still suffering at his hand and that he had two legs and asked him to sit down and wait for their fate, to which all three resigned themselves.[6]

Escape of the Prisoners

Just when hopes seemed lost, thanks to ShawDrive, Deke Shaw teleported from the Lighthouse to the Temple of the Forgotten to save Mack and Yo-Yo, in which the latter was surprised to see him and he put Mack and Yo-Yo on anti-Izel bracelet, to prevent her from owning them, which proved effective when Izel tried to own Yo-Yo again but she was solid and therefore gave the latter the advantage of giving her a push, making her incapacitated. Deke told them to run away, but Mack replied that they would not have done it without Flint, to whom Deke, when he saw him, was amazed and Flint the same and both wondered each other what they were doing in the past, but Mack told them that there was no time for explanations and that it was long to explain. So Deke gave him the bracelet he had worn before, telling him that he would keep it away, in which Flint asked him how he was sure of it and he replied that he had problems with the technology he was wearing, so they managed to escape, miraculously unharmed, from Izel, before he fully recovered.[6]

Open the Wormhole

After she recovered, Izel started singing her song to make the Di'Allas vibrate with the walls of the temple, which were made of their own material, to start opening the Wormhole, where she was heard by Deke, while being chased by the Shrike and showed Fitz-Simmons through a video camera what was going on, in which Simmons asked what he was doing, but Deke replied that he didn't know and that whatever he was doing, it was too late to stop her, while the song was done stronger, being somehow also felt by Sarge several meters away, while he was heading towards the temple with May.

After vibrating the Di'Allas, Izel made his song even stronger to liquidate them, thus finally opening the Wormhole for his people, but his song also made Pachakutiq's powers even stronger and almost awakening his true self, when he entered the temple with May.[6]

Pachakutiq's Awakening

After opening the portal, Sarge and May joined her, during which Izel was happy to see that Sarge had come to himself just in time and said that the three are on the other side and waiting for a signal, in which May extracts the Shrike dagger, telling her that he would kill her and that he would give it to her in person, but Sarge stopped her, telling her that she is hers, to whom Izel agreed, but not as she wanted and used her newly awakened powers to grab her throat and throwing it to the ground. Izel was happy to see her true nature, but when she saw her sword, she was amazed to see that she still had it and that it did not belong to this world, during which Sarge said that she didn't belong to us either, that she had destroyed many planets and that he was the bearer of death and that his song also reminded him of death. In order to end his pain and find the peace he deserves, Sarge tried to kill her, but failed in the attempt, during which Izel laughed at him for not being able to do it, making May worry.

Sarge thus came down from Izel and stumbled on the portal, during which Sarge listened to Izel and May as they tried to awaken the two different sides of the latter: Izel that of Pachakutiq and May that of Coulson. Izel then asked him how he felt: Sarge said that inside he felt anger and fear, the fear of his pain that was like a dagger in the chest. May then told him that the pain and suffering he was experiencing was given by love, because it was Phil Coulson himself who made him understand it, so he tried to make him remember the times he had spent with her and what he had done with her, how he had changed his life and to remember the whole team he always loved.

Sarge seemed to surrender to his host's personality, saying he had reason that the pain he felt was given by love, which led May to Izel's tears of joy and dismay, but Sarge said he now knew how to end his suffering of love, so she pierced her stomach with the sword, telling her that she now knew how to eliminate pain, cut it away and get rid of it. After looking and severing a devastated May in the eyes, he threw it through the portal for the Fear Dimension, welcoming the awakening of his true self and finally siding with Izel, to his delight, asking her if she liked the signal he sent.[6]

Reunites After Centuries

Izel was happy to see Pachakutiq stab May and asked him how he felt about returning himself, to which he said it was time to free himself from the memories of Coulson that had held him hostage for centuries and she said that fortunately he had come back in time to reclaim what they wanted: a new home on Earth, according to Pachakutiq. Izel then told him to be patient now that the signal had been sent.

Izel saw in Pachakutiq a look he had seen many times, millennia ago, but had never seen it in the face of his host, to whom he said he still felt alien, and she said to give him time and that in the end he admitted to having a some affection for the guest he is currently occupying and for his particular strength which he found very fascinating, despite the fact that he insisted that it was a prison from which he freed him. Pachakutiq was very grateful to her for helping him get out of his guest's memories, if it weren't for a small detail: Izel herself was responsible for his captivity. So he hit her hard enough to make her crash into the wall. Izel told him that he was wrong, but he didn't listen to her and took her by the throat, telling her that he had left him to rot in their world, despite the fact that she insisted that he could not exist outside of it. In fact Pachakutiq had sent her to get the Di'Allas for one reason: to complete it. Izel tried to tell him that finding them had proved more complicated than expected, but he didn't believe her, squeezing her throat even more, asking her if it was impossible for her to resist the glory and that she had to crush it when she could, but in the end she let it go.

Izel found his words very mean, as if they came from Coulson, to which she shot him in the face and told Pachakutiq that if he had committed that action it was to free him and bring him to his side, ready to transfer his people to Earth. After he calmed down, the latter asked Izel to call the Shrike and bring them to the temple, so they would give them new life. She said they will arrive as soon as S.H.I.E.L.D. it will have been destroyed and that soon their people would reach them, as soon as the three have opened the door of the Temple of the Forgotten and that they will finally be free to take a physical form and get in touch with sensations such as hunger, thirst, pleasure and, what more important, according to Pachakutiq, pain. Their plan, however, was not completed, because Melinda May, barely surviving, as long as she remained in their kingdom, killed the three with the Sarge's Sword and threw their fragments of the Di'Allas on Earth.[7]

Final Showdown with May

"I see you discovered life and death are meaningless in this realm. Which is why we find it so curious that you cling to one and dread the other. I sang my song. Connected our worlds. Now I will open the door to this temple so our kind can pass through, find a voice of their own."
"Humans will fight back. Always do."
―Izel and Melinda May[src]

Seeing the fragments of the Di'Allas on Earth, Izel accused Pachakutiq of having underestimated May's strength or if he didn't want him to die at all, to which he asked her to moderate the tone with him, but she told him that he hadn't broken completely the chains of her host and Pachakutiq asked her if she was ready to find out. Izel, unwilling to harm him, took his sword and went to the Fear Dimension to solve this problem in person, as he had done for many centuries, leaving Pachakutiq behind him.

As soon as she arrived in the Fear Dimension, Izel discovered that May had already seen that in their kingdom life and death were very insignificant and she was very curious that Humans clung to one and feared the other. She said that she had sung her song and connected the two worlds and that she would open the door of the temple so that her people would cross the portal on Earth and find their own voice, although May said that the human race would continue to defend itself, as he always did; but Izel said that they were emptied by the Shrike and that they would not resist and that they would not oppose, as Pachakutiq did, to which May replied that he was not his favorite. Izel said that he had been hard-fought between devotion to her and devotion to May, during which she said if death made no sense, having pulverized The First, The Second and The Third. Izel said that their energies would live in another form, during which May said that he had already heard this thing in the past and asked her to be reborn again, challenging her in a fierce fight, in which the superior fighting skills Izel far outstrips May's, almost overpowering her in the process in the beginning.

While the two women fought each other, May tried to stop Izel with all his might, to open the door, but he could not hold it longer than expected and Izel managed to open the door of the Temple of the Forgotten, until May succeeded, in the end, to overwhelm her, but Izel said that she didn't need to beat and subdue her, because she had already done what she had come for and that she would have left, since May, on Earth, was already dead and that others they would have erased from his existence in his place, leaving May to deal with his people.

Izel being stabbed and killed by Melinda May

Izel returned from the Fear Dimension, just as Pachakutiq said that he would make Daisy Johnson suffer, selecting the incorporeal spirits for her, to use her flesh and feed on her entrails and that at any single moment a battle would rage within her, to which Johnson accepted with challenge, just as Izel stealthily tried to kill her with daggers in an ambush; but Melinda May, after she closed the door of the Temple of the Forgotten and killed the incorporeal spirits that hindered her, returned to Earth, managing to kill Izel by stabbing her back, saving Johnson, in the process, during which Izel screamed in pain, which May joyfully heard, asking her if she was singing a different song now, and then took the sword from her body, reducing it to dust, thus causing the death of her Shrike, thus saving Yo-Yo, in the process, thus becoming the only survivor of a Shrike's death, thus shocking Pachakutiq, seeing that his mistress had been killed; but later he was also killed by Mackenzie, when he cut it in two with his own sword and causing the portal to the Dimension of Fear to close again, with their deaths.[7]


Despite Izel's benevolent goal of providing bodies for her race, she appears to have homicidal impulses. While in her search for the Di'Allas she destroyed every world she incorrectly believed them to be on. It's unknown whether she did this as a childish fit to vent her frustration, or to ensure she did not return to those planets under the same mistaken assumption. Izel is very pragmatic, and not much for compassion; when she saved Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, it was so she could make use of their knowledge to get to Earth. She also showed that she had a cold and cruel personality towards her enemies, such as when she killed Davis and an agent on Zephyr One without remorse and injured Flint through Yo-Yo Rodriguez, and that she was an excellent torturer, until she got what she wanted, as shown when she psychologically tortured Marcus Benson, making him endlessly see his husband Tom Benson through the Di'Alla of creation and continually killing him in front of his eyes, making him burst into tears. But she was also very devoted and loyal to Pachakutiq, so much so that when Phil Coulson's memories clouded him, he held him captive on their planet until he completed him with the Di'Allas, which is why he fed a very strong confidence in her to ask her to look for them all over the Galaxy.

She was also very devoted to her race, to the point of looking for the Di'Allas at all costs, by any means, including sadistic ones, to free people from their planet and allow them to take physical forms and give them freedom they have deserved for millennia. Izel was also ambitious and always had the habit of mocking her enemies as she passed from body to body, convinced that nothing could stop her and that humans were predictable and weak. But in the end her ambition and her obsession with freeing their people proved to be her downfall, because she had underestimated the team play of the S.H.I.E.L.D., especially of Melinda May, who managed to successfully kill her without her noticing, while she was about to kill Daisy Johnson, and her obsession with taking over the bodies brought the S.H.I.E.L.D. to create sonic bracelets to protect yourself from her.

Powers and Abilities


Non-Corporeal Entity Physiology: Being a non-corporeal entity, Izel's physiology possesses characteristics and abilities superior to those of a human being.

  • Longevity: Being a Non-Corporeal Entity and coming from a realm where life and death were insignificant, Izel's lifespan was significantly longer than a normal human being, allowing her to live for thousands of years. Even after escaping from her realm, building a body, and centuries of travel, she never grew old.
  • Body Creation: A non-corporeal being, Izel claimed that she was the first of her species to create her own body, and she indeed seemed to have a body of her own, since she could merge her body with others, possessing them, but she could not do the same with stolen bodies, as she had to get between one body to another when she played around with team S.H.I.E.L.D..
  • Shrike Creation: Izel was able to create parasitic creatures, the Shrike. She could also cause the Shrike to rapidly mature thanks to careful nursing and soft humming.
    • Hive Mind System: Using her Shrikes, she was able to command the creatures and their hosts instantly without any complication. The hosts parasitized by her Shrikes were either used for mass destruction or to serve Izel without any objection.
"She's aligning her atoms through harmonic resonance."
Leo Fitz[src]
  • Possession:

    Izel possessing Deke Shaw and Alphonso Mackenzie

    Izel was able to completely possess the bodies of others. Those who she possessed did not seem to have any memory of what happened while possessed by her and only felt they had lost time. She displayed that she could use this power to disorient people by possessing and unpossessing them instantaneously. However, despite possessing bodies, Izel could not access the memories of her host. Izel could also use the powers of her hosts in case they had any, as she could use Yo-Yo Rodriguez' Inhuman powers to get out of the Lighthouse, showing the capability to instantly master any ability her hosts possibly had.
"Bullets can't harm me any more than they can harm you."
  • Pain Immunity: Izel's body had a certain degree of resilience enough to resist multiple gunshots from Sarge without even flinching. It also appeared to carry over whilst in possession of someone else, as she, whilst in Piper's body, shot herself in the hand with no discomfort.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Izel displayed enhanced reflexes as she was able to catch unharmed a rock spike projected towards her at high speed by Flint from a very short distance.
  • Di'Allas Manipulation: By singing a specific song, Izel was able to force the Di'Allas to get into a resonance state, which turned them into a liquid form which could be used to create a portal between Earth and the Fear Dimension.

Former Powers

"You just locked up our two strongest assets against her."
"No. He locked up the two strongest weapons she could use against us. Imagine if she got in one of them. If Izel got your powers, we're all dead."
James Davis and Melinda May[src]

When possessing an Inhuman, or anyone else with superhuman powers, Izel had full access to their powers until such time as she left their body.

Possessing Yo-Yo Rodriguez

"Who'd be foolish enough to stop me when I could slice your throats before you even know what's happened?"
  • Superhuman Speed: When possessing Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Izel gained the ability to move at extreme speeds for the length of one of her host's heartbeats, retrograding back to her starting position.
  • Enhanced Strength: Rodriguez has bionic arms which grant her extreme strength in addition to her Inhuman powers, which Izel used to catastrophically break Flint's leg.

Possessing Flint


"I don't need fighters. I can handle that."
―Izel to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]
  • Expert Combatant: Izel is a very skilled fighter, for she was able to hold her own for a long period of time against Melinda May.
  • Knife Mastery: Izel is very skilled with knives as she was able to go toe to toe with Melinda May in a sword fight with her daggers and hold her own for a while before being defeated.



Other Equipment




  • Lighthouse: While Izel was in possession of Melinda May's body, she was temporarily an inmate of the Lighthouse before entering Diaz's body and left.





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  • The name "Izel" is derived from Ixchel, a Mayan jaguar goddess of medicine and birth. In the comics, Ixchel has aided goddesses from other cultures in confronting the Celestials.
  • Izel's song is based on the theme Alien DNA from Season 1.

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