Ixtenco is a city in Mexico.


Skirmish in Ixtenco


"Nick Fury" and "Maria Hill" prepaing to fight Sandman

In late June of 2024, Ixtenco was the first location of the Elemental Attacks orchestrated by Quentin Beck in what would be his master plan to replace Tony Stark as the greatest hero in the world. This was accomplished with cloaked drones and Beck's specialized Illusion technology, which was able to deceive "Nick Fury" and "Maria Hill" into believing his ruse.


Sandman's emergence

Following a violent weather phenomenon, locals reported that they saw a "storm with a face", which was actually the projection of Sandman arriving. Upon learning this news, "Fury" and "Hill" traveled to Ixtenco to investigate further. As the duo were walking through the ruins of the destroyed town, a green plume suddenly dropped before them with an unknown person therein. After drawing their weapons on him, the Sandman emerged from the ground in a roar, from which they were then "saved" by Beck who took care of the Elemental.[1]


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