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"Agatha All Along", also known as "It Was _____ All Along", is the ending theme song of the WandaVision episode Breaking the Fourth Wall.


Who's been messing up everything?
It's been Agatha all along
Who's been pulling every evil string?
It's been Agatha all along
She's insidious (Ha, ha!)
So perfidious
That you haven't even noticed
And the pity is (The pity is)
Pity, pity, pity, pity
It's too late to fix anything
Now that everything has gone wrong
Thanks to Agatha (Ha!)
Naughty Agatha
It's been Agatha all along
And I killed Sparky too!



  • Agatha All Along's music tune is an homage to The Munsters opening.
  • The background harpsichord in Agatha All Along was inspired by the '60s sitcom The Addams Family.[1]
  • "It Was ______ All Along" is the song's name in the "Breaking the Fourth Wall" ending credits, while on YouTube and music services, it goes by "Agatha All Along".
  • The song became an instant hit on social media following the release of "Breaking the Fourth Wall", taking composers Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez by surprise as none of their previous songs composed for the series had had a similar impact.[2]
  • When the song debuted on Spotify and iTunes on February 23, 2021, it leaped to the No. 1 slot on the iTunes soundtrack charts.[2]
    • "Breaking the Fourth Wall"'s soundtrack was originally planned to debut on February 26, 2021, following the usual schedule of WandaVision's episode soundtracks of being released a week after the airing of the corresponding episode. The earlier release of the soundtrack for this particular episode was attributed to the popularity of Agatha All Along.[3]
  • The tune debuted at No. 36 on the Digital Song Sales survey (dated March 6) with 3,000 downloads sold in the tracking week ending Feb. 25, according to MRC Data. It also tallied 1.6 million U.S. streams in that span.[4]
  • As of July 17th, 2021, the song has over 5 million views in the official Marvel Music YouTube channel, making it the 3rd most-played track in the channel (behind only 2 tracks from Avengers: Endgame); and surpassing the views of all other WandaVision tracks combined, which amount to slightly over 4 million.


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