"Where do you go?"
"When you just wanna have a good time?"
"I hear a voice calling my name."
"Reaching out!"
"It's Patsy! It's Patsy!"
"I really wanna be your friend."
"Hope this day will never end."
"It's Patsy! It's Patsy!"
"I really wanna be a friend of you."
It's Patsy Opening Theme[src]

It's Patsy was a very successful television series starring Patricia "Patsy" Walker.


It's Patsy was created by Dorothy Walker, mother and manager of Patsy Walker, in order to capitalize on the beauty of her daughter and overcome their poverty, being a single mother with no money who had to live in an apartment with a single room.[1]

Its Patsy

The show eventually became a success, and Patsy won many awards, such as a Teen Choice Award[2] and a People's Choice Award.[3] However, Dorothy bribed the jury, often with sexual favors, to make her daughter win.[2] It also received a comic book adaptation.[4]

Maintaining the show's success made Dorothy become increasingly ruthless with her daughter, becoming verbally and physically abusive to her, with the only goal of keeping their lifestyle.[3]

Over the years, Patsy, who changed her artistic name to Trish Walker, tried to dissociate herself from the show, usually being embarrassed or uneasy upon its mere mention.[5][6]


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