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"Isodyne Energy is a development laboratory dedicated to fuel initiatives in the 20th century."

Isodyne Energy, later known as Isodyne Manufacturing Corporation, was a development laboratory in the 1940s dedicated to fuel initiatives in the 20th century. It was defunct in 1952 and sold ownership of all its assets to Roxxon Corporation.


Zero Matter Experiments

"Now, Isodyne didn't build Fat Man or Little Boy, but their research got far enough to continue atomic testing after the war ended."
Jason Wilkes to Peggy Carter[src]

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SSR Investigation

"Isodyne. Peggy Carter and her team encountered them back in the '40s. They were conducting experiments on something called Zero Matter, or Darkforce."
Leo Fitz to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Peggy Carter, Daniel Sousa, and Andrew Henry went to the Isodyne Energy Headquarters to investigate the mysterious death of Isodyne Energy employee Jane Scott. However, the facility's Receptionist would not let them enter without a search warrant. Distracting the receptionist by flirting with her, Sousa gave Carter the chance to sneak into the laboratory. There she met Jason Wilkes, a scientist who was willing to help Carter with the investigation. The receptionist found her in the laboratory and asked her to leave.[1]

The next day, Carter and Sousa returned with a search warrant. However, an accident involving radiation had occurred and they could not enter.[2]

As a result of the unwanted attention brought on by Agent Carter's investigation, the Council of Nine decided that the best course of action was to shut down Isodyne and dispose of all its assets. Isodyne was later renamed and known as Isodyne Manufacturing Cooperation.[3]

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Corporate Transfer

"Isodyne doesn't exist anymore. Its assets were acquired by Roxxon Corporation in the '50s."
Leo Fitz to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

On October 13, 1952, a memo announcing the transfer of Isodyne to the ownership Roxxon Corporation was sent to all members concerned. The statement went on to explain that all of Isodyne's assets were now under the ownership of Roxxon.[3]


Name Position Status
Calvin Chadwick Owner Deceased
Jason Wilkes Scientist Retired
Jane Scott Particle Physicist Deceased
Receptionist Receptionist


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