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"You've always been very reckless."
"And you, cautious. But we must gather the fragments of our broken civilization and repair."
―Isaiah and Enoch[src]

Isaiah was a former Chronicom anthropologist who was tasked by Malachi to join the Chronicom Hunters.


Contacted by Enoch

"So you've heard?"
"Yes, unfortunately."
"Then you know why I contacted you. I am hoping to organize our fellow anthropologists, who were safely stationed away from home."
Enoch and Isaiah[src]

Assigned as an anthropologist, Isaiah was sent on Leitner to observe the evolution of the local population, however, they were progressing slowly. Isaiah's mission allowed him to survive the destruction of Chronyca-2, so he stayed on Leitner to live there. Isaiah was contacted by Enoch who was declared as a priority target by Chronicoms what Isaiah learned from the data-streams.

Isaiah is speaking with Enoch

Enoch informed Isaiah that he was hoping to rebuilt they home planet, so he needed to organize other anthropologists, who were safely stationed away from home. Knowing that Enoch was on the run from Hunters, Isaiah noted that he always was a reckless individual. Enoch replied that Isaiah, on the other hand, always was cautious, but they needed to gather the fragments of their broken civilization and repair. Isaiah agreed with Enoch and they decided to come with the plan on how to rebuild their homeworld.[1]

Reassigned as a Hunter

Enoch meets with Isaiah.jpg

"My plan is ambitious, to be sure, but I believe together we may endeavor to rebuild our home planet."
"Enoch, there is a problem. The Chronicoms on your list are no longer anthropologists."
"That is not possible."
"They have all been reassigned."
Enoch and Isaiah[src]

However, while Isaiah was searching for the anthropologists, he was approached by Malachi, who had murdered Atarah and planned to establish Chronyca-3 on Earth. Malachi reassigned Isaiah, as well other anthropologists, as a Hunter and ordered him to kill Enoch. Isaiah met with Enoch at the House of Games on Kitson and Enoch apologized for unfortunate surroundings.

Isaiah told Enoch that he successfully reached out to the Chronicoms from his list, which pleased Enoch, as his plan was ambitious but was the only hope for their race to rebuilt their homeworld. However, Isaiah informed Enoch that the Chronicoms he was searching for were no longer anthropologists, and showed him the data-streams. Enoch found out that all Chronicom anthropologists had been reassigned as Hunters, including Isaiah, who then attacked Enoch.[2] However, Enoch was able to kill Isaiah in a fight, and took his synthetic skin in order to impersonate him and infiltrate the Hunters.[3]


  • Chronicom Physiology: As a Chronicom, Isaiah was a synthetic being and naturally possessed physical capabilities beyond any human being.
    • Longevity: Like all Chronicoms, Isaiah was immune to aging and disease and his life lasted for thousands of years.




  • Enoch † - Former Ally and Killer


  • Isaiah's name is based on the prophet of the same name.