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"The sun was up before they found us. Six guys came back wounded from my unit. Doctor just saw us free of charge. No VA, no red tape. Saved my life. He's the only person who checked on me afterwards. Not even the colonel. Doc was a goddamn patriot."

Isaiah was a former United States Army soldier who was initiated through Miklos Kozlov's IGH program.


Mystery Guest

"Who do you work for?"
"Who do you work for?"
"My friend's dead, so I'm doing the asking."
"Look, I'm not gonna hit a guy in a wheelchair."
―Isaiah and Jessica Jones[src]
Isaiah attended the funeral for Miklos Kozlov; he shared war stories about instances in which Kozlov saved his life. During his conversation, he noticed Jessica Jones enter a studyroom. Following his conversation he entered the same room, where he confronted Jones, during which she threw him out of his wheelchair. During the confrontation, Jones admitted being one of Kozlov his experiments and Isaiah accused Will Simpson of being the murderer. Their confrontation was abruptly finished when Leland entered the room, reminding them that they are attending a funeral.[1]


  • Combatant: To be added
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  • Retractable Baton: Despite being limited in mobility, Isaiah carries a baton in his pocket to use for self-defense. Encountering Jessica Jones in an isolated room, he used the baton on her.




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