"If I may, I'd like to come back here for more of your splendid coffee."
Thor to Isabel Alvarez[src]

Isabel's Diner is a local diner in Puente Antiguo, New Mexico owned by Isabel Alvarez.


Thor's Arrival on Earth

Thor, having been banished to Midgard, came across astrophysicists Jane Foster and Erik Selvig from Culver University, and Foster's intern Darcy Lewis, who moved to Puente Antiguo to study unusual atmospheric phenomena in the outskirts of the city caused by the Bifrost Bridge choosing the area as a gateway to Earth.

Foster eventually took Thor to her house, and invited him to eat at Isabel's Dinner, where Thor's customs clashed with the behavior expected in such situations, and Foster, embarrassed, asked him to stop. They overheard a conversation between the townsfolk about what was believed as a satellite that fell from the sky and was confiscated by federal agents. Thor recognized they were talking about Mjølnir, and asked about its location.

The following day, Thor was reunited with fellow Asgardians Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, and together with Foster, Selvig and Lewis, they witnessed the arrival of the Destroyer, an armor sent by Thor's brother Loki with an order to make sure that Thor wouldn't return, destroying everything in its path.

While the Asgardians battled the armor, Thor, Foster, Selvig and Lewis tried to evacuate the civilians from the town. Erik Selvig entered Isabel's Diner and urged the people to leave in order to avoid the impending danger.

The establishment was demolished by the Destroyer in an attempt to kill Volstagg when he was thrown inside.[1]


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