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Iron Man Royal Purple Custom Comic is a digital comic that serves as a tie-in for Iron Man 2 sponsored by Royal Purple.


Abby Rose parties in Dresden, Germany, when the music suddenly stops and Tony Stark approaches her. Rose deduces that Stark wants to recruit her for his company's racing team, and says that he will have to pay her a lot of money, which Stark says that he has. Rose agrees to join and asks Stark to have the band resume playing so that people can continue partying.

Three months later, Rose is interviewed about her chances in the race, and she says that her car and its upgrades help her feel confident. The interviewer asks her about possible sabotage, which Rose says has yet to be proven. The interviewer presses Rose about her rivalry with Aiden Julius, but Rose refuses to comment and says that their cars will do the talking. The interviewer asks about Stark and how he recruited Rose, but Rose enters her race car and drives away, telling the interviewer to ask Stark himself.

Meanwhile, Stark discovers an illegal diamond mine along the race track and attempts to figure out who it belongs to. Two men arrive in trucks with Trellor Propellant Rifles and prepare their weapons, giving Stark a chance to see a Ten Rings tattoo on the neck of one of the men. Stark prepares to engage the men and flies toward them, but they fire back Diamond Tipped-Bullets capable of penetrating his Iron Man Armor. An electromagnetic pulse is fired at Stark, causing him to fall to the ground as his armor runs out of power. The Ten Rings approach him and begin chasing him, so Stark begins running away.

Stark comes across Rose's car during the race, so he gets into her car and she drives away. They are joined by Julius, who Rose at first believes does not understand what he is becoming involved with. Stark explains the situation to Rose and tells her to slow down so that he can warn Julius, who then shoots at Rose's car. Rose realizes that Julius was the saboteur at the past races, and Stark deduces that Julius is working with the Ten Rings. Rose assures Stark that she can drive them to safety, planning to reach the finish line where there will be too many people for Julius to do anything. Stark plugs his armor into Rose's car, hoping to charge it enough to reboot it. Stark asks Rose to drive fast so that they can stay ahead of Julius while the armor charges.

Rose pulls off several dangerous maneuvers, prompting Stark to call her crazy, which Rose asks her to stop doing. Rose says that Stark is giving her a raise, and Stark's armor finishes charging, so Stark gets out of the car and attacks Julius'. Stark gets Julius and tells Rose to finish the race while Stark deals with the remaining Ten Rings agents, saying that now that he is aware of the situation, he can fight them from a long range. Stark says that he will meet Rose for supper and that whoever gets to the restaurant second will pay, calling it a race as he flies away.








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