"While I'm happy to make the world a better place with my technology and all, there are times when you gotta save the best gadgets for yourself."
Tony Stark[src]

The Iron Man Gauntlet is a piece of technology used by Tony Stark, activated from a custom wrist watch.



The gauntlet was created by Tony Stark prior to the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre. The device was designed to be inconspicuously worn by Stark, and unlike his other repulsor technology, was designed as a deterrent instead of an offensive weapon. It contained a tiny Arc Reactor in the wristwatch. [1]

Berlin Facility Incident

Tony Stark attempted to apprehend Bucky Barnes when he was set loose inside the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building by Helmut Zemo. While Natasha Romanoff and Sharon Carter went to intercept him, Stark deployed the gauntlet, which he was wearing concealed as a wristwatch.

Tony Stark prepares to attack the Winter Soldier

Stark attacked Barnes from behind using the gauntlet's sonic blast before charging in using its flashing feature to further disorient him. Barnes quickly recovered and aimed a handgun at Stark, who quickly wrapped his hand around the muzzle to block the otherwise fatal shot. While Stark field strip the handgun with his remaining hand, Barnes punched Stark several feet backwards, disabling him for the rest of the escape.[1]


Tony Stark shooting a flash beam at Winter Soldier

  • Flash Beam: The Gauntlet can release a blast of blinding light out of the repulsor nodes on the hands to disorient an enemy.
  • Ultrasonic Pulse: Similar to the blinding maneuver, this attack can disorient a target by unleashing an ultrasonic pulse to disrupt the eardrums. It is also fired out of the hands using a clenched fist.
  • Bulletproof Construction: The Gauntlet was able to stop a bullet at point-blank range without suffering damage or causing any injury to the user.



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