The Mark XXIX Armor (codenamed Fiddler) was Tony Stark's twenty-ninth Iron Man suit and was specialized for construction while maintaining maneuverability. It was made to be more agile when navigating a construction site or during battle. It was a part of the Iron Legion. It was destroyed by the Clean Slate Protocol.


The Fiddler Armor was called, along with the rest of the Iron Legion, to help Tony Stark and James Rhodes during their fight against Aldrich Killian and his Extremis Soldiers. During the course of the fight, a number of armors were destroyed, though they eventually managed to eliminate all of the Extremis Soldiers. At the end of the battle, the remaining suits that were not destroyed by Extremis Soldiers were destroyed when Stark activated the Clean Slate Protocol, including the Mark XXIX.[1]


The Mark XXIX is a suit made for getting through constructing zones easier, while still being able to help construct.

Unlike the Striker Armor, the Fiddler armor has one pneumatic jackhammer attached to its left arm, similarly to the Fiddler Crab, where said crab's major claw is the larger one among males, hence its name.



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