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The Mark XVI Armor (codenamed Nightclub) was Tony Stark's sixteenth Iron Man suit and was designed to specialize in advanced stealth capabilities. It was a part of the Iron Legion. It was the second armor that Stark used in the battle against Aldrich Killian. It was destroyed during the battle on the Norco.


Tony Stark fighting Aldrich Killian

The Nightclub Armor was made by Tony Stark after the Battle of New York. As part of the Iron Legion, the Nightclub Armor was used by Iron Man and War Machine during their fight against Aldrich Killian and his Extremis soldiers. It was worn by Stark to fight Killian and was later destroyed.[1]


Specializing in maximized concealment, the Mark XVI was designed to integrate advanced stealth technology into the Iron Man Armor’s systems. This suit contained an advanced cloaking system that helped it evade various enemy early warning systems. The armor also seemed to possess advanced color camouflaging technology, as it could appear in the classic red and gold coloring, as well as turning completely black to help conceal itself in dark environments.

In order to enhance its stealth capabilities, the Mark XVI functions as a trimmed down version of the Iron Man armor. While it maintains many of the same capabilities as previous versions of the Iron Man armor, including some degree of superhuman strength and bullet-proof durability, the Mark XVI is much slimmer and lighter than most Iron Man armors, allowing a higher degree of mobility, movement speed, and reflexes than the other suits. While the suit contains the standard repulsor technology present in earlier suits, which serves as the suit’s main weapons and allows for sustained flight, the suit does not contain any of the ordinance or laser weapons found in earlier models of the suit, instead the suit had retractable arm mounted blades which would glow with Repulsor Energy.[2] This suit also had less armor than previous models, as Killian can be seen easily tearing the armor plates and gauntlets apart. The Mk XVI is more suitable for hand-to-hand combat, as reduced weight grants higher agility and mobility. The suit is also among those that adapted from the designs of the Mark V and Mark VII, allowing its various parts to collapse and allow its user to step in and out of it seamlessly, as well as ejecting the user on command.

Overall the Mark XVI is best suited for use in dark environments and for infiltrating enclosed spaces such as buildings or dense urban environments. The suit is best suited for situations requiring hand-to-hand combat, or in situations where it can use its stealth capabilities to ambush more heavily armed enemies.[1]

Behind the Scenes

  • According to Mark XVI's designer Andy Park: "If the Silver Centurion suit was the souped-up version, the Black Stealth suit is the trimmed-down, agile version. It is essentially his ninja suit down to the absence of a mouth, revealing only the eyes."[2]


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