"According to Stane, Stark pulled the old files on an alloy his father worked on during World War II... for an OSS op called Project: Rebirth."
"I can guess what happened next. Stark found an...example...of the alloy in his father's archives and used it to strengthen his suit."
Phil Coulson and Nick Fury[src]

The Mark III Armor was Tony Stark's third Iron Man suit and an upgrade from the Mark II, improving on its previous flaws. It was the first suit to integrate an advanced on-board weapons system and was the first to adopt the standard red and gold color scheme.


"So this is how he did it."
"This is only a first, crude effort. Stark has perfected his design. He has made a masterpiece of death. A man with a dozen of these, can rule all of Asia."
Obadiah Stane and Raza[src]
Ironman 3898

Mark III armor in the process of rendering

After nearly perfecting his Mark II armor, Tony Stark discovered a nearly fatal icing problem in the suit during a high altitude test flight after which he decided to move on to develop the Mark III suit. Stark later solved the suit's icing problem by using a gold-titanium alloy from an earlier satellite design that wasn't prone to freezing. He also opted to integrate a new, miniaturized weapons system that was concealed by the suit's exterior plating. Once the armor was ready for assembly J.A.R.V.I.S. showed Stark a preview of the finalized design. Stark disliked the armor's new coloring due to the new materials used so he personalized it with a red paint job.

After learning that his supposedly discontinued weapons, including a set of his Jericho missiles, were being used by the Ten Rings to terrorize Gulmira, the home village of Ho Yinsen, Tony watch a news report about it enraged as he worked on the Mark III's repulsors. While doing so he accidentally discovered the palm repulsors can be used as offensive weapons. Stark donned the armor and went off to fight the terrorists.

Stark arrived at Gulmira and swiftly defeated the Ten Rings that held him hostage before and destroyed all of their weapons. Doing so, however, called the military's attention so they sent two F-22 fighter jets to investigate. Stark tried to evade and lose the jets but accidentally downed one of them after crashing into its wing, prompting the military to step up its assault. However, Stark was able to prove he isn't a threat after revealing his identity to his friend Lt. Colonel James Rhodes and saving the pilot of the downed F-22, whose parachute didn't deploy upon ejecting. The whole incident was later written off to the public as "an unfortunate training accident". Raza noticed the armor and quickly figured it was Tony with an improved version of the armor he used to escape.


Iron Man hovers just above Iron Monger

Sometime later, Tony Stark was confronted by Obadiah Stane, who paralyzed him with a sonic device and took the advanced arc reactor from his chest in order to power his own reversed engineered Iron Monger Armor. After struggling to retrieve his older arc reactor to save his life, Stark suited up in the Mark III and flew to the Stark Industries building to confront Stane and save Pepper Potts. Despite having to use the older, weaker arc reactor, Tony Stark was able to hold his own against Stane's heavier, weapons-laden suit as their battle spread to the nearby streets.


Iron Man blocks Iron Monger's gunshots

In an attempt to trick Stane, Stark flew up into the upper atmosphere with Iron Monger following behind him. However, Stane's suit began to freeze over, having failed to account for the icing problem Stark faced with the Mark II suit, and promptly shuts down and falls back to earth. Stark landed on the roof of the Stark Industries building, running dangerously low on power, but Stane reappeared to confront him. While sabotaging Obadiah's suit Tony instructs Pepper to overload the giant arc reactor that powers the Stark Industries building. After luring Stane over the arc reactor, Pepper detonated it releasing a massive amount of energy into the atmosphere, subsequently killing Stane, leaving Tony Stark nearly dead, and the Mark III in shambles.[1]

Marks I-IV (Iron Man 2)

Mark III armor is displayed in Tony Stark's Hall of Armor

After the fight with Iron Monger, the Mark III was labeled battle damaged and, believed to be beyond repair, was subsequently replaced by the Mark IV suit. It was however displayed, still semi-damaged, in Stark's Hall of Armor with his other suits.[2]

The Mark III was destroyed when Tony Stark's Mansion came under attack by Mandarin's forces. Damage to the mansion's systems causes the suit to unintentionally detonate (possibly an overload of the miniature arc reactor).[3]


"Use the gold titanium alloy from the seraphim tactical satellite. That should ensure a fuselage integrity while while maintaining power-to-weight ratio. Got it?"
Tony Stark to J.A.R.V.I.S.[src]
Iron-man 2008-1-1200x707

Tony Stark continues to work on Mark III

The Mark III made a number of advancements from the previous Mark II, mainly solving the design flaws the prototype armor showed during its test run and creating a new standard from which his later suits were created. Tony Stark was able to solve the icing problem, which was the biggest design flaw of the Mark II, by substituting the same metal that was used in Stark tactical satellites, which was far less prone to freezing, into the suit's new design.

  • Superhuman Strength: The armor increases the user strength. It allows Stark to easily break concrete walls with a single punch, throw people single-handed and lift cars.
  • Superhuman Durability: The suit grants great durability. It can withstand firearm bullets and even tank shells impacts without harming the user or getting serious damage.
  • HUD: The suit contains a heads up display within the helmet to Stark's for assistance and easier access to weapons and tools systems. The interface is managed by Stark's personal AI, J.A.R.V.I.S.
    • Cellphone Connection System: The suit now allowed Stark to speak on the phone using his own cellular's phone number, however, if used when flying the loud noise of the wind made it difficult for Tony to hear the other speaker.

Iron Man fires a missile at a Ten Rings' tank

  • Arc Reactor Power Engine: Like the Mark II, Stark also modified the suit to be fully powered by the Arc Reactor of his chest, granting advanced capabilities if compared with previous armors.
  • Repulsors: The suit can fire powerful energy beams and pulses from blasters located in the palm of the hands. The repulsors can act as flight thrusters as well. Stark uses to hold them for stabilization during the flight.
  • Unibeam: The suit can fire a extremely powerful energy beam for its chest, most precisely its Arc Reactor. It is the suit's most damaging weapon.

    Iron Man using his thrusters to lose the F-22s

  • Flight: This suit has flight thrusters in their boots allowing Stark to flight at great speed and with great maneuvering. Thanks to be built using a gold-titanium allow, this armor no longer possesses the weakness of the icing problem the Mark II experienced at high altitude, which shuts the suit completely down. Furthermore, the suit demonstrated the ability to go at above supersonic speeds. Apart from that, flight capabilities of this suit is the same, if not better, as the Mark II.
  • Advanced Miniaturized Weapons System: In addition to the other advancements, Stark also decided to integrate his own small-sized weaponry concealed beneath the suit's exterior plating.  
    • Mini-Gun: This included a set of mini-guns concealed in the shoulders of the suit that could fire a total of twelve shots at a time, six from each shoulder, and used a computer guiding system to fire at multiple individual enemies, in different positions, at the same time.  
    • Missiles: The suit contained a small set of miniaturized, high explosive missiles, concealed in each forearm, each capable of taking out a full-size tank. 
  • Flares: The Mark III also contained a set of non-weaponized flares contained in two circular launchers located at the suit's hips. Stark has used these on at least two occasions: to distract the two F-22s that were pursuing him in the skies over Gulmira, and to temporarily blind the Iron Monger in their fight.


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