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The subject of this article comes from an alternate universe which resulted from a divergence in history with the main timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Iron Man 2: The Junior Novel is a junior novelization of the film of the same name.


A fast-paced and engaging junior novelization of Iron Man 2, the guaranteed blockbuster coming to theaters May 7, 2010!


Tony Stark opens Stark Expo, a chance for inventors to show their inventions, while Ivan Vanko works on creating an Arc Reactor. Stark is summoned to a Senate committee meeting where Senator Stern attempts to force Stark to hand the weapon over. Justin Hammer and James Rhodes testify, but Stark insists that the armor is not a weapon and refuses to hand it over. On the flight home, Stark and Rhodes argue over Rhodes' testimony, but both refuse to acknowledge that they were wrong.

Stark struggles to cure his Palladium poisoning, but is interrupted by Pepper Potts scolding him for donating their entire art collection. Stark decides to promote Potts to CEO of Stark Industries, and Potts accepts. "Natalie Rushman" is brought to Stark's mansion to sign the paper, and Stark likes her, so he hires "Rushman" to replace Potts as his assistant, despite Potts' insistence. Meanwhile, Vanko invents an armor for him to wear using Repulsor Technology.

Stark, Potts, "Rushman," and Hogan go to Monaco for the Grand Prix, and Stark decides to enter the race as a driver. However, Vanko arrives and attacks the cars, hoping to kill Stark. While "Rushman" contacts her superiors about Stark's state, Hogan and Potts bring Stark's armor to him, and he manages to defeat Vanko. He studies the Arc Reactor in the armor and questions Vanko about it, but Vanko simply refers to the Starks as a family of theives and reveals that he knows about the Palladium poisoning. Stark leaves, and Vanko receives help escaping from prison.

Rhodes tries to use Vanko's possession of an Arc Reactor to convince Stark to give the suit to the military, but Stark again refuses. Stark holds a birthday party for himself and allows strangers to use parts of his armors, prompting Rhodes to don an armor himself and fight Stark. Rhodes brings the armor to the military. Stark is approached by Nick Fury, who reveals that "Rushman" is really a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Natasha Romanoff and that Stark's father helped found S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury gives Stark his father's old recordings to help him cure his palladium poisoning. Meanwhile, Vanko is brought to the United States of America by a mysterious benefactor who asks him to provide Repulsor Technology for drones. He also works on a new Whiplash Armor: Mark I

The military buy several weapons from Hammer Industries to integrate into the armor Rhodes brought them. Stark watches old footage of his father and realizes that the map of Stark Expo is the design for a molecule. Rhodes and Julius Allen present the upgraded armor to General Newcomb, who orders Rhodes to present is at Stark Expo along with Hammer Industries. Rhodes hesitantly accepts the order. Stark builds a Particle Accelerator and uses it to synthesize the new element which his father had designed, which Jarvis names Vibranium. Stark integrates it into a new Arc Reactor, when Vanko video calls him and insists that it was the day the Starks' legacy would become that of thieves.

Romanoff continues to use the "Rushman" cover at Stark Expo. Stark warns her about Vanko's plan and switches his Arc Reactor for the new one. Romanoff orders a lockdown on the Expo and comes across Happy Hogan, who drives her to the warehouse Vanko is in while she changes into her S.H.I.E.L.D. Uniform. Romanoff tells Hogan the truth about her identity, and Hogan insists that they go into together. They fight through the guards and reach Vanko's lab, but realize that Vanko had disappeared. Hammer presents his drones and Rhodes as the War Machine when Stark arrives in a new armor and shows Rhodes that the drones' Repulsor Technology was developed by Vanko.

Stark orders an evacuation, when the War Machine armor and drones suddenly all point their weapons at Stark. The War Machine and the Air Force drones chase Stark through the sky as Rhodes explains he is not in control, so Stark has Jarvis work to hack back into the armor and confesses that he nearly died of Palladium poisoning. Stark destroys the drones and grants control of the armor back to Rhodes. Stark and Rhodes are attacked by more drones as Potts tries to find Phil Coulson, but gets attacked by Vanko. Stark rushes to Potts' aid, but Vanko immediately releases her and fights Stark. Stark gives Potts his Tech-Ball which shoots a repulsor ray at Vanko, killing him. Stark and Potts agree to go home.










Differences between Book and Film[]

  • Rather than finishing months before, Ivan Vanko does not complete the Arc Reactor until during the opening of Stark Expo and finishes it during the Senate committee meeting.
  • Tony Stark does not check on his Palladium poisoning during the opening of Stark Expo.
  • Rather than being spelled like an acronym, Stark's AI assistant is named Jarvis.
  • Justin Hammer does not attempt to turn off the footage of his copmany's test of its Feeble.
  • Senator Stern does not yell at Stark at the end of the committee meeting or swear at him. He simply adjourns the meeting and leaves.
  • Stark and James Rhodes start the book with a strained friendship due to the committee hearing. Pepper Potts invites Rhodes to join Stark on the return flight to California, during which the two argue. Stark believes that Rhodes is simply jealous because he wants a suit of armor himself.
  • Stark and Potts do not celebrate Potts' promotion. Instead, Potts declares her intention to start working and walks away.
  • "Natalie Rushman" is introduced without a warning for Stark not to flirt with her. Stark does not flirt with her at all and instead wants her to replace Potts based on her merits.
  • There is a scene which is not in the movie in which Vanko wears gloves while using his first Whiplash armor to prevent the whips from burning him. He tests the whip and then starts building a second.
  • Christine Everhart is not present in Monaco.
  • Natasha Romanoff reports to S.H.I.E.L.D. about Stark's well-being during the Duel of Monaco as well as during his birthday party.
  • Stark, Potts, and Happy Hogan do not argue during the Duel of Monaco. Stark simply thanks Hogan for the armor he brought out. Stark defeats Vanko and does not crush his Arc Reactor, instead deciding to study it.
  • Vanko does not need to fight through any prison guards to escape the prison. He is able to cause a distraction and leave the prison discretely.
  • Stark's birthday party is not inspired by "Natalie Rushman's" words, but rather was something which Stark had been planning for some time. Rhodes and Stark do not talk to each other during the fight which ensues.
  • Nick Fury approaches Stark in his mansion the morning after his party, not at Randy's Donuts. Romanoff does not inject Stark with Lithium Dioxide, she introduces herself while bringing him coffee.
  • Vanko does not initially know that Hammer is the one who broke him out of prison and has him powering his drones. He also does not demand his bird in exchange for his work.
  • Phil Coulson does not supervise the construction of Stark's new element, which is named Vibranium. However, he is present during the Battle at Stark Expo.
  • Stark does not return to Stark Industries Headquarters during the construction of his element.
  • During the final battle, Vanko attacks Potts. Stark rushes to save her while Rhodes continues to fight drones. Stark and Potts defeat Vanko together using Stark's Tech-Ball.