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Iron Man 2: Security Breach, also known as Target Iron Man 2 Custom Comic, is a comic book published by Marvel and released in 2010.


Tony Stark is on his way home, only to find that there was an attempted break in. When he catches up to the infiltrator, he finds out that things aren't as simple as he had hoped.


Tony Stark's girlfriend, Lina, has been coerced by the Ten Rings to steal from Stark. They are holding her son hostage. She tries to break into Stark's mansion, but the security alarm goes off. She cannot find a way to disable it. Meanwhile, Stark calls Lina, unbeknownst to her betrayal. He calls her four times, to no answer. Happy Hogan suggests that Stark stops or she will think he is crazy. Stark tells him not to give relationship advice.

Hogan is impressed that Stark seems to be turning into a one man guy. Stark agrees, saying he really likes Lina. Suddenly, Stark gets notified of the home invasion. On her way out, Lina finds Stark's car and drives away. Stark has Hogan chase after it. Realizing the car is too fast, Stark decides to don his Iron Man armor. Hogan reminds him the two rules: 1, do not scratch the car. 2, do not scratch the car.

Lina gets a call from the Ten Rings, warning her of a possible capture. She is forced to stop when Iron Man lands in front of her. The Ten Rings dispatcher asks what is happening as Iron Man hangs on top of the roof. She tries to maneuver around cars to fling him off, but to no success. Stark tells her to pull over. She proceeds to try one more swerve, which almost knocks Stark off, but he claws into the roof, scratching it.

Knowing the car is already damaged, Iron Man punches through the roof and grabs Lina, stopping her. Iron Man takes the car and crumples it up into a ball with Lina inside of it, despite her pleading. On the other line, the Ten Rings warn her not to lead Iron Man to their base. Stark finds the ear piece, realizing that she played him. Lina explains the whole situation along with profusely apologizing. Stark forgives her and goes to save her kid.









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