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The subject of this article comes from an alternate universe which resulted from a divergence in history with the main timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Iron Man: Will Online Evils Prevail? is a comic book sponsored by Norton and released in 2010. Near the end of the online comic, the reader is asked a question which will determine the end of the story.

It is inspired by the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Iron Man tracks down two shipments of first generation Tellor Propellant Rifles, made by Stark Industries. They were to be decommissioned after the company stopped weapons, but a hacker diverted them to another location. While the shipments are being unloaded, Iron Man captures the guards and destroys the rifles. Meanwhile, Pepper Potts and Jesse try to track down the hacker but he left no trace behind.

Sometime later, Cordo Gaines directs a group of hackers at his mansion to mine more data from Stark Industries. While on break with Potts, Jesse receives an email, ostensibly from her aunt with pictures of her nephew. However, the attachment appears empty when she opens it. Jesse's screen briefly glitches, unbeknownst to them. At the same time, Gaines’ hackers gain entry into her computer.

Two days later in Stark's office, Jesse reveals the email was sent by hackers, allowing them to mine her computer, scan her passwords, and access the mainframe of Stark Industries. Potts explains the hackers exploited Stark by stealing his online identity to buy expensive art, throw extravagant parties, and donate to fake philanthropic endeavors. A furious Stark announces at a press conference that he will be freezing his assets to appease the company's stockbrokers until the crime is solved. He then prepares to deal with the hackers himself.

The next day, Stark is able to trace the coding from the email downloaded by Jesse to Genoa, Italy.

Iron Man arrives at a local carnival in Genoa which is sponsored by his own money via the hackers. While circling the carnival, he is spotted by Ten Rings insurgents led by Gaines. Using the rest of Stark's stolen weapons, they start shooting at Iron Man and use a rocket launcher to blast him down to the ground. Iron Man remembers that the weapons are powered by Stark Industries chips and remotely deactivates them. He then subdues the hackers and melts down his weapons.

Gaines and his subordinates are arrested. The carnival organizer apologizes to Iron Man upon learning of his identity theft and offers to cancel the event. However, Stark decides to extend the carnival for another week and calls Potts to come over.

Optional Plot[]

"Will you allow cybercriminals to rip a path of destruction through your life?"

Potts flies to Italy and is welcomed by Stark and cheering locals. Meanwhile, Gaines is released on bail. Back at his mansion, he orders his servant to contact the Ten Rings to help him get revenge on Stark. At the carnival, Potts tries to keep Stark out of trouble so he tries the ring toss until being invited to pick the festival queen. Seemingly unaware of any threats, Stark puts on his armor to judge the beauty contest. However, Gaines is back at his computers, waiting for a mistake by Stark and determined to get every last penny until he is completely ruined.

Potts initially refuses Stark's invitation to come to Italy, but he lies that he got thrown in jail because of property damage. When Potts arrives, she is welcomed by Stark and cheering locals, much to her anger. Stark calms Potts down by explaining that he needs her help to find the people who allowed Gaines and his heavily armed men entry into the carnival, suspecting that he didn't catch all the hackers.

Stark has Potts enter the carnival's beauty contest so she can mingle and obtain information from known cyber-criminals who will be at the party. In the evening, Potts is nominated for the beauty contest. The winner gets a date with Iron Man and he selects Corinna Vilon as the festival queen. Potts begins her investigation while Stark goes on a date with Vilon.









  • At one of the carnival stands, winners could win dolls of Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain America, or Hulk.
  • Although the reader can choose a plot, the one that is chosen does not cancel out the other.


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