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The subject of this article comes from an alternate universe which resulted from a divergence in history with the main timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Iron Man: The Junior Novel is a junior novelization of the film of the same name.


Billionaire Tony Stark invents a high-tech suit of armor that he hopes will save the world. But when his stolen designs are used for evil, Stark must wear the suit himself. Will his superhero shell be enough to stop a villain bent on destruction, or will Tony's days as Iron Man be his last?


Tony Stark is presented with the Apogee Award for his presentation, but misses it, forcing Obadiah Stane to accept it in his stead while Stark gambles at a casino. James Rhodes finds Stark at the casino and scolds him for the missing the presentation. While Stark continues to gamble, apathetically losing three million dollars, Rhodes attempts to convince Stark to move his weapons presentation the following day from Afghanistan to Nevada, but Stark insists that the Jericho must be demonstrated in Afghanistan. Pepper Potts attempts to work with Stark, but they are interrupted by Christine Everhart, who interviews Stark about his weapons dealing. Stark expresses no regret and walks away from the interview.

Stark arrives late to his plane and gets scolded for it by Rhodes. Rhodes and Stark eat dinner on the flight, and Rhodes tries to explain what it means to him to be in the United States Air Force, but Stark does not want to hear it and makes fun of him. Once they arrive in Afghanistan, Stark gives a demonstration of the Jericho, destroying a mountain with it and impressing the rest of the soldiers. Stark rides back to the plane with the Air Force, but his convoy is attacked by the Ten Rings, who film a hostage video and keep Stark in their base.

Stark wakes up to find his heart being powered by a generator, having been operated on by Ho Yinsen. One of the Ten Rings' leaders, Abu Bakar, demands that Stark build the Jericho for the Ten Rings, but Stark refuses. However, Stark is confronted with the amount of Stark Industries, and Yinsen inspires him to make an escape plan. Meanwhile, General William Gabriel insists that Rhodes return to the United States of America and stop searching for Stark in Afghanistan. Stark requests supplies which he claims are to build the Jericho, but instead makes an ARK Reactor to power his heart more efficiently than the generator.

Stark turns his focus to a new project, continuing to pretend to be building the Jericho. Stark and Yinsen are interrupted by Raza Hamidmi al-Wazar, the Ten Rings' leader, who does not believe that they are building the Jericho. al-Wazar repeatedly beats Yinsen, who insists that they are building the weapon. Once Raza leaves, Stark trusts that Raza can see what they are really building.

Potts overhears that the Air Force is abandoning the search for Stark and yells at Rhodes for giving up. Against Gabriel's advice, Rhodes decides to go to Afghanistan and resume the search himself. Meanwhile, Stark and Yinsen only require a further week of assembly to finish their project. They play backgammon together, when al-Wazar arrives and demands that they finish the weapon the following day. Instead, Stark dons what they had building, a suit of armor which he uses to escape, although Yinsen is killed in the process. Rhodes finds Stark and brings him to Edwards Air Force Base, where he insists on being taken to Stark Industries Headquarters for a press conference.

At the press conference, Stark announces his intention to end weapons development at Stark Industries, upsetting Stane. Stark meets with Stane and suggests they focus on ARK Reactor technology, so Stane suggests that Stark lay low. Stark begins work on a new ARK Reactor for his chest while the Ten Rings begin to find pieces of the armor he used to escape. Stark has Potts help him replace the ARK Reactor, and although Potts suggests he keep the old one, he wants to throw it away. Stark works on building a new armor, and Potts gives him his old ARK Reactor, preserved with an engraving saying "Proof that Tony Stark Has a Heart." Stark meets with Stane, who tells him that the Stark Industries board is planning to push him out of the company and promises to protect him.

Stark finishes his armor and takes it on a test flight, noting several issues including an icing problem at high altitudes. He realizes a fundraiser is occurring in his name and decides to attend, where he sees Potts and dances with her. They step outside, but then Stark returns into the building to get her a drink. Everhart intercepts Stark and reveals that Stark Industries weapons were being used by the Ten Rings to attack the village Gulmira, angering Stark. Stark approaches the press and publicly recommends divesting from the company, angering Stane, who reveals that he is the one trying to push Stark out of the company.

Stark returns to his mansion and finishes the Mark III armor while watching a news report about the attacks on Gulmira. Stark throws a party in Dubai as an alibi as he flies to Gulmira in the new armor and defeats the Ten Rings operatives. He is discovered by the Air Force, who attack him. However, when one of the pilots crashes, Stark saves his life and Rhodes convinces the Air Force not to engage. Stark returns to Dubai, where he asks Potts to take him home.

Stane meets with al-Wazar, who reveals that the Ten Rings had reconstructed Stark's armor and offers it to Stane in exchange for a partnership. However, Stane attacks al-Wazar and takes the armor for himself. Meanwhile, Rhodes goes to Stark's mansion and sees his injuries, asking him to stop interfering, but Stark refuses while Stane begins work on his new armor, demanding that the engineers figure out how Stark miniaturized the ARK Reactor.

Stark convinces Potts to go to Stark Industries Headquarters and make a copy of their files, where she discovers that Stane hired the Ten Rings to kidnap Stark. Stane nearly catches Potts, but she avoids getting caught as the two talk. Stane walks Potts out when Phil Coulson, who had been trying to get a meeting with Potts, arrives. Potts leaves with Coulson while Stane incapacitates Stark and steals his ARK Reactor. Potts tells Rhodes what is happening while Coulson mobilizes several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to return to Stark Industries.

Stane finishes his armor while Stark struggles to get the old ARK Reactor which Potts had preserved for his heart. S.H.I.E.L.D. breaks into the ARK Reactor room's subbasement and gets attacked by Stane. With Rhodes' help, Stark puts the old ARK Reactor in his chest and leaves to fight Stane. Rhodes decicdes not to don an armor of his own and leaves in one of Stark's cars. Potts escapes the building, but is attacked by Stane. Stark arrives and attacks Stane, realizing that the ARK Reactor is about to meltdown. He has Potts deal with the ARK Reactor while he fights Stane, instructing her on how to fix it. The fight goes to the highway, and Stane crushes Stark, but is stopped when Rhodes drives Stark's car into Stane's leg. The circuit on the ARK Reactor is not complete, so Stark goes to the roof of the ARK Reactor building and completes it, telling Potts to wait until he is off the roof to push the Emergency Master Bypass. However, Stane attacks, so Stark has her press it while he is on the roof, killing Stane.

Stark prepares for a press conference with an alibi prepared by Potts. He considers the "Iron Man" alias which the press had given him and asks Potts about their time at the fundraiser, but Potts does not acknowledge it. Stark walks away, awaiting a new life as Iron Man.










Differences between Book and Film[]

  • The Flash Forward at the beginning of the film is moved to its place chronologically.
  • Rather than the film having a separate narrator, James Rhodes narrates the slideshow prior to Tony Stark receiving the Apogee Award. Furthermore, the Apogee Award is presented in a different building than the casino where Stark gambles, rather than both events occurring at Caesars Palace.
  • Arc Reactor is spelled "ARK Reactor" and was designed by Tony Stark rather than by Howard Stark.
  • Stark losing three million dollars from the Extended "Crap table with Tony" deleted scene is included.
  • Stark stops by the men's bathroom and is followed by Pepper Potts, who gives him a phone with the President calling.
  • Stark throws his award in the tips basket instead of person in a Julius Caesar costume.
  • On the way to the car, Potts talks to Stark about a scheduled Board Meeting.
  • Stark walks away from the conversation with Christine Everhart after he counters that he funds other things with the money made from selling weapons and does not sleep with her.
  • Rather than drinking, James Rhodes and Tony Stark eat dinner before discussing Rhodes' involvement in the United States Air Force.
  • Stark does not end the Jericho presentation by offering drinks to the commanders. He also does not ask Obadiah Stane about his pajamas.
  • Stark does not witness the deaths of the soldiers which were in his Humvee. He does see Rhodes fighting and telling Stark to get down.
  • The Stark Industries Fragmentation Shell which nearly kills Stark is labeled as "Stark Munitions" rather than Stark Industries.
  • The Ten Rings are a well-known group of insurgents which Stark recognizes during the filming of his hostage video. Stark also recognizes Raza Hamidmi al-Wazar as the organization's leader upon first seeing him.
  • Abu Bakaar's name is spelled Abu Bakar. He speaks Arabic rather than Dari.
  • Rhodes investigates the site of Stark's kidnapping and pleads with William Gabriel to continue the search for Stark in Afghanistan, but is forced to return to the United States of America.
  • Stark asks for a washing machine among the materials he claims to need for the Jericho. Bakar uses it to clean his own laundry, and gets punched as punishment for it by al-Wazar.
  • Rather than threatening to burn Yinsen, al-Wazar repeatedly hits Yinsen to make him tell the truth about the Jericho.
  • Potts gets angry with Rhodes for seemingly giving up the search for Stark, inspiring him to return to Afghanistan regardless of Gabriel's suggestion. Gabriel gives Rhodes his blessing to do so.
  • Rather than outside, the weapons which Stark destroys during his escape are inside the cave where the Ten Rings operates. He destroys them inside and then flies out of the cave.
  • Jarivs' name is not separated with periods, but rather spelled as Jarvis.
  • Rather than crashing into a wall, Stark's first test of the Mark II armor sends him crashing into a pile of cardboard boxes.
  • Phil Coulson does not approach Stark at the fundraiser, and Stark does not nearly kiss Potts before offering her a drink.
  • Stark hosts a party in Dubai as a distraction and alibi for his involvement in the Battle of Gulmira. Bakar is not present in the battle, and Stark saves a young boy and his dog before defeating the soldiers. Stark does not leave an insurgent for the citizens to deal with, and the tank which Stark destroys is in the same place as the first portion of the battle.
  • Al-Wazar mentions to Stane that he wears someone's ring, and Stane suggests not involving that man. Stane takes the Mark I armor but does not order the Ten Rings operatives to be killed.
  • Rhodes visits Stark after the Battle of Gulmira, but Potts yells at him about the Air Force hurting Potts. Rhodes sees Stark injured and asks him to stop out of concern and insists that it is not for them to decide what is right, but Stark claims he is wrong.
  • Stane demands that his engineers miniaturize the ARK Reactor before catching Potts stealing his data. Stane walks Potts out of the building and is left as Potts reunites with Phil Coulson, rather than staying in the office and seeing on the computer that Potts had cloned the data.
  • During the final fight, Rhodes drives Stark's car into the leg of the Iron Monger Armor to save Stark's life. Stark does not learn that Stane is the Iron Monger.
  • Rather than being in the city Avalon, Stark's intended cover for his involvement in the Duel of Los Angeles is that he was on a yacht called the Avalon. The alibi is provided by Potts rather than Coulson. The book does not include Stark revealing his identity as Iron Man to the world.