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"He discovered that there were universes stacked on top of his own..."
The subject of this article comes from an alternate universe which resulted from a divergence in history with the main timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"My people have a tale about a prince - much hated by his king - who was banished to the underworld and jailed there. The evil king gave the prince the most difficult labor: working the iron pits. Year after year the prince minced the heavy ore, becoming so strong he could crush pieces of it together with his bare hands. The prince himself had become as iron. Iron Man."
Ho Yinsen

Iron Man: Teen Novelization is a teen novelization of the film of the same name.


When billionaire Tony Stark is kidnapped in a foreign land, his captors order Stark to build them a devastating weapon. Instead, Stark uses his technical brilliance to create a high-tech suit of armor and escape. Back home, Stark uncovers a dangerous plot to use his own technology against the world. Vowing to protect rather than destroy, Tony Stark reinvents himself as Iron Man.


Tony Stark is escorted through Afghanistan by three soldiers, with whom he makes lighthearted jokes. As Stark takes a picture with one of the soldiers, the convoy is attacked. Pratt tells Stark to stay in his Humvee as they rush to defend him, but all three soldiers are killed. Stark leaves the Humvee and tries to take cover, but gets hit with a bomb he recognizes as having been made by his own company. Stark wakes up some time later and is concerned about the shrapnel, but then realizes that he had been kidnapped and a ransom video was being filmed.

In a flashback to two days prior, Stark is presented with the Apogee Award, but misses the presentation to gamble at the casino in Caesars Palace. Rhodes angrily approaches Stark, who walks away from his table and dismisses Rhodes' comments. Stark loses three million dollars, but brushes it off. Stark goes to the bathroom, where Rhodes attempts to convince him that his upcoming weapons demonstration should be in Nevada, but Stark refuses. Pepper Potts enters with a call from the President, which Stark accepts. Stark is approached by reporter Christine Everhart, with whom he briefly flirts, taking her home to sleep with her.

The next morning, Potts helps Everhart to leave as Stark works on his Ford Flathead Roadster. Potts tries to get Stark to focus as she has to leave, and Stark gets her to admit that it is because it is her birthday. Stark tells Potts to get herself something from him, and Potts says that she already did. Stark then arrives late for his flight to Afghanistan, angering Rhodes. Rhodes tries to talk business, but Stark convinces Rhodes to drink with him, leading to conversations about other topics. In Afghanistan, Stark demonstrates the Jericho missile and offers drinks to the military officials. Stark calls Obadiah Stane to tell him that the presentation went well and demands that Rhodes use a different Humvee to return.

Stark awakes from his kidnapping to find someone operating on him. He wakes up again to find the surgeon shaving and himself plugged into a car battery and passes out again. Stark awakes a third time, and the surgeon explains that he removed the shrapnel from the explosion and that the magnetic plate attached to the car battery is keeping him alive. The surgeon introduces himself as Ho Yinsen as Abu Bakar enters their cell. Following Yinsen's advice, Stark refuses to build the Jericho for Bakar. Bakar shows Stark that his organization, the Ten Rings already had access to Stark Industries weapons. Bakar offers to release Stark in exchange for him building the Jericho, but Yinsen and Stark share understanding that he will not be released. Meanwhile, Rhodes investigates the site of the kidnapping and asks for permission to help with the search, but Benson Gabriel refuses to allow it.

Yinsen tells Stark that weapons and death are his legacy. Stark considers building a Jericho missile and using it to kill himself along with the terrorists and weapons held, but ultimately decides on another plan. Stark agrees to build the weapons and asks for a list of supplies, including multiple frivolous supplies, upsetting Bakar. However, Stark insists, and all the supplies are brought to him. He builds an ARK Reactor to keep his heart independent from the car battery. While Yinsen installs the ARK Reactor, Potts and Stane share their sadness over Stark's disappearance. Raza Hamidmi al-Wazar introduces himself to Stark and tortures Yinsen, demanding to know why it is taking so long. Yinsen defends Stark, and eventually al-Wazar leaves. Stark finally agrees to tell Yinsen what he is building, and Yinsen approves, remembering a legend about an exiled prince becoming an Iron Man.

Potts overhears Rhodes telling Stane that the Air Force was giving up the search for Stark. Potts scolds Rhodes, who returns to Edwards Air Force Base and insists to Gabriel that he search for Stark. Gabriel gives Rhodes his blessing. With only a week of assembly remaining for their invention, Stark and Yinsen play backgammon. They are interrupted by Bakar picking up his laundry from the washing machine Stark requested. Al-Wazar sees this and gets upset, killing Bakar and demanding that Stark and Yinsen finish the Jericho the following day. The next day, Khalid and several other Ten Rings guards are sent to ensure Stark and Yinsen are working, only to be blown up as Stark and Yinsen finish what they are working on, an armor.

Yinsen decides to buy Stark time by running out, stealing a soldier's gun, and using it to distract the guards, but gets shot in the process. The armor is finished, and Stark uses it to kill the guards as he makes his way toward the entrance of the cave. Stark finds Yinsen, who reveals that his family was killed by the Ten Rings as he dies. Angered, Stark kills as many insurgents as possible and destroys their weapons supply before using the armor to fly away. Stark wanders through the desert, where he is found and brought home by Rhodes.

Stark demands a press conference immediately upon his return, where he announces that he will end weapons production at Stark Industries, upsetting Stane. Stane assures Stark that he will handle the press. Stark begins building an upgraded ARK Reactor for his chest as the Ten Rings begin recovering pieces of Stark's armor. Phil Coulson attempts to arrange a meeting with Potts, but Potts ignores him as Stark asks for help installing the new ARK Reactor. Stark asks Potts to throw out the old one, and Potts asks never to be asked to do something like that again, but Stark insists that she is the only person he has. Stark begins work on a new armor and asks Rhodes to help, but Rhodes just wants him to build weapons again. Stane visits Stark, and Potts tells him while delivering a gift, his original ARK Reactor encased. Stane tells Stark that the Stark Industries board is trying to lock him out of the company and promises to fight for him.

As the Ten Rings assemble the first armor, Stark builds and successfully tests a second, though discovers that the armor ices over when it gets too high. Stark returns home and realizes a fundraiser is happening in his name without him there, so he decides to go while J.A.R.V.I.S. builds a third armor. Coulson attempts to schedule a meeting with Stark, but he gets distracted and dances with Potts. They get privacy, and Stark leaves to get drinks, but is interrupted by Everhart revealing Stark weapons are still in use by the Ten Rings. Enraged, Stark approaches the paparazzi and suggests everyone divest from his company. Stane scolds Stark, revealing that he is the reason Stark is getting pushed out of the country. Stark returns home angry and watches Gulmira, Yinsen's home village, get pillaged on the news by Stark Industries weapons. Angered, Stark throws a party in Dubai as a cover to go to Gulmira and kill the Ten Rings members present as al-Wazar watches. As Stark leaves Gulmira, the Air Force attacks him, but Stark saves one of their pilots and tells Rhodes who he is, allowing Rhodes to convince the Air Force to let him return to Dubai.

Stane meets with al-Wazar, who shows him the reconstructed first armor. Stane takes it for himself and has the rest of the Ten Rings soldiers killed. Rhodes visits Stark as he is injured, asking him to stop fighting, but Stark refuses. Meanwhile, Stane orders a group of engineers to recreate the original armor. Stark asks Potts to hack into Stark Industries and get information about what Stane is doing, but Potts refuses out of worry for Stark. Potts eventually agrees, and while following Stark's instructions, discovers that Stane had paid the Ten Rings to kidnap Stark. Stane appears and they briefly discuss Stark, and Stane escorts her out. Potts sees Coulson expecting a meeting and leaves the building with him.

Unable to recreate the miniaturized ARK Reactor, Stane goes to Stark's mansion and steals his. Potts calls Rhodes and tells him about Stane, askign Rhodes to check on Stark while she goes with Coulson's agents to arrest Stane. Stark reaches for his old ARK Reactor as Potts takes the agents to where Stane is building his own armor. Stark tells Rhodes what happened and puts on the armor, planning to attack Stane. Rhodes considers using the second armor, but instead takes one of Stark's cars. Using his armor, Stane attacks Potts and the agents. Potts calls Stark, who arrives and begins fighting Stane. As Potts works to prevent the ARK Reactor from blowing up, Stark's fight with Stane ends up on the highway. Rhodes drives Stark's car into Stane's armor, and Stark has him evacuate the area. To complete the ARK Reactor's circuit, Stark goes to the roof and works on a wire. However, Stane attacks and breaks his armor. Stark asks Pepper to discharge the ARK Reactor, despite the risk to his life, killing Stane.

Stark prepares for a press conference as Potts gives him an alibi that he was partying in the Avalon during the battle. Stark reads the newspaper referring to him as "Iron Man" and appreciates the moniker. Stark tries to ask about their night dancing, but Potts remains professional. Stark then goes to the press conference, and Potts returns to work.










Differences Between Book and Film[]

  • In the movie, Tony Stark is said to have had sex with the cover models of Maxim. In the book, it is Bolt.
  • In the movie, Adam Pratt takes a picture of Jimmy Ryan with Stark. In the book, these roles are reversed. Furthermore, Stark responds to the request for the picture with a tidbit about indigenous American beliefs regarding photographs stealing part of one's soul before agreeing. Pratt successfully takes one picture, and then the attack occurs while trying to take a second, whereas in the film Ryan does not even successfully take one.
  • Stark sees James Rhodes fighting the Ten Rings before he gets kidnapped.
  • In the book, Rhodes narrates the video at the presentation of the Apogee Award rather than a separate narrator.
  • While gambling and missing the award presentation, Stark flirts with a woman using scientific language before Rhodes' arrival. As Rhodes scolds him for missing the ceremony, Stark loses three million dollars in a game. Stark then goes to the bathroom, where Pepper Potts arrives with a phone call from the President, which Stark accepts briefly before leaving the casino.
  • Abu Bakaar's name is spelled Abu Bakar.
  • William Gabriel's first name is changed to Benson Gabriel.
  • As Stark agrees to build the Jericho, Rhodes investigates the scene of Stark's kidnapping. He asks Gabriel for permission to be involved in the search for Stark in Afghanistan, but Gabriel refuses.
  • As Stark requests supplies for the "Jericho missile," he includes several frivolous requests, including a washing machine. Bakar uses the washing machine, which upsets Raza Hamidmi al-Wazar, leading him to kill Bakar before Stark escapes.
  • The Arc Reactor is referred to as the ARK Reactor.
  • Raza Hamidmi al-Wazar monitors Stark and Yinsen as the ARK Reactor is placed in his heart.
  • In an added scene, Potts and Stane share their sadness over Stark's disappearance at Stark Industries Headquarters.
  • In an added scene, Stark criticizes Yinsen for putting a backgammon board together while they build the Iron Man armor before getting interrupted by al-Wazar introducing himself.
  • Stark does not interrupt al-Wazar torturing Yinsen. Instead, al-Wazar simply drops the coal on his own and turns away.
  • In an added scene, Potts scolds Rhodes for allowing the Air Force to give up their search for Stark. Rhodes then leaves and insists on doing so to Gabriel, who hesitantly allows him.
  • In an added scene, Stark asks J.A.R.V.I.S. for advice upgrading the ARK Reactor, but J.A.R.V.I.S. is hesitant since the ARK Reactor is already eleven times more powerful than necessary for Stark's stated purposes of powering his heart, and Stark makes him offer recommendations anyway.
  • Stark uses a Series IX CNC Combo machine to build his new ARK Reactor and armors. This machine also replaces the role held by Dum-E and U in the movie.
  • Potts wears sterile gloves while replacing Stark's ARK Reactor, whereas in the movie she uses her bare hands.
  • As Stark leaves Potts to get her a drink, Potts tells Stark that she is not a cheeseburger, and Stark agrees.
  • Upon learning that the Ten Rings are still using his weapons, Stark approaches the paprazzi at the fundraiser and publicly recommends divesting from Stark Industries, angering Stane into revealing that he is the one pushing Stark out of the company.
  • Stark throws a party as a cover for his disappearance during the Battle of Gulmira. During the battle, Stark saves a young boy and his dog.
  • Instead of Whiplash 1 and Whiplash 2, the callsigns used are Viper One and Viper Two.
  • Stark is seriously injured following the events in Gulmira and subsequent attack by the Air Force and Rhodes visits him, asking him to stop.
  • Instead of William Ginter Riva, the head engineer building the Iron Monger Armor is a woman with an Eastern European accent.
  • During the Duel of Los Angeles, Stane does not fly into the atmosphere and reveal an icing problem in his armor.
  • Potts does not object to the notion of Stark being Iron Man and is the one who gives Stark his alibi. The final scene of Stark telling the public the truth is not included in the book.