Iron Man: Security Measures is a digital comic published by Marvel Digital Comics and was included with the Walmart 2-disc set of Iron Man.


S.H.I.E.L.D. was closely monitoring Tony Stark after the ambush that led to his incarceration at the hands of the Ten Rings and suspected they kidnapped Stark not for money but for his tech. Unable to intervene due to be strictly a domestic operation, Nick Fury sends Agent Phil Coulson to investigate Obadiah Stane who seemingly dismisses all claims he is taking over the Stark Industries when in reality he has already made moves to take it over.

Upon Stark's return and his announcement to disband the weapon development sector. Fury suspects that Stark destroying the weapons was an attempt to hide his war profiteering involvement. Sending Coulson to keep tabs on Stark, it was only after the skirmish in Gulmira that Fury was convinced that Stark wasn't trying to hide his dealings but to destroy Stane's weapon dealing business and ordered an investigation to Stane's files. Meanwhile, Coulson moves in to arrest Stane only to find himself attacked by the Iron Monger Armor. After Stark defeats Stane, Pepper Potts fearing Stane may have survived has her fears assauged by Coulson who drops a riot foam bomb to make sure Stane isn't going anywhere

During the announcement, Coulson and Fury noted how skilled Stark was as a soldier and his announcement that he is Iron Man and rejects the cover story Coulson requested. This was in fact planned by Fury as he knows Stark would not agree to it. Seeing his potential, he goes to ask Tony if he is interested in joining the Avengers Initiative.











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