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Iron Man: Limited Edition is a tie-in for Iron Man 2 sponsored by LG, as an element of a partnership between Marvel and LG to combine augmented reality and exclusive content for the film.


Tony Stark works on his Iron Man Armor when Pepper Potts walks in. He tells her how he had to avoid paparazzi all day. She notifies him that he made five dates tonight with five different girls. She points out that the last time he did that, he got slapped six times. He finishes up his modifications and goes out to get ready.

Twenty minutes later, he arrives at a mechanic place for work on his car. He and the mechanic, Mike Charles, are suddenly ambushed by mercenaries who had followed Stark. They hide behind his car, which wrecks it. They then escape out back to Charles' truck. Stark uses Charles' phone to call Potts. He continuously gives instructions on where to drive, despite it being away from his home. The instructions lead them into the middle of a parade with police officers. He snaps a picture of their license plates then instructs Charles to drive towards the bridge. Stark times it so they get past right before the bridge opens up for a boat, leaving the mercenaries behind. Stark then races back to his mansion and puts on his armor. He proceeds to finish off all of the mercenaries. He figures out the leader's name is Jenkins through the license plate registration. After, he points out that he had to cancel his dates and gives the phone to Charles telling him to make the calls.









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