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"I'm out of the weapons business, not my cake. But how do we put a suit of armor around the world? Around the galaxy? You can't tell me there's not another big, bad lurking-in-the-shadows monster under the bed."
―Iron Man to Gamora[src]

Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark, also known as Iron Man, is a genius and billionaire who stranded on Sakaar and ended up teaming with Gamora.


Working with Gamora

"Gamora, survivor of Sakaar and destroyer of Thanos..."
"And one who's about to kick your moon-shaped, ugly mug."
"Not you, Stark. You, Gamora, have been chosen."
The Watcher and Iron Man[src]

Iron Man and Gamora startle at The Watcher

Iron Man joined Gamora on Nidavellir when Eitri melted the Infinity Gauntlet. During the process, Stark mentioned to Gamora that while he had left the weapon manufacturing business, he wondered how they could put a giant suit of armor around the world to protect it, musing if they could cover the whole galaxy as he didn't believe there would be no more "lurking-in-the-shadows" monsters. As Stark said this, Gamora saw The Watcher, who had come to recruit Gamora for the Guardians of the Multiverse, reflected in his armor. Stark and Gamora faced the Watcher, but the Watcher stated that he had only come to take Gamora, leaving Stark with Eitri. Later, Stark reunited with Gamora after she returned from her universes spanning battle.[1]

Powers and Abilities


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