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"Seems like this establishment is the wrong kind of disreputable."
Stakar Ogord[src]

The Iron Lotus is a brothel located in Contraxia visited by different clans of Ravagers.


Visited by Yondu's Ravager Clan

Yondu Udonta argues with Stakar Ogord

A few months after the Battle of Xandar, Yondu Udonta, along with his faction of Ravagers went to the Iron Lotus to relax. Udonta got dressed as he watched the other Ravagers outside have fun. As Udonta went outside, he approached Stakar Ogord who walked away from him. Udonta got angry with Ogord and chased after him and the two started to argue. Udonta demanded that Ogord listened to him but Ogord remembered why he exiled Udonta when he broke their code.

Right as Stakar left, Ayesha arrived to hire Udonta and his clan to hunt down the Guardians of the Galaxy who had stolen the Anulax Batteries from them. Udonta took the job and left to find the Guardians unaware that part of his faction was planning to start a mutiny against him as they believed he has gone soft.[1]

Alternate Universes

Visited by T'Challa's Ravagers Clan

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  • A painting of Wal Rus is hung on one of the rooms of the Iron Lotus.


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