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A list of trivia related to Iron Fist.

References to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

References to the Marvel Comics

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Daughters of the Dragon

  • In Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch Colleen Wing adopts the identity "Daughter of the Dragon" while competing in an illegal fight competition. In the comics, the "Daughters of the Dragons" is the alias of Knightwing Restoration Ltd., the detective agency that Wing run alongside her friend Misty Knight.
  • In Eight Diagram Dragon Palm, Wing sports a white tracksuit, a reminiscence of her white outfit in the comics.

Typhoid Mary

  • In The City's Not For Burning, Mary's reflection in the misted mirror, alludes to her comic book appearance, where she wears white makeup on her right side of the face.
  • Her proficiency with the twin machetes comes directly from the comics.

Steel Serpent

  • Davos's backstory - -takes various details from the comics, such as his right to being the Iron Fist and the fact that he is the son of Lei Kung. The main change regarding his fight for the Iron Fist, is that instead of being beaten by Wendell Rand, the MCU adaptation loses to Danny.
  • Davos stealing the Iron Fist's powers, as seen in Target: Iron Fist, has been done multiple times into the comics, though Danny eventually regains it.


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