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"That's where you're headed, Danny. That's what you could be. That's what an Iron Fist is."
Bakuto to Danny Rand[src]

Iron Fist was a master martial artist loyal to the Order of the Crane Mother and protector of K'un-Lun.


Immortal Iron Fist

"In 1948, a group of Chinese soldiers got lost in the mountains during a mission being recorded for propaganda purposes. They were headed into a remote area, but someone was there protecting this passage. And, as you can see, he had no interest in letting them pass."
Bakuto to Danny Rand[src]

Iron Fist was trained by the Order of the Crane Mother in K'un-Lun in the ways of martial arts. He later defeated the dragon Shou-Lao and won the power of the Iron Fist. With his new abilities, the Iron Fist guarded the secret pass to K'un-Lun.

A video showing the Iron Fist protecting the entrance of K'un-Lun in 1948

In 1948, Chinese soldiers filmed a propaganda film near to the pass to K'un-Lun. The Iron Fist, while being recorded, charged towards the soldiers and killed them all with his powers.[1] At some point after this he died.[2]


Iron Fist's corpse

68 years later, the footage of the Iron Fist came to the hands of Bakuto, one of the five fingers of the Hand, who showed it to Danny Rand, the new Iron Fist.[1] His body was obtained by Orson Randall.[3]

Eventually, Davos shipped his corpse from China to use his Mark of Shou-Lao in a ritual to take the Iron Fist from Danny Rand.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Chi Manipulation: After gaining the power of the Iron Fist, the Iron Fist could harness his chi to augment his physical and mental capabilities.
    • Iron Fist Punch: By channeling his chi and focusing it into his fists, the Iron Fist could make his fists inhumanly powerful and resistant to injury and pain. With his fists in this state, the Iron Fist could exert superhuman strength and force.
    • Chi Blast: Iron Fist was able to send two soldiers flying backward just by pushing his hands towards them.


  • Master Martial Artist: His martial arts prowess, combined with his mystical power of the Iron Fist, allowed him to overpower his enemies effortlessly, having been trained by the Order of the Crane Mother.


  • Mark of Shou-Lao: Upon defeating Shou-Lao Iron Fist then had the mark of the Dragon burned onto his chest, which allowed him to channel his Chi into his fist to turn it into a powerful weapon, making him the Immortal Iron Fist. Following his death, Iron Fist's body was taken by Davos, who cut the Mark of the Dragon off his chest for a ceremony.





  • His clothes are a reference to the Iron Fist's more traditional clothes in the comics.


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