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"Isn't it beautiful, Irina?"
Ivan Vanko[src]

Irina was the pet bird of Ivan Vanko. She is a white cockatoo that Ivan had greatly loved and was the only way Vanko would be able to work with Justin Hammer.


Irina was a cockatoo owned by the Vankos. After Anton died, Ivan took Irina to his workroom where he began building his own Arc Reactor based on his father's specs and fed Irina with his vodka before finally finishing the Arc Reactor to power his harness. Vanko left to Monaco to kill Tony Stark, seemingly leaving his bird. After Vanko was freed from arrest by Justin Hammer after Stark had defeated him, Hammer wanted to work with Ivan and he agreed to as long as Hammer would give him his bird. Hammer brought the bird to Vanko but he did not know how Hammer was able to go to Moscow to get his bird, so he believed it was not his bird though Hammer argued with him that it was before Vanko worked on the Hammer Drones.

However, Vanko betrayed Hammer on the work on the drones so Hammer returned to the Hammer Industries headquarters where he confronted Vanko, who relaxed with Irina as Hammer named him the "Birdman". For betrayal, Hammer confiscated Irina from Ivan before heading to the Stark Expo to present the Hammer Drones. Vanko then killed the guards watching Vanko as Hammer held the presentation, and after getting through them Vanko got Irina back who sat on his shoulder and as he used the phone to talk to Tony Stark before leaving to kill him.[1] Before he left, Vanko killed Irina by snapping her neck, with Black Widow finding her corpse while looking for Vanko.[2]





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