"You see, what you got here that you don't got in Iraq is rain."
Curtis Hoyle to Lewis Wilson[src]

Iraq, officially the Republic of Iraq, is a country in Western Asia.


Iraq War

In 2003, during the War on Terror war broke out within Iraq. While serving in the United States Marine Corps, Frank Castle was send to Iraq and even took part in the Battle of Fallujah.[1]

Operation Panther's Claw

"How about Basra, '08? Operation Panther's claw? Come on, Lieutenant. Tell me the stories are true!"
Glenn Talbot to Lance Hunter[src]

In 2008, British Armed Forces deployed Lance Hunter to Basra in a mission codenamed "Operation Panther's Claw", that he managed to accomplish.[2]

Insurgent Attack

During a conversation between James Rhodes and Tony Stark, Rhodes received a call from his superiors to order Iron Man to do reconnaissance in the city of Al-Kut in Iraq. However, Stark decided to solve the situation himself in order to save human lives, where a group of insurgents attacked an air base killing several members United Nations peacekeeping troops.

Flying at supersonic speed to arrive before any official military response, Iron Man engaged the insurgents, being able to withstand their attacks thanks to his armor and retaliating with his own weapons to kill every terrorist. Stark then checked the status of the WHiH World News crew whose work in the area warned Stark of the situation, as the journalists already knew Stark's M.O. to act in this kind of situation. The footage of Iron Man's intervention was sent to Stark Industries PR department.[3]


"I trained, I lied, I killed... just to get here. I killed in America, Afghanistan, Iraq. I took life from my own brothers and sisters right here on this continent."
Erik Killmonger to T'Challa[src]

Within the United States Navy SEALs, Erik Stevens was eventually recruited to the Joint Special Operations Command ghost unit. The unit had several missions in Iraq where Stevens managed to eliminate multiple enemies.[4]


"There's not much of anything I can do about a YouTube video of you guys opening up on a bunch of Iraqi civilians."
Billy Russo[src]

Mike Bashille, Jim Pruitt, Spencer Geiger, and Tom Weems were assigned by Anvil to protect diplomats from harm in Iraq. However, the four ended up killing innocent civilians in public, with footage of the killings being recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Following the fiasco, the State Department attempted to apprehend all four for murder, prompting them to flee underground and become fugitives.[5]


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