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"I love him, you know. Probably means he has a pornography addiction or a secret family in Iowa."
"Yeah, secret families are always stashed in flyover states."
Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

Iowa is a state located in the midwestern region of the United States of America.


Clint Barton's Early Life

Clint Barton was born in Iowa in the 1970s to Edith Barton. Being a young single mother living on the street with no money to support them, Edith became a petty thief, which she justified to her son as they were less fortunate. Growing up, Barton also developed a talent for marksmanship, something he had perfected to the point where he could never miss.[2]

Local Fair

Clint Barton at the fair with his mother, in 1984

In 1984, Clint Barton attended a local fair with his mother, where they discussed Robin Hood, and the fact that he used a bow and arrow as his main weapon, much to Barton's intrigue. Edith took the opportunity of being at the fair to steal from people, something Barton assisted with, taking a watch from someone. Barton went to the shooting gallery, but missed his first shot, causing him to realize that the game was rigged using magnets, so he adjusted his aim, hitting all of the targets without fail.[2]

Separated From His Mother

Clint Barton before helping his mother to steal

That night, as they sat in their car, Clint Barton asked whether they would get caught for stealing, but his mother assured him that she would protect him, and that the money did not matter to that people they stole from. Barton then asked his mother to tell him about the dream house they were going to live in, although he was doubtful whether it would ever come true, so Edith made a promise that they were never going to sleep in the car again. The next morning, Barton was tasked with distracting a gas station clerk so that his mother could steal some money from the register, but the plan failed when Edith was caught.

Barton chooses not to kill and misses a shot

The clerk went to stop Edith, so she grabbed his rifle out, but dropped it on the floor, so Barton picked it up. Barton aimed the rifle at the clerk, and was told by his mother to shoot, but he could not do it, and instead shot the window. The police arrived and arrested Edith, and as she was escorted to a car, Barton apologized for missing, but she stated that he never missed.[2] Now on his own, Barton did get to go to high school, but he never finished. However, he continued to possess his nature ability for marksmanship, becoming most proficient with a bow and arrow.[3]

Clint Barton’s Homestead

Clint Barton's Homestead

"Fury helped me set this up when I joined. He kept it off S.H.I.E.L.D.’s files."
Clint Barton[src]

In 2004, when Clint Barton and Laura Barton were recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury made sure his family's existence would be a secret, setting up Barton’s favorite farmhouse in Iowa as a secure, isolated place where they could live in safety.[3]

Project Insight

"Zola's algorithm is a program... for choosing Insight's targets."
"What targets?"
"You. A TV anchor in Cairo, the Undersecretary of Defense, a high school valedictorian in Iowa City."
Jasper Sitwell and Steve Rogers[src]

In 2014, Iowa was one of the intended targets of Project Insight, as some of its citizens were deemed a threat for HYDRA's plans. Jasper Sitwell explicitly referred to a high school valedictorian living in Iowa City as one of the targets. However, Iowa City was not shot as Insight was stopped in time.[4]

Search for the Shrike

S.H.I.E.L.D. learned that two members of the Shrike were in Iowa. Yo-Yo Rodriguez thus took a group of agents to Des Moines and quickly captured the individual carrying the parasite inside his apartment. She and the captive then took a Quinjet and left Iowa.[5]

Retreat for the Avengers

The Avengers are brought to Clint Barton's house

"What is this place?"
"Let's hope."
Thor, Tony Stark and Clint Barton[src]

In 2015, Clint Barton took Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor, Bruce Banner, and Natasha Romanoff to Iowa to his house and met with his family. While there, Stark and Rogers discussed the future of the team. Later on, Nick Fury visited them there to discuss the ongoing events, and how they needed to act to achieve victory. Following this, Barton and the team left to complete their mission. Afterwards, Barton returned to Iowa to live with his family, now with a new member.[3]

Steel Serpent's Sales

Davenport, Iowa, was the hometown of one of the Hand's clients that bought their Steel Serpent using the Rand Enterprises' resources.[6]


Clint Barton is left alone after the Snap

In 2018, Clint Barton, his wife, and children were outside close to their house preparing to have a picnic. As his wife prepared the lunch, his sons played catch and Barton and his daughter practiced archery. After his wife called the family in for lunch, she and the children disintegrated into dust suddenly. Half of Iowa’s population disintegrated as well. Sometime afterwards, Barton, in grief and anger over his family's disappearance, left Iowa.[7]


Clint Barton is reunited with his family

In 2023, following the Blip, Clint Barton returned via Quinjet to Iowa and reunited with his restored family.[7]

Barton's Christmas Holidays

Laura Barton and her children making gingerbread houses

In December 2024, Laura Barton called her family from their house and asked how their trip was going.[8] The next day, she recieved a call from her husband and told him that she and the children were making gingerbread houses. She was also informed that he would need a few more days before he could come home.[9]

Alternate Universe

Testing Time Travel

Clint Barton at his homestead in an alternate timeline

In 2023, while preparing for the Time Heist, Clint Barton volunteered to test the Advanced Tech Suit and the Time-Space GPS. Using the Quantum Tunnel, he traveled back in time to 2018 before the Snap, creating an alternate timeline. He arrived in the barn and made his way to the house, where he overheard Lila arguing with Cooper, prompting him to try and see his daughter again. However, he was brought back to his timeline seconds before he could.[7]


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