The Invasion of Vanaheim was a conquest of the Vanir homeplanet of Vanaheim undertaken by the Marauders, sparked by the lack of peaceful influence of the Asgardians once the Rainbow Bridge was destroyed.


Following the destruction of the Rainbow Bridge at the hands of Thor in the Duel at the Rainbow Bridge, the Asgardians lost their ability to harness the Bifrost Bridge and thus were unable to intervene in attacks on the other realms.[1]


The Marauders seized the opportunity of the Asgardian inability to travel in order to invade Vanaheim, and started to ransack and the Vanir villages.[1]


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However, as the Tesseract was taken into Asgard's possession, on their return to Asgard, Loki was imprisoned in the Asgardian Dungeons and the Tesseract was given to Heimdall so that he could regenerate the Rainbow Bridge, allowing the Asgardians to harness the Bifrost once more.

Thor commanded the Asgardian army to travel to Vanaheim and the rest of the worlds taken by force, and restore peace in them.[1]


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