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For the Inter-Dimensional gates created using magic, see Inter-Dimensional Portal

"I'm building an inter-dimensional gateway with an android I've created. If this works, I could die happy."
Holden Radcliffe[src]

The Inter-Dimensional Gate is an inter-dimensional gateway created by Holden Radcliffe with the aid of his assistant Aida. In combination with the Laser-Coupling Gloves and utilizing the Quantum Batteries obtained from Momentum Labs, they were used by Aida to rescue Phil Coulson, Leo Fitz and Robbie Reyes, who were trapped between two dimensions.


With the information she obtained from the Darkhold, Aida tasked Holden Radcliffe with creating Laser-Coupling Gloves and an Inter-Dimensional Gate in order to retrieve Phil Coulson, Leo Fitz and Robbie Reyes from another dimension. Once both items had been built, Aida put on and activated the gloves and started to place invisible strings of energy in a position that formed a portal inside the gate, drawing the aforementioned energy from the Quantum Batteries. When the portal manifested, Coulson and Fitz returned to their native dimension through it.

Later, Reyes returned through the gate as well, where he was being expected by Alphonso Mackenzie.[1]

Radcliffe, Jemma Simmons and Fitz placed the Inter-Dimensional Gate beneath Eli Morrow's Quantum Batteries, where the Demon Core was. With the Laser-Coupling Gloves, Aida created a gate to the other dimension and once it was opened, it transferred the Quantum Battery to the other dimension, with Morrow and Ghost Rider in it.[2]

The Inter-Dimensional Gate later returned to the Playground, where it survived the explosion caused by the Life-Model Decoy of Melinda May. After Brigadier General Glenn Talbot performed a sweep of the base and left, Ghost Rider emerged from the Inter-Dimensional Gate.[3]

While being trapped in Hell, Ghost Rider acquired the ability of opening an Inter-Dimensional Portal towards the dark world without using the equipment designed by Aida.[4]


Behind the Scenes


  • The Inter-Dimensional Gate shares numerous similarities with the portals created by the Masters of the Mystic Arts through the Sling Rings, as they both channel extra-dimensional energy from other dimensions to open a door to a specific place in the Multiverse. While the Gate was created through scientific methods, and not through the Mystic Arts, the nature of its technology is so advanced that even Leo Fitz couldn't understand how it worked.