The Inhuman Royal Palace was a palace located in the city of Attilan where the Inhuman Royal Family used to live. It was damaged and abandoned along with the rest of Attilan when the city was evacuated because of Maximus' actions.


Royal Residence

The Inhuman Royal Palace was the place of residence of the Inhuman Royal Family in the city of Attilan. Black Bolt and Maximus were raised by their parents Agon and Rynda in this palace, with Agon frequently teaching the duties of the King of Attilan to his son in the palace's throne room.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 14.56.09

Kitang tells Maximus that he had become a Human

Terrigenesis ceremonies were held by the Genetic Council in the palace's Grand Hall. During one of these ceremonies, Black Bolt gained superhuman abilities which granted him an incredibly powerful voice, forbidding him to speak any further to prevent any harm or damage in the city of Attilan. Agon and Rynda refused to lock away their son and kept raising him in the palace.[1] In order for Black Bolt to have a safe space for himself, his cousin Karnak designed the Quiet Room.[2]

Maximus grew jealous of his brother due to the fact that he could not become King of Attilan, especially since Kitang had announced him that he had become a simple Human following his Terrigenesis.[1] Therefore, while he was sitting alone in the throne room, Maximus forged a decree advocating brain surgery on Black Bolt, which was seemingly approved by Agon and Rynda. Black Bolt found out about it and confronted his parents in the royal apartments, but he carelessly released the power of his voice, killing his parents.

Having become the new King of Attilan due to his parents' death, Black Bolt spent much time in the Quiet Room to meditate. He was visited by Kitang, who wanted to tell Black Bolt about the Inhumans' greatest enemy. They were interrupted by Maximus, but Kitang told him to leave as they were discussing classified information.[2] Black Bolt was also visited in the Quiet Room by Medusa, who also had lost her parents Ambur and Quelin. Despite Medusa initially intending to mock Black Bolt, the two of them befriended and eventually fell in love, later getting married.[3]

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.20.01

Maximus is trained by Gorgon and Karnak

As the Inhuman Royal Family continued to live in the palace, several members of the family, like Maximus, Medusa and her sister Crystal were trained by Gorgon and Karnak in order to acquire some fighting skills so that they could defend themselves.[4]

Terrigenesis Ceremony

A Terrigenesis ceremony held in the Grand Hall

Terrigenesis ceremonies kept being organized in the Inhuman Royal Palace under Black Bolt's rule and the Genetic Council's guidance. During one of these ceremonies, Paripan and Loyolis took their children Iridia and Bronaja. While Iridia gained butterfly-like wings, Bronaja seemingly got no new ability, although he briefly collapsed on the ground before sharing a vision with Maximus and being taken back home by his parents.[3]

Tragic Dinner


The Inhuman Royal Family enjoys dinner in the Grand Hall

While the Inhuman Royal Family enjoyed a dinner in the Grand Hall, Maximus arrived and announced that he had learned about Triton having died on Earth. Maximus then had Duodon showing the images of Triton's demise. Duodon then left with Auran while Maximus asked Black Bolt about the reasons of Triton's presence on Earth. Once Black Bolt explained that he had sent Triton to find Inhumans on Earth, Maximus advocated for a relocation of Attilan's population on Earth, which Black Bolt refused.

This caused Maximus to angrily leave the Grand Hall. Karnak also left to mourn the loss of his brother and Gorgon instructed Crystal to follow him as he intended to try and save Triton. Black Bolt and Medusa joined Gorgon in the palace's control room, from which Lockjaw teleported with Gorgon while the other members of the Royal Family monitored images coming from Earth.

Black Bolt decided to take some time alone in his Quiet Room to think about the recent events. Remaining alone, Medusa was approached by Maximus, who clearly mentioned on how he remained attracted to her and how they could rule over Attilan together. However, Medusa firmly rejected Maximus' advances, calling him disgusting and pinning him against a wall with her hair before angrily leaving.[3]

Maximus' Coup

Escape of the Royal Family

Kitang Murdered

Kitang is murdered on the palace's roof

Deciding that he had waited long enough, Maximus decided to initiate his coup d'état against his brother Black Bolt. He started by summoning the head of the Genetic Council Kitang on the roof of the palace, seeking the support of the Genetic Council. However, Kitang refused Maximus' request and instead ordered Auran to arrest Maximus, but Auran, who was loyal to Maximus, murdered Kitang instead, leaving his body fall on the roof of the palace.

Maximus then proceeded to the rest of his plan. Four Attilan Royal Guards went down to the Control Room to arrest Karnak, but he easily defeated them and alarmed Gorgon of the situation. He then went to Crystal's apartments and told her that they had to leave Attilan. However, Crystal ordered Lockjaw to take Karnak on Earth to Gorgon while she would look for her sister Medusa.

The Inhumans 03

Maximus confronts Black Bolt in the Quiet Room

Medusa tried to reach Black Bolt, who was still in the Quiet Room, but she was stopped by a group of royal guards led by Maximus and Auran. The guards attempted to seize her, but she managed to hold them off until Pulsus incapacitated her. As she lied on the ground, Maximus shaved her hair, depowering her. The guards then left her on the ground and moved to the Quiet Room, where Maximus confronted Black Bolt and announced that he was taking power.

Crystal Capture

Crystal is captured by the Attilan Royal Guard

However, the guards were not able to detain Black Bolt as Lockjaw returned from Earth and teleported away with Black Bolt, like he had done with Medusa moments ago. As the guards left the now empty Quiet Room, they found Crystal, and Maximus ordered them to capture her. While the rest of her family had successfully escaped from the palace, Crystal was taken by the rebels.[3]

Maximus' Takeover

Crystal remained locked up in the palace's Quiet Room until Maximus came to ask where she had sent the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family. As Crystal refused to answer and attempted to flee with Lockjaw, Maximus ordered one of his soldiers to incapacitate the dog, who was left unconscious in the Quiet Room while Crystal was taken into custody in her apartments.

Crystal Arrested

Crystal is brought into the throne room

Maximus then went to sit in the throne room, where he ordered Auran to dispatch several Attilan Royal Guards across Attilan. He then had Crystal brought into the throne room and tried to convince her to accept him as the new King of Attilan. Since Crystal refused, he ordered her to be taken back to her apartments.

Auran later brought some food to Crystal in her apartments, but Crystal attacked her, causing Auran to drew her weapon, but Crystal eventually stood down. Once Auran left, Crystal picked the Com-Link Auran had lost on the ground and called Medusa, unaware that Auran was actually tracking the call. In the throne room, Maximus was called by Gorgon, who challenged him to send his men to him.

Maximus later summoned Bronaja in the Grand Hall and asked him whether he had had new visions. Maximus triggered another vision by touching Bronaja, who told Maximus that the Genetic Council was plotting against him. Therefore, Maximus arranged for the Genetic Council to gather on the roof of the palace, where he confronted them with several guards and threatened to kill them if they did not follow him. Maximus then went to visit Crystal and once again asked her to support his claim to the throne.[5]

Crystal's Escape

Maximus visited Crystal in her apartments once again and handed her over the draft of a speech in which she would acknowledge Maximus as the new King of Attilan in front of the Genetic Council, which she reluctantly accepted.


Mordis is released from his cell by Maximus

Exiting Crystal's apartments, Maximus contacted Auran to have a report on her mission and announced that he would send reinforcements so that she could fight Gorgon. Before that, he had Bronaja come to the palace and try to use his powers to see whether releasing Mordis from his cell was a danger. As Bronaja did not react, Maximus carried on his plan and set Mordis free.

Divide -- And Conquer 2

Maximus tells Crystal to deliver her speech

Maximus then returned to sit in the throne room, where he asked Tibor to issue a new decree putting an end to the caste system, although Tibor advised him against it. He then ordered to bring in Crystal so that she could publicly claim her support to his cause. Before speaking however, Crystal requested to have Lockjaw by her side, but Maximus refused.

Crystal Ice

Crystal escapes from the palace

As a result, Crystal made her speech, but quickly humiliated Maximus by calling him king of no one. She then assaulted the Attilan Royal Guards and froze their weapons before rushing to the Quiet Room. There, she locked herself in the room and managed to awaken Lockjaw, who had remained incapacitated in the room. Crystal and Lockjaw then teleported out of the palace to reach Earth. Meanwhile, despite this inconvenience, Maximus confirmed his intent to rule over Attilan.[1]

Assassination of the Genetic Council

Maximus and Tibor discussed Crystal's escape in the corridors of the palace, but the discussion quickly turned into a violent argument, with Maximus choking Tibor against the wall for having ended their friendship when Tibor was appointed to the Genetic Council. Maximus later summoned the Genetic Council in the throne room and exposed his plan of undergoing a second Terrigenesis. However, Tibor explained that they could not allow such an experiment, something Maximus was heavily displeased with.


The Genetic Council is killed by the Attilan Royal Guard

Outraged by the Genetic Council's answer, Maximus decided to get rid of this organization. He ordered Tibor to join him in the palace while the rest of the Council was once again summoned in the Grand Hall. Then, several Attilan Royal Guards arrived and murdered the members of the Council while Maximus explained to Tibor what was happening and demanding his full loyalty.[6]

Aborted Rebellion

I105 Maximus ordering conscription

Maximus and Tibor discuss a conscription in the Control Room

Having been informed that Auran had failed to capture or kill the Inhuman Royal Family, Maximus summoned Tibor to the palace's control room. He displayed the files of all Inhumans inhabiting Attilan and ordered Tibor to review them and find those who were more fit to serve in a conscription, despite Tibor advising him against it as discontent grew among the population.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 19.28.30

Maximus talks to a statue of Agon in the Grand Hall

Tibor later went to find Maximus in the Grand Hall to give him his findings, notably citing Loyolis as the most motivated Inhuman to serve in Maximus' conscript force. However, Tibor reiterated his warning about how the population could question Maximus' true motives, feeling that he was acting in his own interest, only for Maximus to angrily order Tibor to leave. Remaining alone in the Grand Hall, Maximus went in front of a statue of his father and maintained his claim that everything he had done was for the good of Attilan.

As he walked in the palace's corridors, Tibor discovered that he was being followed by cloaked individuals. Believing them to be servants of Maximus sent to punish him for doubting his plans, Tibor tried to escape, but he was eventually caught. However, he soon discovered that they were actually rebels loyal to the royal family, who learned that Tibor was second guessing Maximus and enlisted his assistance in order to take down Maximus.[7]

Maximus and Tibor oversaw the transport of the conscripts to Earth through Eldrac before returning into the Grand Hall. There, Tibor met with the leaders of the rebels and told him that they had to quickly move against Maximus. To that end, Tibor requested to be alone in the throne room with Maximus and told him that there was a conspiracy against him. He then suggested that they went to the control room to identify the rebels and Maximus agreed to meet Tibor there later.

Bronaja was then summoned to the palace by Maximus, who triggered a vision through Bronaja's powers, and Bronaja told Maximus that he had seen him and Tibor discussing, seemingly peacefully. Maximus then took Bronaka to the control room, where the rebels intended to ambush Maximus and kill him. However, Maximus had known of the conspiracy against him all along and had his guards capture the rebels. Tibor, who made a final stand against Maximus, was murdered in the Control Room by Maximus.[4]

Return of the Royal Family

Maximus returned into the throne room and ordered his Attilan Royal Guard to find other rebels. As the guards prepared to left, Crystal and Lockjaw teleported into the throne room, bringing Auran and her soldiers who had been defeated on Earth, but at the cost of Gorgon's life. Crystal informed Maximus that the Inhuman Royal Family requested a parley, which Maximus accepted. Crystal and Lockjaw then teleported back on Earth.

Maximus then summoned some of his supporters, including Auran, Bronaja, Loyolis and Flora in the Grand Hall and delivered an eulogy for his fallen cousin Gorgon, but also took this opportunity to reiterate his criticism against the Royal Family. Maximus and the Royal Family then met outside of the palace for parley. However, Maximus refused to surrender the throne back to Black Bolt and had his guard seize Evan Declan, who had been brought to Attilan by the Royal Family and who was taken into a private apartment in the palace.


Karnak fights the Attilan Royal Guard in the Control Room

Maximus met with Declan in this apartment so that they could discuss his plan of undergoing a second Terrigenesis. However, when Auran informed him of multiple malfunctions across the city, Maximus decided to move further in his plan. As for Auran, she went into the Control Room to investigate, and was ambushed by Karnak, who defeated her guards and requested her help to revive Gorgon through Terrigenesis.

Karnak and Auran put Gorgon's body into a Terrigen Chamber and injected him with a sample of Auran's blood. However, the resurrection attempt apparently failed and they left before Maximus and Declan arrived, finding Gorgon's inanimate body. Feeling that something was definitely wrong and that the Royal Family could still be in Attilan, Maximus left with his guards to investigate, leaving Declan alone near the Terrigenesis Chambers. However, it turned out that Gorgon's revival had actually been successful and Gorgon got out of his Chamber, seemingly angered and disoriented.[8]

Although Declan tried to keep Gorgon calm and at distance, Gorgon brutally murdered him, leaving his body in a broken Terrigenesis Chamber. Meanwhile, Karnak was captured by the Attilan Royal Guard and locked up in the Quiet Room. He was soon joined by Gorgon, who had been captured as well. Together, they managed to escape using Gorgon's brute force and were reunited with Triton. Maximus, who had evaded from the Royal Family after having been captured, discovered that Declan was dead and ordered Bronaja to be brought into the Grand Hall.

Bronaja had a vision and told Maximus that he would be the unchallenged King of Attilan. As the protective dome around Attilan was failing, causing the statues of former Kings and Queens of Attilan to fall in the Grand Hall, Maximus and his men went into the Control Room, where Maximus delivered a speech calling every Inhuman to fight the Control Room. Once they left, Karnak, Triton and Gorgon arrived to assess the damage caused by Maximus. They were joined by Black Bolt, and they discussed about the potential destruction of Attilan.[2]


In a final attempt to avoid the destruction of Attilan, Medusa was taken by Auran into the throne room for a final negotiation with Maximus. While she attempted to persuade Maximus, Karnak accessed the city's camera in the Control Room so that everyone in Attilan could hear the conversation. However, the negotiation went wrong and Maximus refused to give up on his plan, even if it meant the destruction of Attilan, prompting Auran to escort Medusa out of the throne room.

Maximus and Auran went to the former's apartment, where they witnessed the Inhuman Royal Family announcing the Evacuation of Attilan. Enraged by the perspective of losing control of Attilan, Maximus angrily claimed that he would still succeed in his plan even at the cost of the life of the population, despite Auran trying to convince him that he had lost. Since Maximus refused to hear her out, Auran left Maximus' apartment and joined the other Inhumans who were leaving Attilan thanks to Eldrac.


The Inhuman Royal Family abandons the palace

With Attilan facing destruction, the Royal Family gathered one last time in the Grand Hall to prepare to leave as well. However, Black Bolt decided to remain behind to make sure that Maximus would never be a threat again while the Royal Family teleported to Earth with Lockjaw. Before departing, Medusa buried the toy rocket containing the ashes of Louise Fisher's father in a yard of the palace.

Black Bolt went to the Control Room to confront Maximus, who admitted that he could no longer stop the collapse of Attilan and confessed the forgery he had made years ago to make Black Bolt believe that their parents wanted to perform brain surgery on him, which had ultimately caused their death. Enraged, Black Bolt knocked Maximus unconscious to take him away to the Royal Bunker. Later, as Attilan was no longer protected, the now deserted palace was damaged in the destruction of the city.[2]


The Inhuman Royal Palace comprised several rooms including the following:

  • The Grand Hall notably consisted in a large throne room where the Inhuman Royal Family held their dinners. The Terrigenesis ceremonies led by the Genetic Council were also held in this hall. It also featured gallery of statues of former Kings and Queens of Attilan.
  • The Control Room was the room from which the systems regulating the city of Attilan could be accessed. Two twin Inhumans permanently resided in this room.
  • The Quiet Room was a specific room designed by Karnak. Appearing as a spherical room, it served as Black Bolt's private meditation chamber. Its walls could withstand the power of Black Bolt's supercharged voice.
  • Each member of the Inhuman Royal Family resided in Private Apartments located in the palace.
  • The Prison Block is were enemies of the Royal Family and of Attilan were imprisoned in. When Mordis underwent his Terrigenesis and accidentally killed many people, he was imprisoned in a cell within the Prison Block and restricted to wearing a special inhibitor helmet to neutralize his powers.


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