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"When I looked into the tech you put into Karolina's bracelet, I discovered that it was basically an inhibitor. And, if I increased the intensity and radius, it might make you really, really ill."
Robert Minoru to Jonah[src]

The Inhibitor Pods are devices designed by Robert Minoru from Gibborim technology contained in Karolina Dean's Church of Gibborim Bracelet, that suppresses the powers of a Gibborim.


First Use

"I'm flooding the room right now. And if you don't tell me where the kids are, I'll turn the dial up a notch."
Robert Minoru to Jonah[src]

Jonah is incapacitated by inhibitors deployed by Robert Minoru

Having reclaimed Karolina Dean's Church of Gibborim Bracelet, Robert Minoru performed some reverse engineering to figure out the mechanisms by which it could suppress Gibborim-related powers. Minoru was thus able to craft small spherical inhibitors which would significantly affect a Gibborim. He deployed such inhibitors in a room at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, waiting to trap Jonah. When Jonah arrived, he progressively felt sicker and sicker, nearly losing consciousness as Minoru confronted him and hit him out of revenge for the Assassination of Amy Minoru. However, Minoru was struck from behind by Aura and Frances, who helped Jonah to deactivate and get rid of the inhibitors.[1]

Chase of the Runaways

Karolina Dean is trapped between three inhibitors by Jonah

"If I wanted to use these on Karolina, I'd need to protect myself. This suit is lined for that specific reason."
Jonah to Chase Stein and Janet Stein[src]

More Anti-Gibborim Inhibitors were manufactured by PRIDE under the influence of the Magistrate and his family. While chasing Karolina Dean, Jonah, now possessing the body of Victor Stein, used three inhibitors to trap Dean and prevent her from escaping. Although Jonah praised Dean's resilience, she was forced to kneel on the ground as she felt weaker. Nevertheless, the inhibitors were deactivated by Xavin disguised as Mike, which however did not prevent Jonah from eventually capturing Dean.

Chase Stein fails to stop Jonah with an inhibitor

Jonah drove to the Stein Mansion, where he was confronted by Chase Stein and Janet Stein. Although they still believed that they were facing Victor, they hypothesized that Victor's body contained alien material due to his use of the Healing Algorithm and Chase threw an Anti-Gibborim Inhibitor at him. However, Jonah had actually prepared his suit with a special lining to neutralize the effects of the inhibitor, which enabled him to retaliate and capture both Janet and Chase.[2]

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Design of an Inhibitor Pod

The Anti-Gibborim Inhibitor consists of a small polyhedric object. The Gibborim technology contained in it makes it able to suppress Gibborim-related powers on its target, making them weak in a matter of seconds. When deployed, the inhibitors emit a thin red light. Several inhibitors can be connected by the energy they emit to form a trap for Gibborim beings, who are left unable to walk through the light beams.


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